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Top 20 best TVs - Rating 20210

Each year, manufacturers update their TV lineups with upgraded processors, technology, and picture/sound enhancement features. Today, it is extremely difficult to deal with all segments, even for a specific brand, not to mention choosing the right model for your specific case. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best TVs of 2021 by rounding up pieces of clothing (in our opinion) in a variety of sizes. To facilitate navigation between the lines, we offer conditionally all solutions, regardless of the brand, divided into the following types:

  • HD (1280×720) – the cheapest models, the resolution of which justifies the use of a small panel (up to 32 inches). Details will be scarce on large screens;
  • FullHD (1920 × 1080) – still an effective resolution for TVs, but is gradually becoming a thing of the past against the backdrop of more detailed analogues;
  • 4K (3840×2160) is the latest resolution with 4x more detail than its FHD predecessor.
  • 8K (7680 × 4320) is a relatively new format that is only supported by a few streaming services. In other cases, it is necessary to resort to the use of various technologies for resizing the image in order to obtain a suitable image. Over time, as is the case with 4K, many hosting services and services adapt to this format, the necessary codecs already exist to quickly transfer a rather heavy image.

As for the technologies that are used in the production of modern TVs, we note the following types:

  • LED LCD is the best option for the budget and middle class;
  • OLED is a premium segment that attracts with the presence of standalone OLED displays. The technology supports a wider viewing angle, high levels of color reproduction and clarity.
  • QLED is a technology ostensibly built on quantum dots that improve color and brightness, but at the moment this Samsung development has yet to be mentioned as the nanoparticles must be stimulated by an additional backlight layer. This implies additional costs in terms of energy, and the solutions of this South Korean manufacturer are more massive. However, during the day, the models on this technology are brighter, and this is a fact.

Today, against the background of processors, various technologies and artificial intelligence, it is difficult to focus on the matrix used, but nevertheless:

  • TN is the fastest, so they are used in the production of gaming monitors;
  • VA is the golden mean, between IPS and TN, and has a wider viewing angle, good color reproduction compared to the latest solutions;
  • IPS – The best TV matrices, thanks to the support of a wide viewing angle, excellent color reproduction. There are many varieties like Nano Cell (LG) with an additional layer of nanoparticles, but the essence is the same.

The best TVs from 32″ to 37″

In this category, mostly inexpensive models designed for use in the kitchen or small living room. As practice shows, such models have HD or FullHD resolution.

Important! There are not as many Smart TV models in this category as we would like. At the same time, you will have to pay extra for Internet access. You can find other leading solutions in our separate kitchen TV ranking.

We have collected popular and relevant solutions in FHD resolution, realizing that this format is the most relevant today and in demand by both ordinary users and content creators. All of the models shown have a SMART TV, as many users have enough cable or satellite tuners to use in the kitchen.

Philips 32PFS5605

20 best TVs - Rating 20211

The top 20 TVs of the current year are opened by a 32-inch budget model without SMART TV, but with a good level of brightness and image saturation. The resolution of the Philips 32PFS5605 is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Good speakers with a power of 16 watts are built into the LED panel. This pure sound comes from Clear Sound support, which does an excellent job of optimizing vocals. Users speak positively about the strength of the case and the low weight of the equipment – only 4 kilograms. In addition, the TV consumes only 24 watts, which indicates efficiency in terms of electricity and network load. There is a TV program, weather forecast and news.


  • small body;
  • sharp image;
  • good sound;
  • simple control.


Polarline 32PL53TC-SM

20 best TVs - Rating 20212

Another cheap but good kitchen TV with SMART TV. The LCD panel attracts with good backlighting, with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Direct LED backlighting is provided, which is rare in the entry-level class. Implemented support for TimeShift, which means the ability to record TV shows and other content on removable media. Speaker power is 16 watts. It is worth highlighting the support for an excellent external interface, including HDMI and VGA. The MainBoard includes a power supply. However, the screen is very fragile. It can be broken even with a child’s toy, so this factor should be taken into account.


  • excellent lighting;
  • TimeShift support;
  • low price;
  • good speakers.


  • not yet a very popular brand.

