Top 10 Best Grass (Garden) Trimmers – 2021 Ranking


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10 best grass trimmers (garden) - 2021 ranking

When buying garden equipment, first of all, they pay attention to the power source of electric or petrol cutters, and only then do they proceed to compare performance characteristics. In the ranking of the best lawn mowers of 2021, we will look at both classes of equipment, but first we aim to understand what garden products are on the market:

  1. Petrol engines are heavy and economical (four-stroke models are much more powerful than two-stroke models), but provide comfortable movement around the site without a power cable.
  2. Electric ones are lighter than analogues with a fuel tank, but less powerful (up to 1400 W maximum) and require connection to an outlet, which significantly narrows their scope.
  3. Rechargeable batteries are the most compact and affordable models, but due to their low power, they did not have time to spread.

For these reasons, we will mainly consider gas scythes and electric scythes. Each of the headers contains both cheap and premium templates.

The best petrol grass trimmers

Such models are powered by an internal combustion engine, which explains the weight of such equipment, most of which is the fuel tank. However, these units are more powerful than the alternatives. It can be operated on a large property. If you need a powerful machine for commercial use, focus on 4-stroke models and note that noise and vibration are stronger than less powerful 2-stroke hedge trimmers. We’ve rounded up the latter since our list is focused on using technology in the home. Otherwise, you should not chase high performance, since it is not so easy to use such equipment for a long time.

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PATRIOT PT 553 (1+1)

10 Best Grass Trimmers (Garden) - Ranked 20211

The famous PATRIOT PT 553 1 + 1 tops the list of lawn mowers that have proven their worth on uneven terrain. The high ease of use is due to the support of an easy start system called Easy Start. The design has a primer necessary for pumping fuel. It is worth noting a high-quality bicycle handle, thanks to which you can easily and accurately guide the tool over a large area. There is a sharp three-bladed knife that easily removes even the most stubborn weeds. Hands do not get tired especially thanks to the support of the anti-vibration system. Fuel tank capacity 1.1 liters. The design weighs about 7 kilograms, its performance is 8000 rpm.


  • vibration damping system;
  • optimal weight;
  • manage quality;
  • sharp blades.


  • two stroke engine.

Huter GGT-1500S

10 Best Grass Trimmers (Garden) - Ranked 20212

Can’t decide which trimmer to choose for your home? In this case, it makes sense to pay attention to the relatively cheap but high-quality model Huter GGT-1500S. The unit is equipped with a folding bar, which indicates additional comfort in use. The brushcutter has a high-quality fuel tank with a translucent body, which makes it easy to check the level of its filling. Another plus is the handle, which makes it easy to adjust the settings and hold the device in your hand. Guide accuracy is guaranteed. The engine of this series is also two-stroke, but more productive. For its cost, the engine fully meets expectations. The safety system, represented by a protective casing, a track block and an anti-vibration system, deserves special praise.


  • low price;
  • security level;
  • comfortable model;
  • performance quality;
  • comfortable bar.


  • it’s not the most powerful unit.

Makita EM2500U

10 Best Grass Trimmers (Garden) - Ranked 20213

This is probably a very reliable garden trimmer that pleases not only with durable accessories, but also with optimal performance. Due to the good price-quality ratio, the model is equipped with a two-stroke engine. Among other things, the device is lightweight, pleases with stable operation and good functionality. The engineers of a well-known company took care of the quality work of the air cooling system. The combined cutting system includes both line and knives, indicating a wider range of use. The handle is adjustable in height. Belt for easy carrying of equipment.


  • belt strength;
  • reliable engine;
  • overheat protection;
  • famous brand;
  • height adjustment.



10 Best Grass Trimmers (Garden) - Ranked 20214

Judging by customer reviews, today the Champion T 433-2 is one of the most popular and reliable models of lawn mowers. The unit with a 1.7 hp two-stroke engine makes it easy to destroy even large bushes in the open spaces of a large garden or cottage. To do this, the manufacturer has equipped the product with a large fuel tank. Good news about quality and grip. The design is implemented as competently as possible, which indicates a high level of safety at work. The bar is easily disassembled. The mid-range petrol lawn mower is equipped with a metal grass blade. According to customer reviews, the engineers used expensive spark plugs and a quality air filter that could be removed by hand.


  • expensive spare parts;
  • build quality;
  • powerful engine;
  • vibration level;
  • safety system.



10 Best Grass Trimmers (Garden) - Ranked 20215

The best lawnmower of 2021 is the STIHL FS 55, made by the undisputed leading manufacturer of gardening equipment. The device received a two-handed handle and is great for cutting grass and thick bushes. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of the long service life of the bevel gears. It is worth noting the low weight of the product and the large working volume of 27.2 cm³. Unfortunately, you will have to pay comfortably for such a performance, because the noise level during the operation of the knife is 108 dB. The volume of the fuel tank in this unit reaches 0.33 milliliters, which is quite enough for work in the seal. The mowing head has a 2-stage point and a line with a diameter of Ø230 mm.


  • the price of money;
  • stable work;
  • reliable model;
  • terms of Use;
  • workload.


Best Electric Garden Trimmers

From the name it is clear that these brush cutters are powered by the network. They can have power from 200 to 1500 W (sometimes more). Considering the characteristics, we can conclude that electric braids are designed for use in small houses, cottages. For large areas, of course, it is more appropriate to focus on analogues of gasoline. Please note that you will have to carry the power cord with you at all times, and if the grass is far from the outlet, you will also need an adapter. Fortunately, this technique is less noisy, light and easy to transport.

