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15 best gaming mice - 20210 ranking

It often happens that the closest attention is paid to hardware, and many even sophisticated gamers think about buying peripherals last, saving on finances. Over time, these “savings” lead to additional costs. We suggest you immediately think about choosing a good invention. Before considering our ranking of the best gaming mice in 2021 for a computer, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the types of such devices:

  1. Depending on the type of connection, there are wired and wireless models;
  2. There are optical and laser mice according to the type of sensor.

Optical models are better in contact with dusty and dirty surfaces. They do not have special direction correction algorithms, there is no hardware acceleration, but they move much more accurately. The resolution of the sensor, even in budget models of this class, is higher than that of laser counterparts. The second type of mouse can be used on almost any surface, from carpet to glass. This type of device features low power consumption and faster pointer movement.

It should be added that lately kits that include a good keyboard and a good mouse have become more and more popular, but they rarely meet the expectations of buyers, since this attribute implies an individual approach to the choice

The best gaming mice for price and quality

Which mouse is better: wired or wireless? This is one of the most popular questions from gamers who haven’t tested the various best solutions yet. It should be noted here that wired models are more affordable, have lower latency, provide a stable connection, and are lighter in most cases. The disadvantages include the presence of a cable that takes up more free space, while violating the perception of the appearance of the working area. This section contains these products.

ASUS TUF Gaming M3

15 Best Gaming Mice - Ranked 20211

Our best computer gaming mice are opened by a budget model priced under 2000 rubles. At the same time, the advanced peripheral device received a 7000 DPI sensor resolution. Engineers of a well-known company paid due attention to the quality of the case, proprietary Aura Sync with RGB backlight and 7 programmable buttons. It should be noted that the gadget is lightweight and has a good level of maneuverability. The optical sensor also raises no objections. Attracts high-quality plating, as well as the reliability of switches that can withstand up to 20 million clicks. To control the interface, you can use the proprietary application Armory II.


  • utility of the Armory II;
  • good coverage;
  • click resource;
  • reliable manufacturer;
  • optical sensor.


  • software interface.

Logitech G G102 Prodigy

15 Best Gaming Mice - Ranked 20212

It is unlikely that this manufacturer needs PR. At the same time, the brand has a huge range of various peripheral gadgets for computers and laptops. This also applies to the included keyboards. As for the Logitech G102 Prodigy, it’s a good budget gaming mouse that pays for itself in terms of durability and usability. The manipulator guarantees a high level of precision. At the same time, the model is characterized by high positioning accuracy. There is a convenient optical sensor with a resolution of 200 to 6000 DPI. I was pleased with the excellent LED backlight, thanks to which the ergonomic device looks even more stylish.


  • appearance;
  • compact size;
  • reliable design;
  • price up to 2000 rubles;
  • good sensor.


  • settings.

A4Tech X89

15 Best Gaming Mice - Ranked 20213

If you are looking for a good gaming mouse under 1000 rubles, we recommend that you pay attention to the model of the A4Tech X89 series with the optical sensor of the PixArt PAW3212 series. The sensitivity of the budget device is 2400 DPI, which indicates a decent level of accuracy when playing. Despite the low price, this mouse attracts with its ease of use, which is explained by the use of an ergonomic shape, support for 3 operating modes, 160 KB built-in memory for saving settings and 5 resolution modes. Button life reaches a cycle of 10 million clicks.


  • programmable buttons;
  • built-in memory;
  • good sensor;
  • low price;
  • ergonomic design.


  • relatively small resource.

A4Tech Bloody P91 PRO

15 Best Gaming Mice - Ranked 20214

In terms of price / quality ratio, in our opinion, a high-class gaming mouse is the A4Tech Bloody P91 PRO model with a convenient scroll wheel (there is an infrared controller), the resource of which reaches 1 million revolutions. They are attracted by advanced rubber side inserts that do not allow the device to slip out of the palm of your hand. Another advantage is an innovative technology called Aheado, which guarantees an excellent response time of 0.2 milliseconds. It is also worth noting the presence of X’Glide metal legs with a good level of strength and sensitivity. DPI steps range from 100 to 5000 DPI.


  • performance quality;
  • resource buttons;
  • resource wheel;
  • convenient controller;
  • useful life of the mouse.


  • maximum resolution.

HyperX Pulsefire Surge

15 Best Gaming Mice - Ranked 20215

The best PC gaming mouse of 2021 is the Kingston HyperX Pulsefire Surge. This is an advanced manipulator with compact dimensions and excellent illumination. Among other things, this device has a premium optical sensor, the resolution of which reaches 16000 DPI. As you may have guessed, this sensor guarantees almost maximum smoothness during the game and a high level of accuracy. Thanks to the universal shape, the mouse is suitable for both left and right hands. According to the brand’s engineers, the transition resource reaches 50 million, and this is a very good indicator. Judging by customer feedback, the product has good lighting with a 360-degree view.


  • next generation Omron switches;
  • life expectancy;
  • sensor quality;
  • ease of use;
  • strong thread.