Samsung UE32T5300AU

20 best TVs - Rating 20213

This model is part of the Crystal UHD 4K range, which is relatively affordable compared to other segments of the brand. At the same time, Samsung’s 32-inch UE32T5300AU TV series boasts Full HD resolution with HDR support and SMART TV with high dynamic range. Management can be carried out directly from Apple gadgets. The design shows that the device is more expensive than previously presented competitors. Actually, this is also manifested in relation to proprietary technologies. Good immersion is provided by PurColor technology, which improves color reproduction. There is Ultra Clean View, which means the elimination of distortion. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the Contrast Enhancer technology, which controls the optimal level of contrast. However, glare cannot be avoided if the panel is exposed to direct sunlight.


  • dry physique;
  • contrast and brightness;
  • simple control;
  • sharp image.


  • glow in the sun.

LG 32LM6390

20 best TVs - Rating 20214

The former leader of the kitchen TV segment is the LG 32LM6390 with Direct LED support and an excellent IPS matrix. A truly sharp and rich image is also due to the presence of HDR10. Resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixels, there is SMART TV. The small device runs on the webOS 4.5 operating system, which already has artificial intelligence. This is reflected in the ease of management, there is a Google Assistant. Not a low cost is also due to the presence of good speakers with a total power of 10 watts. VESA mounts (200 x 200) are designed for fast installation. The design supports 3 HDMI interfaces, there are 2 USB ports. Magic Remote Pointer included.


  • number of interfaces;
  • support for Google Assistant;
  • proprietary operating system;
  • there is support for HDR10;
  • viewing angle and brightness.


QLED Samsung The Frame QE32LS03TBK

Top 20 best TVs - Rating 20215

The best 32-inch TV of 2021 is the Samsung Frame QE32LS03TBK, built with QLED technology. As you understand, we are talking about the premium segment, which is reflected both in the price of equipment and in functionality. It uses an intelligent platform with a built-in browser and teletext support. I am pleased with the quality of the matte finish of the Color Volume system with Quantum Dot. Unlike analogues, this device has speakers with a power of 20 watts. Due to its high brightness, clarity and viewing angle, this technique is often used in the open spaces of small bedrooms. Support for a wide range of content formats has been implemented, many interfaces and technologies have been implemented: from the “Picture” mode to Time Shift.


  • expensive matrix;
  • sound power;
  • volume;
  • scale resolution.


The best TVs from 43 to 50 inches

This category includes models from the mid-price category with support for 4K resolution. It is immediately worth noting that the new generation of LG in the NanoCell series has a more attractive price / quality ratio, in our opinion, than its competitors. The fact is that Samsung in this standard size does not have a very high refresh rate, all other things being equal, and their new models are more expensive. In turn, the cheaper Xiaomi is much simpler in terms of processor and picture/sound enhancement technologies. For this reason, the products of the first South Korean brand in this category are the most sought after in Europe.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A

Top 20 best TVs - Rating 20216

The 43-inch model of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A series replenishes the rating of TVs of the current year. Despite the reasonable cost, the Chinese manufacturer took care of AI support and PatchWall technology. The model supporting FullHD resolution and SMART TV has a good direct LED backlight, and the viewing angle of the LCD matrix reaches 178°. The product description supports HDR10 and HLG support, indicating a high contrast ratio. Responsible for performance is the new Amlogic T962 ARM processor, whose main frequency is 1.5GHz. The chip works together with 2GB of RAM, which indicates stability and good response. Support for DTS HD audio decoding is available, and the sound power is 12W.


  • good processor;
  • announced HDR10;
  • patchwall technology;
  • great tuner.


  • average color rendering.

Philips 43PUS7505

20 best TVs - Rating 20217

Another good TV with a diagonal of 43 inches. The Philips 43PUS7505 model supports really working HDR, there is Dolby Atmos technology, which is clear from the surround sound. Vibrant 4K images with HDR10+ are complemented by a decent Philips P5 series processor that is responsive and stable over time. Of course, there can be no talk of scaling the image, since the model is not the newest and far from the competitors of South Korean manufacturers. But for a bedroom at a similar price, this device is quite suitable. Smart TV involves connecting to YouTube, Netflix and other services. Users respond positively to the graphical menu. The operating system is SAPHI.


  • bright image;
  • 4K resolution;
  • decent sound;
  • convenient system


  • little technology compared to analogues.

