Top 10 Best Dehumidifiers for an Apartment – 2022 Dehumidifier Rating


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Top 10 ranking of the best dehumidifiers for the home. Find out which dehumidifier is better to choose and buy. The rating of the best dehumidifiers for an apartment was created based on user reviews and expert opinion.

10 best dehumidifiers - Ranking 20210

We present the top 10 rating of the best dehumidifiers for the home. Find out which dehumidifier is better to choose and buy. The rating of the best dehumidifiers for an apartment was created based on user reviews and expert opinion.

Previously, we have managed to manage the stereotypes, selection characteristics and ratings of various climate devices, including purifiers and humidifiers. This time we suggest you pay attention to the purchase of an air dryer. As practice shows, things are easier with this segment of technology. For example, performance is measured by the amount of moisture a tool can remove from its environment. At the same time, the level of humidity in the apartment is considered the norm in the region of 30-45 percent. Our list of the best dehumidifiers of 2022 has solutions for home needs. Such devices can remove from 10 to 50 liters of moisture in 24 hours.

Given the experience of specialists and recommendations, the ratio of moisture to yield can be as follows:

  1. At a humidity of 50-60% per day, it is enough to remove up to 15 liters of moisture;
  2. At 70-80%, optimally up to 20 liters per day;
  3. With a humidity of 90% and above, optimally from 30 to 50 liters per day.

As practice shows, a device with a capacity of 20 liters per day is quite enough for residential premises, but there are exceptions.

Best Inexpensive Dehumidifiers for the Home

This category includes household dehumidifiers with a capacity of 12 to 20 liters per day. This indicator justifies the recommendation to use devices of this price category in small rooms.

Electrolux EDH-12L

10 best dehumidifiers - Ranking 20211

The top 10 dehumidifiers are opened by the compact model of the Electrolux EDH-12L series, which effectively removes moisture, musty smell and even mold on the walls in rooms up to 18 square meters. Good efficiency is ensured by air exchange with a volume of 120 cubic meters. It is important that the device works as efficiently as possible at different temperatures – moisture is removed both at a temperature of +5 and at +30 degrees. The main technologies of the brand have been implemented, thanks to which moisture removal is achieved even in hard-to-reach places. This is a really good option for small corner apartments. The advantages of the technique include an ergonomic handle, a large condensate tank (2.2 liters), a drain hose and the use of a filter to trap large dirt particles.


  • functional device;
  • built-in hygrometer;
  • fluff and dirt filter;
  • container for condensate;
  • 5 operating modes.


  • for small spaces.

Funai Neko S RAD-N10T3E

10 best dehumidifiers - Ranking 20212

Another inexpensive but good dehumidifier for apartments, the performance of which is only enough for small rooms. Satisfied with the good functionality of the device, including a timer (up to 24 hours), fan power setting and humidity control thanks to the built-in hygrometer. It is worth noting that the manufacturer took care of indicating the remaining water, as well as the presence of automatic defrosting. The last mode starts when the temperature drops to +5 degrees. Therefore, this device is great not only for residential premises, but also for small warehouses or offices. Despite the low cost, I would like to note the touch panel, indication and built-in wheels for easy transportation of the product.


  • wheel quality;
  • automatic defrosting;
  • fan control;
  • futuristic design;
  • there is a timer.


  • more suitable for offices and warehouses.

Royal Clima RD-S16-E

10 best dehumidifiers - Ranking 20213

In search of a good inexpensive air dryer, many users have opted for the Royal Clima RD-S16-E series model, the only drawback is the outdated R134A series refrigerant. In terms of economy and build quality, there are no complaints. However, there is no doubt about the reliability of this technique, because the manufacturer has a very good reputation. As for this device, its capacity is 16 liters per day. In small rooms, the air consumption reaches 160 cubic meters with an energy consumption of about 300 watts. Comfort and ease of maintenance are also due to the presence of a large tank with a capacity of 5 liters of water.


  • good LED display;
  • there is a timer;
  • automatic defrosting;
  • washable filter;
  • temperature indication.


  • refrigerant type R134A.

Ballu BD-15ER

10 best dehumidifiers - Ranking 20214

If you need an inexpensive, but effective device for removing excess moisture with a capacity of up to 15 liters per day, you should pay attention to the Ballu BD-15ER line. As you understand, we are talking about a product from one of the leading manufacturers of climate technology. This series mobile dehumidifier is suitable for home, apartment, office and other small property. Many users use this gadget to dry things on the balcony or attic. The manufacturer himself positions this device as an excellent solution for objects from 5 to 25 sq. The device works with freon R290, which indicates savings. In addition, there is a control panel lock (parental control), delayed start and a great display. The removable water tank is located at the rear and holds up to 2 liters of coolant.


  • coarse filter;
  • easy to drain water;
  • there are wheels;
  • affordable price;
  • two modes of operation.


Neoclima FD-20AH

10 best dehumidifiers - Rating 20215

The best inexpensive dehumidifier of 2021 is the Neoclima FD-20AH model, which differs from its counterparts in microprocessor control, indication and many other convenient features. The device with a capacity of 20 liters per day has a self-diagnosis, supports the adjustment of the fan speed and the intensity of drying the environment. The wide scope of the product is partly due to the support of automatic defrost, as you do not have to worry about premature wear of parts in the cold season. Reassuring presence of filters to clean the environment from dust. Another advantage of this series is the heating mode.


  • number of functions;
  • performance adjustment;
  • support self-diagnosis;
  • build quality;
  • good indication.


