Top 10 best laser levels (levels) – Rating 2021


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10 best laser levels (levels) - 20210 rating

Initially, levels were conceived as devices capable of determining the height of a point on the ground or an area relative to another point. Optical levels were the first to appear, equipped with a single scale for monitoring both horizontally and in range. Over time, the technological segment began to develop taking into account more complex facilities under construction. Today we bring to your attention a rating of the best laser levels in 2021 for home and construction, capable of satisfying the user with a wide range of activities. We are talking about a kind of projectors designed to create aircraft. At the same time, premium-class models can run the declared options on three floors at the same time.

It is worth saying that most classic laser levels can handle short distances – up to 10 meters. For obvious reasons, they are usually used for interior renovation work. Considering the needs of different users, our list includes more advanced types of tools:

  1. Rotating laser levels: in such devices, the plane is determined not by scattering, but by the rapid rotation of the light source. Since there is no classical receiver, the measurement range often exceeds several tens of meters;
  2. Laser rangefinders are professional tools. In fact, this is the electronic version of the roulette that everyone knows. To simply take measurements, the user does not need to move.

There are also ultrasonic rangefinders, but due to the high price and narrow range, we do not include them in our rating.

The best inexpensive laser levels

This category presents the budgetary tools to accomplish the main task. However, we have focused on products of well-known brands. It is important to us that the product you purchase (regardless of the brand) meets your expectations.

Instrumax Element 2D

10 best laser levels (levels) - rating 20211

Instrumax’s Element 2D reveals the top 10 home laser levels. Affordable but good standard at $60 fully meets the expectations of buyers when renovating a home. The advantages include compact dimensions and an advantageous shape of the structure (8 by 8.6 by 4.5 centimeters). In addition, the Chinese device has a fairly durable rubberized plastic, which indicates a long life of the pendulum.

A good core is responsible for projecting a horizontal and vertical line, and you can work with inclined beams. The choice of operating mode is easily selected by pressing a button. The device notifies you of a change in angle with a short beep.


  • rubberized body;
  • small size;
  • sound notification;
  • error 2 mm.


  • only red rays.


10 best laser levels (levels) - 20212 rating

If you are interested in a good laser rangefinder, we recommend that you pay attention to the ADA COSMO 70 with 635 nm diode emission. This compact instrument has a measuring range of 70 meters with a typical accuracy of 1.5 millimeters. Despite the unpretentious design, there is no doubt about the durability of the device. The case and the “iron” withstand the operating temperature range from -10 to +50 degrees. It is worth noting that the manufacturer has taken care of the automatic shutdown function 3 minutes after recording inactivity. There is a modest screen. Three reference measurement planes are supported.


  • work on 3 floors;
  • area measurement;
  • volume measurement;
  • wear-resistant body.


  • simple screen


Top 10 laser levels (levels) - 20213 rating

Among the whole variety of inexpensive laser levels, the DEKO LL12-HVR model of the starting price category, which is in great demand in finishing and construction work, certainly deserves attention. The device copes well with vertical and horizontal lines, it is well projected even in places with poor lighting. Ability to project 12 lines in 3D mode. Without a receiver, the range is 20 meters. The device is powered by a lithium battery, which is included. For a tripod, the thread is standard, 1.4 inches. Nice good package, which also includes an adapter, a carrying case and goggles.


  • battery capacity 3000 mAh;
  • glow quality;
  • work without a break for 6 hours;
  • low price.


Bosch Quigo 0603663522

10 best laser levels (levels) - rating 20214

For sure, the Bosch Quigo 0603663522 model can be considered a good and economical laser level for the home. A practical household tool works at a distance of up to 10 meters, maintaining a horizontal angle of 90 °. The error of use reaches only 0.8 millimeters per meter. This is a good indicator considering the cost and practicality of the device.

The features of Bosch Quigo III include ease of use – runs on AAA batteries (requires 2 pieces). The disadvantage is the lack of a tenant, which some developers forget to mention. Maybe there is an original version with the specified part in the kit – we do not know.


  • performance quality;
  • the battery is charged;
  • horizontal angle;
  • weightless mistake.


  • no holder.

Resanta LU-3P

10 best laser levels (levels) - rating 20215

The best low-cost laser of 2021 is the Resanta LU-3P, which can work in two planes when crossing a line at a 90° angle. It involves the formation of an ascending plumb point, as well as a descending plumb point in the horizontal plane. With this device, you can solve a huge number of everyday tasks, including checking walls, leveling floors and installing stretch ceilings.

Judging by customer reviews, this is one of the most affordable levels for a foundation device at a similar price.


  • the battery is charged;
  • maximum error;
  • work on 2 floors;
  • beautiful body;
  • reliable manufacturer.


The best laser levels for home

This category contains premium tools that have a maximum of options. At the same time, we paid due attention to the issues of reliability and ease of use. To accomplish this task, we carefully studied the reviews of independent buyers.


10 best laser levels (levels) - rating 20216

To create vertical projections, a good 360-degree laser level is probably the KRAFTOOL LL3D 34640 model. Unlike budget devices, this gadget works at a maximum distance of 20 meters (basic mode) and up to 70 meters with a receiver. The measurement accuracy is 2 millimeters per meter.

The self-leveling limit is 2 degrees, the level is powered by simple AA batteries. It should be noted that this model is cheaper than the 34640-2 version, but it does not have a target, bag and mount. If you want a practical option, then this is definitely an easy setup.


  • accuracy;
  • measurement range;
  • work in three planes (2 vertical);
  • beautiful body.


  • simple kit.