The best wireless gaming mice

The main advantage of this technique is practicality due to the lack of a thread. However, such devices differ from wired counterparts in higher cost, other things being equal, the need for regular replacement of batteries. In addition, wireless products have higher latency, lesser ergonomics, and more weight. The exception is premium solutions, which have received advanced technologies to solve problems with latency.

Logitech G G305 LIGHTSPEED

15 Best Gaming Mice - Ranked 20216

The Logitech G G305 LIGHTSPEED series adds a gaming mouse. The wireless device attracts with its high speed for a wireless pointing device and excellent resolution of 12000 dpi. Users are positive about positioning accuracy and input speed, since the delay is only 1 millisecond. The cursor moves very quickly, and the main buttons have received additional protection. The only problem is that the pressure resource reaches 10 million, which is lower than that of many wired counterparts.


  • convenient buttons;
  • response speed;
  • positioning accuracy;
  • a high resolution;
  • overclocking up to 40G.


  • click a resource.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed

The 15 Best Gaming Mice - Ranked 20217

The Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed ​​series, which connects to a computer via an air interface or via Bluetooth technology, tops the list of wireless gaming mice. By the name of this device, you can understand that the gadget connects quickly and has an excellent reaction speed. Latency has been significantly reduced thanks to HYPERSPEED technology. It is worth noting the high accuracy of cursor tracking, as well as the resolution of the Razer 5G sensor at 16000 dpi. The body of this mouse includes 6 simultaneously programmable keys, which provides additional comfort when using various applications. There is a built-in memory for simultaneous storage of 5 profiles.


  • programmable buttons;
  • HYPERSPEED technology;
  • powerful sensor;
  • caring body;
  • built-in memory.


  • center of gravity closer to the wrist.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

15 best gaming mice - 20218 ranking

Another handy wireless gaming mouse this year is the Logitech G Pro Wireless, which combines the benefits of remote connectivity with the speed of wired counterparts. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the high accuracy of the sensor. Resolution reaches 16000 dpi. Details correspond to the needs of modern users as much as possible. The composition includes 7 keys, a comfortable handle like. Also interesting is the presence of a pair of mechanical buttons with a long service life. In turn, the radio interface is based on LIGHTSPEED technology, which explains the minimum delay. There is a built-in memory in which user settings can be saved.


  • memory block;
  • good resolution;
  • 7 buttons with programming;
  • reliable mechanical controllers;
  • response speed.


Corsair Dark Core RGB

15 best gaming mice - 20219 ranking
As for the premium gaming mouse segment, I would like to draw your attention to the model of the CORSAIR DARK CORE RGB PRO series, which has a delay of 1ms. At the same time, the maximum resolution has a record in this rating – 18,000 pixels per inch. Another significant advantage is the ultra-high polling speed. The indicator reaches 2000 Hz, the manufacturer used a unique optical sensor from the PixArt PAW3392 series, which supports 1 dpi adjustment step. Judging by customer reviews, the model is great for different customers, as it fits perfectly in the hand of both left-handed and right-handed people. As you know, you don’t have to worry about threads.


  • ergonomic mouse;
  • maximum resolution;
  • powerful sensor;
  • minimum delay.


ASUS ROG Chakram

15 Best Gaming Mice - 2021 Ranked 10

The best wireless gaming mouse of 2021 is the ASUS ROG Chakram, which is highly accurate and supports fast charging. Battery life can be up to 80 hours for added convenience. The model has a smooth and ergonomic body with good support. The device is comfortable to hold even during long sessions. On the side there is a programmable joystick that is easy to replace. Sensor resolution – 16000 dpi. This sensor is capable of detecting up to 400 inches per second with a maximum acceleration of 40g. The gadget is connected to the PC via radio interface, USB cable and Bluetooth interface. Another advantage is the switch settings.


  • case quality;
  • good setting;
  • maximum acceleration;
  • excellent sensor.


The best premium gaming mice

This segment presents more advanced (mostly wired) models with different versions and types of cases. There are solutions with the ability to configure not only macro or backlight, but also the number of elements, which allows you to adjust the weight. Among other things, we paid due attention to the analysis of the sensor market and tried to present the most convenient solutions, taking into account the cost and capabilities of devices.

Mad Catz RAT 8+

Top 15 Gaming Mice - Ranked 202111

The premium gadget Mad Catz RAT 8+ has been added to the list of good gaming mice. This is an intelligent model with mechanical ergonomic adjustment. The modular design has been appreciated not only by ordinary users, but also by experts, as evidenced by numerous customer reviews. Of course, you can program macros, you can also adjust the weight and lighting. This gadget is based on the expensive PixArt 3389 sensor with a special engraving. The characteristics of this element are as close as possible to DPI recording. Note the thumb pad with two adjustment options. There is a series of interchangeable panels.


  • equipment;
  • weight adjustment;
  • macro setting;
  • expensive sensor.


  • form is not for everyone.