The best dehumidifiers for price and quality

In this category, there are already premium models with higher capacities, up to 70 liters per minute. At the same time, we took into account the optimal price / quality ratio when compiling the selection.

Ballu BDM-30L

10 best dehumidifiers - Rating 20216

The evaluation of air dryers is completed by the model of the Ballu BDM-30L series, made in an elegant design using white and silver colors. The device is suitable for use in rooms up to 50 square meters, and its performance is sufficient to completely dry clothes. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the support of ionization and aromatization. Thus, a favorable atmosphere is created even in a house with a safe microclimate, since a disinfectant element is present. The power of 540 W is enough to create air exchange in the declared area up to 180 cubic meters per hour. This device is capable of removing up to 30 liters of moisture per day. A good humidistat allows you to control the process. The capacity of the container is 5 liters, after filling the device automatically turns off.


  • performance quality;
  • there is a screen;
  • ionization is provided;
  • there is fragrance.


  • there are more powerful lines.

Royal Clima RD-S30-E

10 best dehumidifiers - Ranking 20217

The list of quality dehumidifiers is complemented by a model with a good price / quality ratio of the Royal Clima RD-S30-E series. It should be noted right away that this line is offered in different versions: performance can vary from 16 to 40 liters per day. The advantages of the device include many modes and functions, including advanced control, timer, comfort mode and humidity control in the range from 30 to 90 percent. The dehumidifier attracts with its elegant appearance, durable wheels and good screen. This particular model has a capacity of around 40 liters of water per day. Suitable for large water tank up to 6 liters capacity.


  • low noise level;
  • humidity regulation;
  • good discs;
  • there is a breakdown.


Neoclima ND-40AH

10 best dehumidifiers - Rating 20218

If you do not know which dehumidifier to choose with a wide range of applications, we suggest you pay attention to the Neoclima ND-40AH model. This device is used not only for apartments and houses, but also for small pools, basements and even commercial properties. Despite the high power, the device attracts with its compact size and extremely simple operation. The device works with an environmentally friendly coolant and practically does not make noise. It is important to note that this range is equipped with clear indications and self-diagnostics, which explains the long service life. In addition, automatic defrosting and a reliable plate heat exchanger are provided. For permanent water drainage, a drainage pipe is implemented here, not a container.


  • drainage;
  • excellent indication;
  • there is a self-diagnosis and defrosting;
  • dust filter.


  • not low price.

Electrolux EDH-65L

10 best dehumidifiers - Rating 20219

The position of the former leader in our selection is occupied by a reliable dehumidifier from the Electrolux EDH-65L series, whose power is 720 watts. Enough performance to serve a large residential property. At the same time, the device can perform its tasks even at low ambient temperatures, up to + 5⁰С. It will not be superfluous to note the presence of a built-in pump that contributes to the possibility of vertical drainage, and the size of the pipe itself reaches 8 meters. As a result, it is possible to extend the curve to a large radius from the device. Management is very convenient: touch, there is a backlit screen. Additional comfort during operation is achieved through the use of automatic restart.


  • up to 65 liters per day;
  • drainage pipe 8 meters;
  • there is a tank of 8.5 liters;
  • built-in hygrometer;
  • automatic restart.


Ballu BD-70T

10 best dehumidifiers - Rating 202110

The best dehumidifier of 2021 for large rooms is the Ballu BD-70T Heavy Duty series. This direction refers to semi-industrial climate technology, as evidenced by the high power and accuracy of the invention. The device has two displays at the same time, which display information about the level of humidity and temperature. In this case, effective air dehumidification is carried out using a two-speed fan. The design has an automatic sleep timer and a humidistat. The dehumidification capacity is 70 liters per day. A nice bonus is the quality of the air filters used.


  • air filters;
  • wakes up;
  • high power;
  • volume;
  • there are two displays.


How to choose a good dehumidifier?

We have already found out that the main parameter when buying such equipment is performance. But, if you don’t know how to choose the right air dryer, we also recommend that you carefully evaluate the volume of the room being repaired, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and directly the effectiveness of a particular device in an apartment of a certain size. The fact is that some models can have air exchange in the region of 30 m3 / hour when servicing rooms up to 20 square meters, while others – up to 60-70 cubic meters. In rooms with high ceilings, it is important to use a powerful fan. It should also be understood that an inexpensive device may not reach the corners of large properties. As a result, moisture can continue to accumulate in the corners, which is fraught with the appearance of mold and mildew. It is also worth paying attention to additional features offered by modern companies:

  1. Ventilation control: this option allows you to control the operation of the fan, useful only if your device has enough power in the context of the size of the room;
  2. A hygrostat is a sensor that detects the level of humidity in the air. The function is present in almost all modern gadgets. If not, then you need to buy separately accordingly;
  3. Automatic defrosting: this option prevents overcooling of the structural elements.

What is the best dehumidifier to buy in 2022?

As a result, we were able to consider different product lines from different manufacturers. At the same time, due attention was paid to the issue of productivity and the choice of such equipment. If you still do not know which dehumidifier to buy for an apartment or house, we suggest you start with exhaustive reviews of the following models:

  1. The most compact dehumidifier – Electrolux EDH-12L;
  2. The best economic device: Neoclima FD-20AH;
  3. Good model in terms of price / quality ratio – Ballu BDM-30L;
  4. Best premium dehumidifier: Ballu BD-70T.

I would like to add that each of the presented brands has many different lines of such products.


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