NanoCell LG 49SM8000

20 best TVs - Rating 20218

A very good LG TV in the 49-inch category is the 49SM8000, which is based on a NanoCell matrix with an additional layer of nanoparticles. In terms of color quality and detail, this technology is as close as possible to the premium segment of OLED models. The manufacturer took care of the presence of a powerful 4-core processor. Implemented 4K Active Extended HDR with DTS Virtual:X™. In addition, this model supports AirPlay 2. It attracts with a good viewing angle, surround sound, support for resizing and optimal contrast. Among the shortcomings, we can note the presence of newer models on sale, which already work on the basis of more advanced processors, providing a more effective immersion in what is happening on the screen.


  • good brightness;
  • AirPlay 2 support;
  • good contrast;
  • color rendering level.


  • not a new generation.

Samsung UE50TU7097U

20 best TVs - Rating 20219

If you’re looking for a 4K TV and a 50-inch Smart TV, we also recommend you check out the Samsung UE50TU7097U. It is a balanced 16×9 aspect ratio product that can be placed on a stand or mounted on a wall. A decent processor and high-quality matrix provide a stable and fairly clear image. At the same time, Smart TV and Wi-Fi module support open a wide range of multimedia possibilities. It has its own tuner, which allows you to use different TV channels without buying additional equipment. Separately, it is worth noting the sound quality, since good stereo speakers and Dolby Digital Plus technology are used here, it is worth adding that the device works on a VA matrix and supports game mode. At the same time, the refresh rate is twice as high as that of competitors.


  • balanced model;
  • refresh rate 100 Hz;
  • Game Mode;
  • high-quality sound;
  • durable stand.


NanoCell LG 50NANO796NF

Top 20 best TVs - Rating 202110

The best 49-inch TV of 2021 is the LG 50NANO796NF, based on NanoCell technology with 4K resolution, amazing color reproduction and SMART TV technology. The advantages of this model include an efficient chip that eliminates noise, providing better contrast. LEDs are not afraid of burning out over time. Among other things, the manufacturer took care of the availability of high-quality sound and the protection of the eyes of users – the device complies with the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission. At the same time, the entire NanoCell line provides higher contrast levels and a black display. The video sequence has become more optimized.


  • black quality;
  • contrast level;
  • good brightness;
  • good sound.


The best TVs from 55″ to 65″

This column features premium large-screen upscaling solutions. The option is responsible for scaling the image up to 4K or 8K, depending on the supported resolution. This is an important technology, as not many streaming and hosting services are ready to offer such a clear and detailed picture today. However, there is reason to believe that in the near future we will gradually move away from 4K in favor of new solutions.

NanoCell LG 55NANO866

Top 20 best TVs - Rating 202111

When looking at premium 4K TVs, it’s hard not to notice the 55-inch NanoCell model from the 55NANO866 series. The flagship lineup has a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother visuals. Support for Upscaling to 4K technology has been implemented, which allows you to resize the image to a lower resolution for a better content perception. Provides HDR technology with enhanced brightness. They are attracted by really wide viewing angles, very smooth video even when watching dynamic sports programs, FreeSync technology. This model can be controlled using voice assistants.


  • smooth video sequence;
  • excellent brightness;
  • upscaling to 4K;
  • voice control.


  • in this dimension n.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 T2

Top 20 best TVs - Rating 202112

This collection of TVs differs from the 4A range exclusively in metal construction. The rest of the parameters are the same. As you can imagine, this 55-inch TV from Xiaomi makes it to our list due to its excellent value for money, since we have already reviewed the most compact series and discussed this obvious advantage. Among the shortcomings is 8-bit depth, which is clearly insufficient to compete with OLED and QLED matrices from South Korean competitors. However, for the price quoted, you get a sharp picture thanks to 4K resolution and a good level of brightness (about 300 cd / m²), which is considered a decent indicator. The total sound of the speakers is 20 watts.


  • voice control;
  • proprietary application Mi Home;
  • good sound;
  • low price.


  • 8-bit matrix.


20 best TVs - Rating 202113

This model is perhaps the most beautiful 55-inch 4K TV. The fact is that the LG OLED55CX line is built on a 10-bit matrix using OLED technology. This indicates excellent color depth, brightness levels and viewing angles. Full HDR support has been added, and the α 9 Gen 3 processor improves the quality of mediocre content. It’s also worth noting that this generation of TVs is great for Xbox Series X and other consoles, with support for AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies, and you’ll get fast response. The TV is running proprietary WebOS 5.0. According to the acoustics, everything is also good: the total power of the speakers and subwoofers is 40 W, there is Dolby Atmos technology.


