The 10 Best Garden Shredders for Branches in 2022


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We will tell you how to choose and buy the right shredder for the garden. We’ve rounded up the top 10 garden shredders for 2022 for you. The rating of the best garden shredder price – quality, based on the opinion of experts and user reviews.

10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Rating 2021

As practice shows, sales consultants can rarely be satisfied with an abundance of information on gardening equipment, in fact, such a task is rarely set before them. Usually it is enough for them to sell the goods of the supplier, who is waiting for his buyer in the warehouse of the store. Luckily, store catalogs give us access to a variety of products and we can rank the best garden shredders of 2021.

Firstly, the choice of such a technique presupposes a good understanding of the tasks by the future user. First of all, the type of engine depends on this. We will consider models based on both electric and gasoline power plants, the scope of which differs significantly from each other.

If you are looking for a branch or leaf shredder in your yard, then the power of the electric unit is enough for you, but for large volumes of waste processing, you only need a gasoline unit.

The best electric grass grinders

Electric shredders differ from each other not only in characteristics, but also in the design of the knife system, which also justifies the scope of such inventions. For the home, options are often used with cutters or cutting discs that rotate quickly and can be supplemented with several additional knives. They are needed for working with soft materials, such as leaves. There are also toothed shredders that show good efficiency in shredding branches and other dense resources.

Patriot PT SE 24

10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20211

The first 10 garden shredders are unlocked by the entry-level Patriot PT SE 24, which can handle branches and twigs up to 4 centimeters in size. According to customer reviews, the slicing system is also suitable for working with soft vegetable waste. The power of 2400W, of course, will not seem small, but the noise level is at the level of 100 dB. The performance of the power plant reaches 4500 rpm. The design weighs in the region of 13-14 kilograms. Given the cost and efficiency of this equipment, I would not want to look for flaws, but according to customer reviews, you can find that the knives are not the most expensive, and with regular use they dull faster than the more well-known analogues, which we will talk about later.


  • high power;
  • volume;
  • reliable brand.


  • knives dull quickly.


10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20212

Another good electric garden shredder that can easily compost wood waste in your garden in minutes. The model is compact, mobile and powerful enough, which is justified by the use of a powerful power plant. In this case, the weight of the structure is approximately 10 kilograms. Users note the good quality of the cutting knives and the power of 2500 watts. Implemented motor overload protection. The set includes a pusher and a bag for temporary storage of processed products. However, the plastic body doesn’t feel too sturdy.


  • there is a trash can;
  • compact model;
  • engine protection.


  • Plastic container.

Huter ESH-2500

10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20213

If you do not know which electric chipper to choose, we recommend that you pay attention to the Huter ESH-2500 model, which attracts not only with good performance, but also with reliability. The design is great for branches and shrubs up to 4 centimeters. The long service life is due to the presence of a protected motor equipped with a fuse. The power plant is not afraid of overheating and overloads even in the open spaces of a large garden. Accidental activation of the invention is excluded due to the presence of an electromagnetic switch. The kit includes a receiver bag that can be attached to the body. It is great for recyclable waste. Maneuverability is guaranteed by durable wheels.


  • good fuse;
  • protection against accidental inclusion;
  • engine protection quality;
  • durable construction;
  • volume.


  • the peel of the branches wraps around the stem.

Makita UD2500

10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20214

When considering the most reliable electric garden shredders, it’s hard to forget the success and popularity of the Makita UD2500. This technique has been tested by time and by many amateur gardeners who do not want to have problems with fires. The equipment has a convenient control panel, a 67-liter trash can and a reliable motor. The power plant copes with any branch, the diameter of which does not exceed 45 millimeters. Dry plants and wet weeds can be loaded, and the motor is protected against overload. Part of the ease of use is due to the presence of handles that provide a good grip. From the reviews, it became clear to us that breakdowns are mainly related to improper operation (not for its intended purpose) – this device cannot process glass, plastic or stones.


  • reliable model;
  • handle quality;
  • mobile equipment;
  • filling indication;
  • large trash container.


Bosch AXT Rapid 2000

10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20215

The best electric garden shredder of 2021 is the robust Bosch AXT RAPID 2000 series, equipped with extra blades for effective leaf shredding. Available technology received a compact but elegant design, thought out to the smallest detail. A fairly powerful 2000 W unit is installed inside, which is enough for stable operation in summer cottages. The knives rotate at 3650 rpm, which means high productivity, up to 80 kg of debris per hour. The maximum thickness of the branches can reach 3.6 centimeters. Despite the protection of the motor against overloads, it is not recommended to soak larger weeds. It is worth noting the good shape of the funnel, which is the reason for the increased productivity of this machine.


  • big engine;
  • cutting system;
  • careful design;
  • effective work;
  • good funnel.


The best gasoline shredders for branches

Gasoline shredders are also available in different types: there are devices with a knife mechanism and with exhaust pipes. The first option is easier. Downpipe models tend to be more reliable and efficient, but require more effort to use. In particular, hard branches with rods should be sent to one section, and foliage and small debris should be sent to a wider tube. In this case, a more advanced cutting system is used, including discs and knives.


