Top 10 Best Laundry Detergent Powders – 2022 Powder Ranking


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10 best laundry detergents - Ranking 20210

After the observations of painstaking bloggers and experts, it turns out that finding a good detergent is almost impossible. In fact, things are much better than it seems at first glance. In our ranking of the best detergents of 2022, you can see this. According to the type of such products, funds are allocated for hand washing and automatic washing. In addition, such products can be produced in different forms, consider the main ones:

  1. Gel;
  2. Powders;
  3. Granules;
  4. Tablets.

Our selection presents solutions for different types of washing in different form factors. At the same time, more attention was paid to the choice of detergents for washing children’s underwear. To do this, we had to test the most popular and advertised solutions, taking into account the main parameters, which we will discuss below.

The best powders for washing children’s things

Here, one of the most important components is a surfactant, or rather, it is necessary to take into account the content of anionic active elements, because they are harmful. Optimally up to 5%, but many products that say that they can be used for children’s clothing can contain up to 10% or even 15% surfactants. It is unacceptable. If your choice still fell on such a tool, rinse things thoroughly! It is also advisable to avoid foods with sulfates and phosphates.

Eared Nian

10 best laundry detergents - Ranking 20211

Our top-of-the-line detergents are opened by Ushasty Nian’s advertised baby underwear product. I must say right away that there are phosphates here, which is already embarrassing. In addition, the amount of surfactants is from 5 to 15%, and this is far from ideal. It is better to buy children’s things with an indicator of up to 5% surfactant. But, to be honest, I want to say that this product is relatively low in cost and effectively removes stains. In particular, he coped with a ballpoint pen without any problems. In general, a relatively good option, but in terms of composition it falls short of the following solutions from this collection.


  • low price;
  • good efficiency;
  • many positive reviews.


  • surfactant indicator;
  • contains phosphates.

Tide Child

10 best laundry detergents - Ranking 20212

If you are not sure which detergent to choose for children’s clothes, you should also look at the Tide model. This series is sold in 140 countries around the world. This fact speaks volumes. The company’s annual turnover exceeds $75 million. At the same time, the product is easily washed off, which is a serious topic, because even with a minimum content of aggressive substances, it is extremely important that the clothes are easily cleaned from surfactants and other similar elements. This dust collector attracts with its absence of phosphates and neutral odour. However, this hypoallergenic product is not perfect. The disadvantages also include the rigidity of things after use.


  • popular brand;
  • economical consumption;
  • neutral smell;
  • small granules;
  • no more divorces.


  • everything gets complicated.

Dalli Sensitive

10 best laundry detergents - Ranking 20213

The powder for washing children’s clothes of the Sensitive series from Dally has also proven itself well. It is definitely one of the best products on the market and can also be used to wash the laundry of users with sensitive skin. The composition does not contain dyes and all kinds of “fragrant” substances, there are no phosphates. The product was jointly developed by the German Allergy and Asthma Association. This speaks volumes. According to the manufacturer, their products have been repeatedly tested by leading European dermatologists. Thanks to the water-soluble granules, there is no residue left on the laundry. Powder effectively cleans clothes from various stains.


  • without phosphates;
  • dermatologically tested
  • does not form a deposit;
  • effective dirt removal.


Waschkonig Universal

10 best laundry detergents - Ranking 20214

Another good phosphate-free powder, which attracts not only with its excellent composition, but also with effective cleaning of dirt. The Waschkonig Universal line contains a minimum of anionic surfactants. In addition, the content of oxygen bleach does not even reach 5 percent. It is also worth noting that this product does not cause allergic reactions, spares the skin, as it contains few silicates and enzymes. Due to the presence of special components, there is no ladder left, which directly indicates the safety of the washing machine.


  • up to 5% anionic elements;
  • minimal oxygen bleach;
  • without phosphates;
  • washing quality.


Wirek Color

10 best laundry detergents - Ranking 20215

The best washing powder of 2021 for washing children’s clothes, in our opinion, is Wirek Color, which contains less than 5% anionic components. Also this tool is great for cleaning colored fabrics when used in any automatic washing machine. In addition, many users share positive feedback about the effectiveness of the powder when washing their hands. The composition of this product includes elements to protect equipment from excess sediment. It is advisable to store the product in a ventilated area at a temperature not exceeding 35 degrees. The useful life reaches 3 years, subject to the rules of conservation.


  • less than 5% anionic components;
  • oxygen bleach up to 5%;
  • enzymes and silicates in minimal quantities;
  • for colorful things


The best washing powders for machines

When compiling this selection of the best detergents, we have already taken into account not so much the safety of the composition for health as the efficiency and consumption of raw materials when used in automatic washing machines. To be honest, I must say that there are not many solutions on sale that contain less than 5 surfactants. For the most popular products, this figure is at the level of 15%.

frosty freshness

10 best laundry detergents - Rating 20216

The rating of detergents is replenished with the Myth Frosty freshness model, which attracts with an improved aroma, which can be understood from numerous customer reviews. It dissolves very quickly and can remove stubborn stains. It is also worth noting that a well-known manufacturer of household chemicals has applied a new formula that prevents the appearance of stains on clothes. There are no bleaches and phosphates in this series. Regular customers of the brand recommend using this particular powder with Lenor conditioner. With regard to the safety of the composition, it should be noted that the average surfactant index is from 5 to 15%.