  • suitable for games;
  • new generation chip;
  • screen technology;
  • quick response;
  • scan frequency.


NanoCell LG 65NANO956

20 best TVs - ranking 202114

This model has the best price / quality ratio among other 8K TVs, which can be explained by the support of NanoCell technology. LG’s OLED models are obviously more expensive, but in this case it will be difficult to tell the difference. The device supports the full RGB color spectrum, and excellent brightness and contrast are provided by an additional layer of IPS matrix nanoparticles. It is worth adding that all the most advanced technologies of the company are installed on this line, including the new α9 III processor. The chip actually analyzes the content and selects the optimal sound and image parameters. In addition to complete immersion in the content, the simplicity of the technique attracts.


  • intelligent processor;
  • image quality;
  • incredible sound;
  • color reproduction and viewing angle;
  • simple control.


QLED Samsung QE65Q70TAU

Top 20 best TVs - Rating 202115

QE65Q70TAU is Samsung’s best 65″ QLED (Quantum Dot) premium TV that boasts 100% color gamut and excellent dual lighting. With the model of this series, you can enjoy the brightest picture even in the daytime. In addition to HDR10 +, this model supports dual LEDs and a high level of contrast. Quantum 4K processor capable of upscaling to the advertised resolution. Separately, it is worth mentioning the quality of the Smart Hub platform, which combines the highest quality and the most popular content. You can control all devices connected to the device with one remote control at the same time.


  • smart hub base;
  • powerful chip;
  • upscaling to 4K;
  • brightness during the day.


Best Premium TVs

Sony KD-75ZH8

20 best TVs - Rating 202116

In the category of TVs up to 80 inches, the Sony KD-75ZH8 premium TV with maximum resolution support is currently 8K. That’s 33 million pixels. Of course, the well-known manufacturer took care of scaling the image up to 8K. The object-oriented Super Resolution technology, in turn, provides realistic textures. Enhanced contrast with X-tended Dynamic Range™ technology. An elegant combination of even, muted tones brings Super Bit Mapping HDR together. With this model, you don’t have to worry about audio and video out of sync, as the manufacturer has taken care of Acoustic Multi-Audio ™. The model is able to compete with home theaters, guarantees complete immersion, but you have to pay for such pleasure.


  • color rendering and sharpness;
  • sound quality;
  • powerful chip;
  • image resizing.



20 best TVs - Rating 202117

New in 2021, built on an OLED matrix. In addition to self-luminous pixels, which are many times better than LED panels in terms of image quality, this model also attracts with a beautiful color scheme and AI processor. This can explain the high rating of the Intertek agency. The British company tested the model and confirmed 100% color reproduction. Actually, 100% coverage according to the DCI-P3 standard is a clear confirmation of this. Of particular note is the excellent sound thanks to support for Dolby Atmos technology. In turn, Vision IQ technology. The latest technologies are responsible for adjusting the image parameters depending on the content genre and environment.


  • improved algorithms;
  • high color rendering;
  • new model;
  • assessment by Intertek experts;
  • great sound.


QLED Samsung QE82Q800TAU

Top 20 best TVs - Rating 202118

If you’re interested in Samsung’s large panel, you might like the 82-inch QLED model of the QE82Q800TAU series. The smart line is equipped with a new chip that supports scaling and full immersion in content. Satisfied with the extraordinary surround sound, the necessary tonality is distributed over the speakers according to the analysis of the content and its playback. Support for Q HDR 4000 has been added, opening up new possibilities for engineers to achieve maximum brightness. The manufacturer used its best practices and technologies to create a powerful system. This rule also applies to SmartThings, with which you can control all devices and even household appliances. A universal remote control is included for this task.


  • maximum brightness;
  • smartthings technology;
  • intelligent processor;
  • maximum clarity.


Sony XR-75Z9J

20 best TVs - Rating 202119

The former leader in our selection is the Sony XR-75Z9J TVs, which are 75 inches in size. 8K resolution complements the elegant smoothness of 120Hz. Of course, this panel is ideal for viewing content, including fast-paced action movies and games. The manufacturer has implemented the latest developments in this series, including technologies for improving color, brightness and extended dynamic range. Special attention, of course, deserves the flagship Sony XR cognitive processor, which allows you to adapt to the environment and adjust content according to the type of content. Report the presence of the Google TV operating system. Comes with a beautiful backlit remote control. I was pleased with the presence of voice control and the excellent appearance of the product.