10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20216

Designed for home use, the CHAMPION CH7648 petrol model rounds out the garden shredder rating. Shredding of branches in this unit is carried out by rotating flat knives (there are two of them), which are driven by a powerful 4600 W motor. To power the unit, a fuel tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters is used. It is worth noting a convenient straight bar, the presence of transport wheels and the ability to adjust the height of the car in three positions. The diameter of the branches and trunks can be 76 millimeters. Noteworthy is a high-quality crankcase with manual control and an emergency ignition switch. The kit includes headphones, an accessory bag, goggles and even gloves.


  • excellent equipment;
  • good power;
  • fair value;
  • simple control;
  • height adjustment.


  • for household needs.

Caiman Raro 200C

10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20217

Considering efficient gasoline shredders for the garden, I would like to pay attention to the model of the Caiman Raro 200C series, balanced in terms of price-quality ratio. This invention is great for foliage and branches up to 5 cm in diameter. It has been possible to keep the cost of high quality equipment down by using a reliable yet simple sanding system that includes a pair of double sided blades that don’t really dull. At the same time, we are satisfied with both active and passive safety systems that completely prevent the user from contacting the cutting system. It is worth noting a high-quality engine that fully complies with the Euro-5 standard, that is, there are few emissions. At the same time, the power of a four-stroke engine is enough to solve the problem in the open spaces of even large real estate.


  • few emissions;
  • safety system;
  • the maximum diameter of the branches is 50 mm;
  • build quality.


  • simple cutting system.

PATRIOT PT SB100 E 13 hp

10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20218

If you are looking for a powerful garden shredder for the home, we recommend that you pay attention to the PATRIOT PT SB100 E model with a 13 hp power plant. The technique imperceptibly grinds both soft plant waste and large branches with a diameter of up to 101 millimeters. That is, this invention can be used for hemp, not to mention simple shrubs. True, in order to work with such large waste, it is necessary to connect a special receiver. Like a very strong metal case providing an extra layer of security. Note the four-stroke engine and 16-knife cutting system. The engine cools well, the tank is spacious.


  • powerful engine;
  • for large branches;
  • air conditioner;
  • metal case.


  • not the most expensive knives.

Caiman RARO 420С

10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 20219

Another powerful gas powered garden shredder that stores waste in compost. So, for example, they can be prepared to remove wet leaves that cannot be destroyed using the classic pruning system. The Caiman RARO 420C is a four-stroke overhead valve engine. This indicates the duration and economy of the invention. The cutting equipment system is represented by the presence of two replaceable knives made of high quality alloy. It should be emphasized that there is a large loading hopper into which even large branches with rods can be inserted. The deflector prevents the return of debris. It is also important to note the presence of a belt drive, which effectively protects the power plant when knives get stuck.


  • branch diameter up to 7.5 cm;
  • powerful engine;
  • protection system;
  • build quality;
  • blade material.



10 best grass shredders and garden branches - Ranking 202110

The best garden shredder of 2021 is the flagship model ECHO CH5653, designed for large surfaces. According to the price tag, you can understand that the power of this unit is enough for park areas. At the same time, the scope of application is justified by the very powerful Subaru EH power plant, capable of processing even shafts with a diameter of up to 12.7 centimeters. The cutting system includes a disc weighing up to 140 kg, which rotates at up to 2000 rpm. The engine is started with an electric starter. The unit weighs about 430 kilograms, so for utility purposes this equipment will need to be transported on a mini-tractor or other type of truck.


  • high power;
  • cutting system;
  • volume;
  • performance;
  • build quality.


How to choose a good garden shredder?

We will not specify specific parameters, as marketers often like to do, because in this matter it is more important to focus on the type of cutting system and the reputation of the manufacturer. If you don’t know how to choose a twig or leaf shredder, start by analyzing your budget and activities.

So, for example, when buying a generating set, it is necessary to distinguish between two classes of equipment according to the type of cutting system:

  1. The cutters are very noisy as the knives rotate up to 3000 rpm for fast processing of soft materials. This technique works well for leaves.
  2. Gears are more expensive electric shredders, which attract with their silent operation, because the system rotates smoothly (up to 50 rpm) and does not chop, but grinds bushes of branches. However, such a system is not really suitable for grass and leaves.

Therefore, for ordinary grass, more expensive models with gears are often less suitable than their inexpensive counterparts with mowers.

Speaking about the choice of gasoline garden shredders, I want to note that even expensive models with a large amount of grass cannot cope due to their fibrous structure. Disk solutions are no exception. Because of this, users pre-dry the vegetation, after which even gross inventions can easily cope with it.

What is the best wood chipper to buy in 2022?

Therefore, we considered the advantages and disadvantages of different units. I would like to dispel the myths that there are ideal solutions for foliage or grass. If you do not know which shredder to choose for the garden, please note that this technique is more aimed at processing branches, shrubs, but if you want to get a good result, it is better to dry the soft debris first. Therefore, it is worth paying due attention to compost solutions.

  1. A good electric chopper is the Patriot PT SE 24;
  2. Best Premium Model – ECHO CH5653
  3. Price and quality of a gasoline chopper – PATRIOT PT SB100;
  4. Spectacular model for leaves and branches – Cayman RARO 420C.


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