  • pleasant aroma;
  • without divorce;
  • in difficult areas;
  • objective price.


  • up to 15% anionic surfactants.

Tide Expert Color

10 best laundry detergents - Ranking 20217

Definitely a worthy typewriter cleaner, an automatic machine manufactured by a world famous company. A manufacturer of even more powerful cleaning components, and this, of course, did not affect the composition in the best way. Not ideal for children, but good for stubborn stains. It is also encouraging that the manufacturer does not release the components contained in its household chemicals. Therefore, pay due attention to the instructions. On average, washing should take about 150 grams of powder, which also indicates the cost-effectiveness of the product. As the name suggests, it is suitable for colored clothes and attracts with its great fragrance.


  • one of the best manufacturers of washing powders;
  • economical spending of funds;
  • reinforced cleaning elements;
  • pleasant aroma.


  • This is not the best product for sensitive skin.

Persil Color

10 best laundry detergents - Ranking 20218

If you are looking for a quality laundry detergent for colored clothes, then you should pay attention to Persil Color. As already mentioned, it is very important to understand the purpose for which you buy household chemicals. It is this product that is ideal for washing in machines with water of any hardness. Feedback from ordinary buyers indicates high efficiency when working with products made of wool and silk. For children’s clothing, this is clearly not ideal, since there are phosphonates there. However, the enzymes and active ingredients in this product provide excellent stain removal. The tool pleases with a quick action even at low coolant temperatures.


  • high efficiency;
  • for wool and silk;
  • active ingredients;
  • fast effect.


  • difficult to wash off;
  • there are phosphonates.

Ariel Expert Color

10 best laundry detergents - Rating 20219

Another inexpensive tool for an automatic machine that effectively removes various stains from multi-colored objects. According to the manufacturer, this product allows you to remove up to 500 kilograms of clothes in 100 washes, which indicates high efficiency. At the same time, dirt molecules are destroyed and removed already at a temperature of about 30 degrees. The tool smoothes the villi on things, and in the area of ​​​​application there is a pleasant aroma of morning freshness. In use, everything is standard – it is enough to focus on the colors of the linen, while you should not wash things of different colors.


  • effectiveness of washing colored laundry;
  • low thermal efficiency;
  • cheap powder;
  • famous manufacturer.


  • overpriced, but there are almost always stocks.

Tide Lenor Touch of Scent Color

10 best detergents for laundry - Rating 202110

The best washing powder of 2021 for an automatic machine is Tide Lenor Touch of Scent Color with quality oxygen bleach. For light clothing, this is perhaps the most effective solution in our ranking. In this case, you can feel good results even when washing your hands. Reviews speak directly about the high quality of washing woolen and silk products. At the same time, after washing, the linen exudes a very delicate aroma of the Alpine mountains. Enzymes break down impurities without damaging the structure of the garment, but there is also a significant percentage of surfactants, so for sensitive skin, you may want to look for the best option. It takes about 4.5-5 kg ​​of powder for 30 washes.


  • economic instrument;
  • natural enzymes;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • clean wool.


How to choose a good washing machine powder

It’s worth saying right away to those buyers who do not know how to choose a good detergent for an automatic machine or for hand washing, and a lot depends on the way the product is used. Powders have different consumption, drum performance, composition. Obviously, hand washing solutions do not contain special components that protect the technical components of household appliances from fouling. The price also depends on this. To facilitate understanding of the range, we suggest paying attention to the following components:

  1. Anionic active elements (surfactants) – these substances can be found in almost any product from the category of household chemicals. True, in different quantities. So, for example, up to 15% is considered an acceptable norm in powders, and for children’s things it is better that this figure does not exceed 5%. The fact is that anionic elements can adversely affect the skin and cause allergies. To prevent this from happening, rinse the clothes very well after washing;
  2. Bleachers: there are optical and chemical bleaches, but we do not distinguish between them. It is more important to note that such components effectively wash white clothes, but can ruin natural fabrics. In fact, there are fewer and fewer such components in modern powders;
  3. Phosphates are really harmful components, the main task of which is to enhance the effect of the use of surfactants. Many manufacturers have stopped using this term in the description, but (perhaps chemists criticize us) the presence of phosphonates also indicates an imperfect composition. The latter components also enhance the effect of components that damage the skin. On the other hand, these substances really effectively soften hard water. If you must use one, you may have to opt for powders with a less positive composition, but then be sure to rinse your clothes well;
  4. Chlorides – designed to disinfect and prevent oxidative processes. Their presence indicates the protection of washing machines, but fluorides adversely affect the mucous membrane and cause skin irritation;
  5. Foaming granules are not such harmful components as fans would like to criticize, but at the same time they enhance the effect of surfactant components.

Which washing vice is better to buy in 2022?

Therefore, from the entire abundance of goods, we managed to find several solutions at once with a minimum amount of harmful substances and a good indicator of surfactants for washing even children’s clothes. If you still do not know which wash defect to choose for the machine, we suggest that you once again pay due attention to the recommendations regarding the analysis of the composition and explore other solutions.


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