Leica Disto D810

10 best laser levels (levels) - rating 20217

In the segment of professional rangefinders Leica DISTO D810 looks very impressive. Of course, this is a well-thought-out level from a technical point of view, made in a modern design and with good parameters. Efficiency is partly ensured by the 360° tilt sensor.

With this device, you can determine the area, volume and addition of a room. Particular attention should be paid to the Pythagorean function, with which you can measure the diameter, width and height of the area.

Users respond positively to the intuitive controls, with all functions accessible via familiar gestures.


  • many options;
  • built-in camera;
  • simple control;
  • build quality;
  • google play app.


  • the price is about 70,000 rubles.


10 best laser levels (levels) - 20218 rating

If you are going to buy a professional rotary laser level, you should pay attention to the RGK SP-400G model with an optimal price-quality ratio. This device is suitable for use with a robust receiver capable of measuring distances up to 200 meters. Centering is carried out by servo drives.

It should be noted that when the automatic centering is exceeded, this device stops rotating and turns off: horizontal accuracy ± 1 mm per 10 meters, in the vertical plane – ± 1.5 mm per 10 m, rotation speed change and remote control.


  • remote control;
  • oblique radius;
  • laser plummet;
  • accuracy of measurements.



10 best laser levels (levels) - rating 20219

Definitely a high quality cordless rotary vial that impresses with its long service life and optimal parameters. Model DeWALT DCE074D1R with 0.3mm/m marking accuracy. Provides manual alignment for vertical use. The following functions will also look great.

It is worth noting that the device received a high-quality protected rotating head and a waterproof case. The kit includes glasses, a battery, a target, a beam detector, and the laser itself. The digital detector allows you to use the device outdoors, which increases the range.


  • volume of operation;
  • simple settings;
  • equipment;
  • blind spot protection;
  • lifespan.


Bosch GCL 2-15 G Professional 0601066J00

Top 10 Laser Levels (Levels) - 2021 Ranking10

The best laser level of 2021 is the Bosch GCL 2-15 G. The professional tool is equipped with the function of projecting both horizontal and vertical beams, and there are also two centered points. It is difficult to find an alternative to this meter indoors. Moreover, this tool is easy to use. A pendulum nozzle is provided, which can be transported without problems. The control menu and compact dimensions allow you to use the level even with one hand. It is worth noting the high-quality lines that are clearly visible at a distance of up to 15 meters. The device comes with an RM 1 series holder.


  • high accuracy;
  • many options;
  • performance quality;
  • distinct rays;
  • equipment.


How to choose the right laser level?

Having decided on what type of equipment is right for you for construction or repair work, you should take care of other key parameters. If you do not know how to choose a laser level, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The measurement range is a parameter that is responsible for the distance at which the device operates without the use of additional receivers. That is, we are talking about a level range without other auxiliary inventions. The duration of the projection, as you already know, depends on the purpose, type of technology and cost. Simple tasks rarely require a device with a range of up to 30 meters.
  2. Projection range with a receiver – the design uses laser levels with a range finder and has a high sensitivity of the photocell, which allows several times to increase the efficiency of the device.
  3. Root mean square error is an indicator that characterizes the accuracy of the level, which is calculated in mm / m.
  4. Accuracy: This refers to the maximum deviation from the real value. Determined by reference distance. Optimally 1 mm per 10 meters.
  5. Self Leveling: This option simplifies leveling, allowing you to adjust the tripod head to align the projection horizontally.

Laser class

Both laser levels and rangefinders can be equipped with different lasers. In different countries, their class is defined differently. But common signs are seen in the following features:

  • class 1 – characterizes low power, but a high level of safety on the retina, even with prolonged use.
  • class 2 – such devices have low power, but provide for the possibility of damage to the eyes with direct exposure for a long time.
  • class 3 – high power levels, which include the possibility of damage to the user’s retina by direct exposure and specular reflection.

Measurement time and operating temperature

The maximum time required to launch and activate the layer directly depends not only on performance, but also on the quality of the button implementation. Obviously, when performing large amounts of work, this parameter should not be overlooked. However, realizing the importance of the actual response, many manufacturers use this feature as promotional information, showing amazing performance in the descriptions.

Experienced users know that it is absolutely not worth neglecting the temperature range in which the device can operate. The duration, volume and duration of the level depend on it. Often, “weaker” models at low temperatures show a large error.

Additional features

Advanced models can be equipped with an automatic shutdown function, which is quite convenient when working with different tools. This option provides for energy savings, which is extremely important, because even sufficiently powerful devices very often operate from an autonomous power source.

Often, high-quality devices are designed with a screen that allows you to view the results on the display and provides greater comfort in use.

Protection class (IP). Some devices are equipped with a protective cover against moisture and dust. The higher the numbers in the IP-XX characteristic, the more reliable the equipment.

The package may include a tripod, which simplifies the process of use when performing large amounts of work. In other cases, the element is connected, but it must be purchased separately.

What is the best laser level to buy in 2021?

If you have not decided which laser level to buy for your home and at the same time did not find a suitable device in the assortment presented by the editors of the resource, then pay due attention to key parameters, as well as independent customer reviews. They can be identified by their lack of interest, flattery, and objectivity in pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. As for our list, the result will be as follows:

  1. The best inexpensive home laser level – Instrumax Element 2D;
  2. In terms of price-quality ratio – Bosch Quigo 0603663522;
  3. Balanced level of price and quality – DeWALT DCE074D1R;
  4. Premium laser rangefinder – ADA COSMO 70.

We hope that our selection or tips on choosing a tool will help you make the right decision.


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