  • Resolution 8K;
  • frequency 120 Hz;
  • color improvement;
  • flagship processor.



The 20 Best TVs of 2021

The best premium TV of 2021 is the 77-inch LG OLED77Z1. By the index “Z1” in the name, you can understand that we are talking about the flagship series of OLED TVs of the company, which has the maximum amount of advanced brand technologies. In particular, this applies to the proprietary LG α 9 Gen 4 processor and 8K images. At the same time, the frame refresh rate reaches 120 Hz, it is difficult to convey the excitement of watching action movies or sports films on this panel. The image is really smooth. At the same time, the company’s engineers took care of the implementation of HDR10 and Dolby Vision technologies. You can connect any gaming console and enjoy the process thanks to AMD FreeSync technology support. NVIDIA compatibility is also provided in the form of G-Sync technology. The total sound power is 60 W, there is Dolby Atmos technology.


  • the best technologies;
  • image smoothness;
  • game compatibility;
  • the most powerful chip;
  • color improvement.


Rating of the best TV manufacturers

Indeed, the list of the best TV manufacturers can be very long, because many brands focus on a certain price category, have their own technologies and goals. When compiling our subjective rating, we took supply/demand and value for money into account.

  • Philips. The manufacturer attracts with balanced TVs in the budget and middle class. Unlike its South Korean competitors, this brand pays close attention to small-sized models. This is confirmed by the use of the Philips Pixel Plus processor in 32-inch TVs. In our opinion, it is more difficult for this brand to compete with other brands in the premium 4K TV category due to the dynamic development of others.
  • Sony. For a long time, the products of this manufacturer were seriously different in price, not in a positive way for buyers. Indeed, Sony TVs deserve attention, as they always work on the basis of expensive technologies and matrices, they are distinguished by good factory calibration. That is, it is not necessary to study the settings for a long time, spend time choosing the optimal parameters, but in terms of price / quality, things are not going well. In addition, South Korean brands have advanced in the field of artificial intelligence and their processors.
  • Xiaomi. Another good TV manufacturer whose non-standard products attract a bright picture. However, the situation with calibration is worse than that of Sony. The secret is that on the shelves of stores, Xiaomi products are initially set to the maximum settings that need to be adjusted. Often the reported data differ from the actual figures. This can be seen in the refresh rate, such as HDR support. However, the products of this brand almost always justify their money.
  • Samsung. With advanced smart features, expensive QLED arrays, and powerful processors, this manufacturer, in our opinion, deservedly occupies the second place in the list of the best TV brands. The downside is that not all of the South Korean company’s new lines are significantly better than previous generations. New collections often feature less flashy features at a higher price point than before. Most likely, the brand is moving to larger screens. However, Qled 4K, Qled 8K, UHD 4K are the three types of TVs from the company that allow them to compete with all current brands.
  • LG. The company occupies more than 50% of the European market for the sale of 4K TVs. Among the new models in the range of the brand, OLED TVs (premium segment) with the highest image quality, NanoCell (IPS-matrices with an additional layer of nanoparticles that filter out color shades) deserve attention. The image is obtained as close as possible to OLED. The specified line has no restrictions on sound and image enhancement technologies, the new models are equipped with powerful Alpha 7 Gen 3 chips. In the economy class, the company has excellent UHD TVs with a full range of Smart technologies.

What is the best TV to buy in 2021?

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to gather all manufacturers in one place, so we will proceed from reviews, expert opinions and personal thoughts, making our own assessments. In order not to seem biased, we note that in 4K format, South Korean manufacturers occupy more than 60% of the European market and these figures are growing. If you don’t know which TV to choose this year, we recommend that you first check out their list of models and lines, as there are many worthy choices. Our conclusion:

  1. Economical Smart TV – Polarline 32PL53TC-SM 32″;
  2. The best budget model for the kitchen – LG 32LM6390;
  3. Good TV for games – Samsung UE50TU7097U 50″;
  4. The 4K model in terms of value for money is the NanoCell LG 55NANO866 55″;
  5. Best 4K TV – Samsung QE65Q70TAU 65″;
  6. The premium model with 8K is the Samsung QE82Q800TAU 82″.


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