Cat carrier – pros and cons of different types of carriers


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Since you are reading this article, it means that you understand that you need a cat carrier. Surely, even managed to see what they exist. And then a problem arose ─ how to choose the most suitable among such an assortment? What is the difference between a cheap cat carrier and an expensive one? What is more convenient for you, and where will your pet be comfortable? Finally, how much does a cat carrier cost in Moscow and in which online store can I order it?

Basic requirements for carrying a cat

There are several important technical requirements to consider when purchasing any cat carrier:

  • a hard bottom so that the animal feels secure support and is less worried;
  • durable handles that can withstand the required weight;
  • good fasteners that do not allow the pet to get out;
  • suitable size for a cat carrier
  • a window, and it doesn’t even matter if it is a transparent porthole or just a textile mesh.

On a hard surface, with the ability to see the world around you and evaluate what is happening, your cat will be much more comfortable with transportation, even if this is the first time.

Choosing the best cat carrier

Cat carrier bag

The cheapest option. They are usually made of synthetic fabric with mesh inserts and ventilation holes. There is a sealing insert at the bottom. As fasteners ─ zippers and buttons. Similar carriers for cats online stores are offered in a variety of variations, sizes and colors.

Pros: Minuses:
compact when not in use ─ the folded bag does not take up much space;
cheapest cat carrier
Long handles allow you to carry such a carrier both in your hand and on your shoulder.
soft construction does not provide stability to the animal, which causes concern;
artificial textiles strongly absorb odors;
with frequent washing, the appearance quickly deteriorates;
a large and restless cat can tear the fabric carrier.

For all its shortcomings, a carrier bag can be useful if you don’t plan to use it often. For example, when you need to visit a veterinarian or take a cat with you to the country. In this case, the animal will not run around the car during the trip and will not run away anywhere on the street.

A compromise between “cheap” and “reliable” will be carrying bags for a cat with plastic inserts on the sides.

Choosing the best cat carrier

Backpack – pet carrier

It looks very attractive, and it is more convenient to carry it over your shoulders than in your hands. The most interesting thing in such models is a round inspection hatch. Your pet peeks out of it like an astronaut out of a space suit. This is probably why the younger generation prefers such carriers for cats.

For sewing such backpacks, a denser fabric is used, often with an inner lining and a hard bottom.

Pros: Minuses:
hands free;
if your pet is quite plump and heavy, then it will be easier for you to carry it in a backpack;
a good view gives the cat the confidence that he can influence the situation, so the transport is smoother.
difficult to remove odors from the fabric;
after washing can be deformed;
limited space, the cat is constantly in an upright position.

A backpack for carrying a cat will be useful in case of short walks: take it out into nature, go to a veterinary clinic, etc. For long trips, a backpack for cats is not suitable, because the animal will not be able to warm up or lie down.

Plastic box for carrying cats

Perhaps the best carrier for cats ─ the most convenient for pets and owners. In a box with a rigid frame, it will be comfortable for a sick animal, a large cat, and a mother cat with kittens.

Pros: Minuses:
durable and wear-resistant;
easy to keep clean;
does not constrain the movement of the pet;
withstands the “onslaught” of restless and aggressive cats.
costs more than soft carrying; the dimensions of the box take up significant space in the car or during storage.

Plastic carrier for cats is considered the most versatile option. It is approved by veterinarians and meets the requirements of public transport. A plastic carrier for a cat on an airplane, train, or taxi will come in handy. Line the bottom of the crate with soft bedding to keep your cat comfortable and non-slip.

Such carriers for cats can be called “professional”. They are more often used by breeders of purebred animals, veterinarians, employees of animal shelters and hotels.

Pros: Minuses:
strong and durable construction;
easy to care for and comply with sanitary standards;
spacious, in some metal carriers you can put a bowl of food, water and a tray;
even a large animal will not break such a cage.
takes up a lot of space;
does not protect from cold, wind and precipitation;
heavy on its own.

Buying a metal carrier for cats makes sense only if you plan to breed the breed or often visit exhibitions and clinics for animals.


Of course, you can buy a cat carrier inexpensively if you rarely use it. But when you have plans for regular trips with your pet to the country, on vacation or to a cat beauty salon, it is wiser to buy a plastic carrier.


Tell us which cat carriers you use. In which online store do you order pet products? Which pet food manufacturers do you find the most reliable? Leave your comments and share tips on “cat” topics.


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