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Greenworks 1301807 GST1246

10 Best Grass Trimmers (Garden) - Ranked 20216

Greenworks model 1301807 GST1246 has been added to the list of the best lawn mower models, which allows you to mow even thick growths. In the 230 V line, this device has the most powerful power plant – 1200 W, which is enough to work at home. The arm has a straight design, so working in hard-to-reach places is not very convenient. The technique is designed more for cutting thick grass and small bushes. For this, a steel shaft is used. The kit includes a durable saw blade and a cutting width of up to 44.5 cm. The cutting part is also represented by a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm. Users speak highly of the comfort and quality of the soft grip. Implemented an excellent security system against accidental activation. There is a protective cover.


  • reliable model;
  • steel shaft;
  • good power;
  • comfortable handle.


  • straight bar.

Denzel TE-1400

10 Best Grass Trimmers (Garden) - Ranked 20217

Denzel was pleased with another inexpensive but good garden trimmer. In particular, this is a model of the TE-1400 series with a sharp blade and an efficient blade. The motor power in this device is 1400 watts. Although this is a noisy invention, it justifies the slight inconvenience that can also be attributed to the quality of the rotary cutting system. The working width reaches 43 centimeters, which is enough for fast and efficient work on the construction site. The deck in this technique is made of high-quality plastic. At the same time, the technique attracts with optimal dimensions and relatively low weight.


  • compact size;
  • cutting width;
  • good power;
  • deck quality.


  • noisy trimmer.


10 best grass trimmers (garden) - Ranking 20218

Top 10 lawn mowers this time did not do without a wireless model. Of course, from STIHL. The main advantage of the FSA 45 series is its ease of use. Of course, the power is not enough to work with dense bushes, but the model makes much less noise than its counterparts, and almost does not vibrate. Among other things, the cordless hedge trimmer weighs only 2.3 kg and has a battery life of up to 20 minutes. When using a string, the reading will be lower. If you believe the reviews, the download of this product takes from 145 to 210 minutes (if you need 100%). From the comments of buyers, it can be understood that the trimmer attracts with a simple rearrangement of knives, there is a limiting bracket.


  • charging time;
  • light;
  • low noise level;
  • reliable manufacturer.


  • not for complex tasks.

Makita UR3000

10 Best Grass Trimmers (Garden) - Ranked 20219

When considering electric lawn trimmers, it’s hard not to notice the reliable Makita UR3000 series. The device has an ergonomic design in which the rotating head can be rotated 180 degrees. This allows you to eliminate thickets even in hard-to-reach places, with minimal effort. The power of the electric sickle is sufficient to serve even large properties. An important detail is a thoughtful design that easily adapts to the height of the user. It’s comfortable. In fact, the reviews of independent buyers confirm this. The strengths of this device include a high level of reliability and a long service life of the equipment.


  • reliable manufacturer;
  • can be adjusted for growth;
  • optimal dimensions;
  • comfortable model.



10 best grass trimmers (garden) - Rating 202110

The best cordless hedge trimmer of 2021 is the STIHL FSE 71, the main feature of which is the corded tool. The working width of this model is 36 centimeters, which is standard for most hedge trimmers in this category. The rotary cutting system is characterized by a long service life and high efficiency when cutting even thick stands. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the curved bar, which implies continuous use without unnecessary effort, even when performing complex tasks.


  • low noise level;
  • curved design;
  • optimal performance;
  • wide scope;
  • compact size.


How to choose a good trimmer for home?

In addition to the power source, a number of other parameters must be considered, including the cutting edge. If you do not know which lawn mower to choose, please note that all models are equipped with wire or knives. The first option is preferable in cases where the ground is uneven, because the line does not break when it hits rocks. But this is not a rational solution for working with thick grass. The fishing line in trimmers is of the following types:

  • round – the most versatile option for grass, burdock, small shrubs;
  • square – the preferred cutting element for working with dense grass;
  • star-shaped – for working with decorative lawns, and not for labor-intensive tasks.

If you need to mow tall, dense grass, knives are essential. They are also different:

  • plastic – used exclusively for dry vegetation, practically not popular;
  • metal – for large and small shrubs.

Among other things, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Maximum power: depends on the activity. Suitable for regular grass up to 500W. For shrubs and a dense garden, units are chosen, up to 1800 watts.
  2. Weight is an important parameter if you have to work on a construction site for a long time, but you need to understand that electric models are not able to provide the same power as gasoline four-stroke trimmers, although the former weigh much less;
  3. Cutting width: depends on the density of the area. Optimally from 250 to 420 millimeters;
  4. Line diameter: The thicker the cutting element you use, the wider the coverage of the technique. For small shrubs, it is necessary from 3 millimeters;
  5. Bar – this structural element connects the engine and the cutting system. A straight finish is more secure, but a curved finish is better for hard-to-reach areas.

What is the best grass trimmer to buy in 2021?

Traditionally, for the audience of our readers who like to start a product review from the end, we offer our conclusion. If you do not know which lawn mower to buy, we recommend that you pay attention to the reviews and characteristics of the following solutions:

  1. A good cordless lawn trimmer is the STIHL FSA 45;
  2. Best petrol lawnmower – STIHL FS 55;
  3. Powerful, but inexpensive device for giving – Huter GGT-1500S;
  4. The best garden trimmer in terms of price-quality ratio – STIHL FSE 71.

As has been repeatedly mentioned, this assessment is independent and is for informational and informational purposes only. We share our opinion and if it seems useful to you and allows you to make the right choice, we will be very grateful for your comment.


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