10 best 65-inch TVs for price and quality: TV rating 2022


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Top 10 ranking of the best 65-inch TVs in terms of price and quality. We have selected for you the most reliable and high-quality 65-inch TVs according to user reviews and expert opinion. The best-selling 65-inch TVs are backed up by today’s most popular TV models.

10 best 65-inch TVs - Ranking 2021

In a relatively short period of time, major TV manufacturers have greatly improved their panel collections. And that confirms our current ranking of the best 65-inch TVs of 2021. To begin with, I would like to talk about how the product line of the best TV manufacturers has changed:

  1. LG TV lineup 2021: The company has moved away from the usual classification and budget segment, delighting users with a wide range of OLED TVs. The first state employees (A1 and C1) appeared on this technique. Based on the presented matrix (B1), there is a separate class of game TVs. The flagship panels received even more new options (X1, G1, Z1), the list and size of which depend on the line itself.
  2. New classification of Sony products: The company has responded to South Korean manufacturers with a line of BRAVIA XR TVs with the next generation XR cognitive processor, which perfectly analyzes content and adapts to the environment. Several lines and flagship OLED panels with 8K support are presented.
  3. New Samsung TVs – This year the company launched a full line of 4K and 8K VA-type TVs (sold as QLED technology), as well as a new generation of premium Neo QLED panels. As a result, the gaming industry is being seriously damaged, and this can be seen from the abundance of additional gaming options. A key feature of the flagship segment is support for the new miniLED backlight, which is still difficult to resist.

Products of other brands are produced in smaller volumes, and there is clearly no need to pay attention to a few new products. In our assessment you will find the most worthy solutions from competitors.

The best 65” TVs for price and quality

There are many new TVs on the market today that are seriously different from the cheap LCD panels of previous generations. Now in the middle class there are enough TVs using QLED and OLED technologies, but this did not make it easier to understand the choice. Many brands hide simple 8-bit IPS and VA arrays behind said technologies and backlighting, as if Edge LED could be implemented much worse than Direct Led. In order not to get confused with the purchase, you should immediately decide for what purpose you are buying a TV. If for gaming, it’s better to focus on refresh rate, responsiveness, and timing with AMD technologies. If you want to get a quality image for watching content, pay attention to the latest lines of South Korean manufacturers with upscaling up to 4K, good brightness and wide dynamic range.

TCL 65C725

10 best 65-inch TVs - Ranking 20211

TCL 65C725 with 8-bit VA-matrix opens the top ten 65-inch TVs in terms of price and quality. Support for FRC (technology that allows pixels to display more shades) is implemented, but up to 10 bits, of course, these panels are far away. However, the brightness level (330 cd / m2) and the Direct Led backlight completely offset the shortcomings, taking into account the parameters of budget competitors. In addition, the manufacturer equipped the TV with a powerful 4-core ARM Cortex-A55 processor with a frequency of 1.3 GHz. In combination with 2 gigabytes of RAM, stable operation and fast response are achieved against the background of analogues. In the end, this budget TV is great for gaming, which is also confirmed by the VA matrix, which surpasses IPS in this regard. True, the 60Hz refresh rate isn’t ideal for gaming panels.


  • HDR10+ support;
  • good lighting;
  • good processor;
  • 16 GB internal memory;
  • 3 HDMI inputs.


  • mediocre sound.

Samsung QE-65Q60A

10 best 65-inch TVs - Ranking 20212

If you’re not sure which 65-inch 4K TV to pick, it might be worth taking a look at the Samsung QE-65Q60A QLED panel. This is an entry-level series among the company’s new premium products, but all the brand’s current “chips” are implemented here, starting with the Quantum Processor 4K Lite and ending with many options:

  1. Motion Xcelerator – reduces jitter on the display;
  2. Super UltraWide – low resolution image enhancement;
  3. GameView: choice of aspect ratio during games;
  4. Multiple View: You can split the screen into multiple parts for different content.

At the same time, the panel received support for two speakers with a total power of 20 W, which support Q-Symphony technology, and also adapt to the type of content.