Razer Viper 8KHZ

15 best gaming mice - 2021 ranking 12

If you’re looking for an esports mouse from a reputable manufacturer, the Razer Viper 8KHZ is worth checking out. The advanced device has an 8000Hz polling rate for maximum in-game responsiveness. Users provide smooth cursor movement, positively evaluate the frequency of the survey, as evidenced by numerous reviews and customer reviews. With the new generation of optical switches, Razer has succeeded in minimizing the possibility of error. But that’s not all. The fact is that the novelty has a small weight – only 71 grams, and a very flexible setting of parameters is implemented in the interests of any buyer. In turn, the Razer Speedflex cable has an expensive braid with minimal resistance.


  • excellent cable;
  • premium sensor;
  • flexible setting;
  • compact size.


  • this is not the most advanced sensor of the brand.

HyperX Pulsefire Dart

Top 15 Gaming Mice - Rank 202113

The HyperX Pulsefire Dart is a premium wireless gaming model, and the specs on this mouse are proof of that. The flagship Pixart 3389 sensor has a resolution of 16000 DPI, which is an excellent indicator for both ordinary buyers and avid gamers. I’m glad this device can last about 90 hours on battery. But this option only works if there is no backlight. Expensive Omron switches prove their worth in practice with a huge labor resource up to 50 million clicks. Particular attention should be paid to the leatherette lining. Backlight, macro and even resolution settings are provided. The polling frequency in this model is 1000 Hz.


  • cutting thread;
  • resolution adjustment;
  • expensive switches;
  • life expectancy;
  • scope of use.


  • not in this class.

Razer Naga X

Top 15 Gaming Mice - Rank 202114

This is Razer’s most advanced esports mouse. The Naga X line is equipped with the same quality 1.8 m cable with minimal resistance, but with a more advanced base. The sensor resolution is 18,000 dpi. In this series due attention is paid to a comfortable palm, programmable buttons and the presence of built-in memory. It is difficult to doubt the quality of the backlight and braided cable. The optical mouse weighs approximately 85 grams. The declared maximum speed reaches 11.4 m / s with a maximum acceleration of 50 G. In a nutshell, the technical parameters indicate that the product belongs to professional eSports solutions.


  • side buttons;
  • programmable keys;
  • sensor resolution;
  • click resource;
  • maximum acceleration.



Top 15 Gaming Mice - Rank 202115

The best premium gaming mouse of 2021 is the 3rd generation ASUS ROG Gladius with flagship optical sensor. The sensor resolution reaches 19,000 dpi, the maximum acceleration is 50 g. According to the manufacturer, the manipulators used can transmit movements to the display with an accuracy of 1: 1. Among other things, 6 simultaneously programmable buttons are implemented, which cannot be said from the appearance of a compact solution. Connection is carried out according to the modern Bluetooth 5.1 LE standard. However, expensive Omron switches are used (for both keys). The gadget weighs about 80 grams.


  • expensive switches;
  • touch indicators;
  • maximum acceleration;
  • programmable buttons;
  • light.


How to choose a good gaming mouse?

The most important parameter is the sensor resolution (DPI / CPI), so if you don’t know how to choose a gaming mouse, pay attention to this parameter first of all. The higher the number, the more the cursor can move across the display, depending on the distance the mouse has moved over the pad or other surface. Today, many modern products can have a resolution of 12,000 to 16,000 dpi when it comes to the premium class.

  1. Response time. This characteristic explains the time required for signal transmission from the device to the PC. The lower the response, the more fun it is to play. In gaming solutions, this figure rarely exceeds 1 ms;
  2. Maximum acceleration. It should be noted right away that optical mice are the best at this indicator. They transmit more accurate readings during sudden movements.
  3. Mouse ergonomics. There are models for the left hand, for the right, for both. There are different form factors to suit the hand anatomy of users with different limb sizes. At the same time, a lot depends not only on ergonomics, but also on the material of the case. To determine the choice of a comfortable mouse, it is advisable to feel it in your hand. If you’re buying a product online, it’s enough to trust the reviews.
  4. Keys. Here you need to proceed from what games you prefer to play. Shooters don’t require a lot of buttons, while strategy games, on the other hand, need additional buttons that can be customized and ease the burden of switching actions during gameplay.

In terms of customization of profiles, lighting and other additional options, the variability is very high, as there are many real competitors on the market. It is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons each time, counting on a certain budget.

What is the best gaming mouse to buy in 2021?

If the user does not know which gaming mouse to buy and does not want to spend time studying the parameters and comparing different types of products, it is important to pay attention to another important aspect – the manufacturer. In fact, buying peripherals from a well-known brand automatically reduces the risk of receiving a poor-quality product. Today, the leading manufacturers of gaming models are Razer, ASUS, ASUS, Logitech and A4Tech. These companies have many different segments, and all products are extensively tested before going on sale. Summing up our list, we consider the following models as leaders:

  1. Cheap gaming mouse up to 1000 rubles – A4Tech X89;
  2. Wired gaming mouse up to 2000 rubles – Logitech G G102 Prodigy;
  3. A good model for the price and quality is the HyperX Pulsefire Surge;
  4. Premium Esports Mouse – ASUS ROG Gladius III;
  5. Best Wireless Gaming Mouse – ASUS ROG Chakram

Do not forget to share your opinion, write in the comments if some model, in your opinion, is missing from our assessment.


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