  • there is HDR10 +;
  • an abundance of modes;
  • sound quality;
  • game functions;
  • technology


  • low frequency for gaming TV.

Huawei Vision S 65

10 best 65-inch TVs - Ranking 20213

For fans of extraordinary solutions, our list of the best 65-inch TVs has been expanded with a smart panel from the Huawei Vision S series. What makes this product special? First, it is its own operating system HarmonyOS. However, this cannot be called an advantage, since the operating system is still under development. The fact is that the Chinese company has been under US sanctions for several years, because of which it was forced to stop using the services of partners, but the brand’s capabilities were enough to launch its own production and stand out from competitors with its developments. This model is a vivid confirmation of this, because at a fair price it is great for gamers. Here the refresh rate reaches 120 Hz, the panel is built on a fast VA matrix with good lighting. At the same time, the sound power reaches 40 watts. At the same time, there is no digital television, but there are unique applications and a fairly large library of content that can be watched via the Internet.


  • update frequency;
  • powerful sound;
  • good lighting;
  • thin frames.


  • the operating system is not yet popular.

Samsung UE-65AU9000

Top 10 best 65-inch TVs - Rating 20214

For watching movies or TV series, it is difficult to find a clearer and brighter picture in this price category. The last factor is justified by the fact that Samsung’s ninth 4K TV UE-65AU9000 has Edge LED backlighting (located around the perimeter), which saves a lot of space and makes the TV thinner than with Direct LED (located all over the area). The panel is built on an 8-bit VA-matrix with brightness enhancement technology. The latest generation Crystal 4K processor supports HDR10+, upscaling to 4K (poor improvement in image resolution), and smart assistants. Implemented compatibility with AMD FreeSync, which will be useful to those buyers who intend to use the TV as a monitor for games. True, the refresh rate is only 60 Hz and for this price I would like to get a smooth image.


  • synchronization with AMD FreeSync;
  • improved brightness;
  • expensive lighting;
  • dry physique;
  • energy consumption level.


  • the matrix is ​​inferior to LG NanoCell.


10 best 65-inch TVs - Ranked 20215

The best value for money 65-inch TV of 2021 is LG 65NANO85 powered by α7 Gen 4 processor. Built with NanoCell technology, this panel features Edge’s flagship LED backlight. In fact, these parameters already indicate belonging to the premium class, but the price is much more accurate. In addition, the image refresh rate reaches 120Hz and the response is fast. As a result, the TV is great for use as a gaming monitor. In addition, there is compatibility with AMD technology. Among the additional options, we note support for Advanced Color to improve color reproduction and HDR10. Content can be played at lower resolutions thanks to Upscaling technology, responsible for scaling images up to 4K


  • slight delay;
  • game options;
  • excellent color reproduction;
  • good matrix;
  • there is upscaling.


Best 65 inch 4K TVs

This segment features premium 4K TVs. It’s worth noting that there are plenty of good 8K TVs of this size, which we’ve covered more in a separate review.

Sony XR-65X95J

Top 10 best 65-inch TVs - Rating 20216

Equipped with the new AI Cognitive Processor XR series, the Sony XR-65X95J premium model joins the 65-inch 4K TV rankings. Many will appreciate having a Google TV operating system rather than proprietary operating products from South Korean brands with a limited list of software. In addition, this model is distinguished by the FALD backlight, which is implemented only in Sony panels. This is a full-length backlight with local dimming. This has a positive effect on black levels and contrast. In this regard, the model has practically no competitors. But the same can’t be said about the sound (firstly, not too loud speakers and, secondly, there is only Dolby Atmos). For the image, all the necessary settings are implemented: from HDR10 to XR Color. The image refresh rate is 120 Hz.


  • image color rendering;
  • corporate lighting;
  • refresh rate 120 Hz;
  • improved processor;
  • high color rendering and contrast.


  • not perfect sound
  • high price.


10 best 65-inch TVs - Ranked 20217

Among all the variety of new LG TVs, the C1 series is considered to be mid-range, but this indicates true value among new models with a 4K 9 Gen4 chip. As for the technical characteristics, they are not much different from the flagships. It’s just that this series is more suitable for gamers, which is confirmed by the relevant technologies:

  2. AMD FreeSync Premium;
  3. Xbox Series X.

According to the named options, you can already understand which console this TV is ideal for. It is also worth noting the cinematic mode of operation, as well as the AI ​​Picture Pro algorithm, a full set of ports is implemented. The sound power is 40 W, there is support for Dolby Atmos. If necessary, you can synchronize the model with other acoustics.


  • excellent model for games;
  • number of ports;
  • good sound;
  • update frequency;
  • latest generation chip.


  • There are better series out there.

Sony XR-65A90J

10 best 65-inch TVs - Ranked 20218

A more advanced series of premium TVs from Sony, available in 4K resolution with a 65-inch diagonal. Like the second model described earlier in our review, this panel boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, but that’s more technology for content. However, the sound is more useful in our opinion thanks to a host of related technologies, including Acoustic Multi-Audio and XR Sound Position, as well as XR Surround. The list of options is not final. It should be noted that there is a huge collection of resources for watching content, including IMAX Enhanced and Netflix Calibrated Mode. It uses an ambient light sensor that allows the next generation processor to adjust the brightness level according to the environment. And this applies to different scenes when viewing different content.


  • AI processor;
  • many services;
  • good sound;
  • almost perfect image.


Samsung QE-65QN90A

Top 10 best 65-inch TVs - Rating 20219

Among the many premium QLED TVs, the new generation of QE-65QN90A series TVs with Samsung’s most expensive and efficient backlight, called Mini LED, deserves special attention. It also uses the brand’s most efficient TV processor Neo Quantum Processor. This chip supports high dynamic range, high processing speed, the ability to adjust the sound and brightness according to specific room content and light levels. Management can be carried out from different smartphones, in particular, using NFC commands, if the phone has the appropriate module. Delivers cutting-edge gaming technology and refresh rates up to 120Hz.


  • elegant processor;
  • matrix of quantum dots;
  • best brand strength;
  • Hi-tech;
  • update frequency.



Top 10 best 65-inch TVs - Rating 202110

The best 65-inch TV of 2021 is the premium LG G1 evo. With the specified name of the matrix, the manufacturer is trying to indicate an increase in the brightness level of the new line of TVs. The refresh rate of the 4K panel of this series is up to 120Hz. This indicates the excellent quality of dynamic content, the image is very smooth. Pleasant sensations from watching movies are also due to the presence of powerful subwoofers (2 x 10 W) and four speakers of 10 W sound power, respectively, 60 W, enough to cover the space of even a large room. Excellent sound quality is justified by the support of technologies such as AI Sound Pro and Dolby Atmos. Listing them all is simply useless features, this is the top line, which implements all the best technologies of the company.


  • higher brightness;
  • update frequency;
  • all variants of the leading brand;
  • AI processor;
  • great sound without tuning.


Which 65-inch TV is better to choose in 2022?

As mentioned, many different TV lines have been released this year and most of the popular brands are focused on developing the gaming theme, which is obviously driven by demand. It is important to understand that if you do not know which 65-inch TV to choose, you do not need to overpay for some options. Fortunately, today brands produce different series of panels, and also based on the above classification, you can understand which segment you need to look into in one case or another. If you want a gaming TV from LG, it should have “B1” in the name, if you want to save money, “NANO” or OLED technology has “A1” and “C1”. In the premium sector, three brands offer excellent panels for both content viewing and fast-paced gaming. In general, we draw the following conclusion:

  1. Cheap but good movie TV – TCL 65C725;
  2. Mid-level gaming model – Samsung UE-65AU9000;
  3. A good model in terms of price and quality is LG 65NANO85;
  4. The best full 65-inch 4K TV is the LG OLED65G1.

Share your opinion as well as votes for a particular model, because our ratings do not change and users can see the true result of the vote.


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