10 ways to occupy a child in the summer

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Even in such a difficult summer as this, it is difficult for children to sit in one place. We have collected several ways to entertain children at home or in the country. For example, a slide, a small pool, a trampoline, badminton, or a kite will help you play a little.

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Even in such a difficult summer as this, children are bored sitting in one place. We offer 10 simple ways to entertain children at home or in the country.

Sports games

Sports games and recreation in nature strengthen health and maintain physical fitness. When choosing a set, pay attention to age restrictions and equipment, take into account the interests and skills of the child.

The ball and soccer goal will appeal to children who imagine themselves in the role of a goalkeeper or striker.

Badminton, mini-bowling or a basketball hoop will help you try something new.

And with the help of a boxing set, children will practice defending themselves or just let out negative emotions.

Ecoiffier Game Set 3 Sports (000192)

Kiltsekid / Bilboke • age group: from 3 years old • material: plastic

Sets for sports games are made of safe materials:

Before buying, do not forget to make sure that the parts are securely fastened and will not fall off during the game.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #2 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

The Ring Shooter set includes Hit the Target (6 cans and 2 balls), Ring Shooter (3 rings and 5 targets) and Catch the Ball (2 trigger holders and 2 balls)

You can learn more about how to choose equipment for badminton and speedminton in our special material.

Outdoor games

Take a frisbee, boomerang or kite for a walk in the park. Both children and adults enjoy playing with such toys.

Also take some soap bubbles with you – kids love to watch them blow with every gust of wind.

Ecoiffier Gardener’s Cart (004344)

Gardener’s cart • age group: from 1.5 years • material: plastic

If your child is interested in helping in the flower beds, buy a set of a young gardener.

With this, it is convenient to water the flowers on the plot, weed the garden and transport toys or products from one end of the plot to the other on a children’s wheelbarrow.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #3 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

The comfortable and bright gardener’s cart from Ecoiffier is suitable for playing in the garden. The cart has plastic wheels, and inside there is a bucket with a bright pattern, a spade and a rake, a watering can for watering flowers and a flower pot

Water entertainment

In the heat, you don’t want to leave the water. All that children need for fun bathing is inflatable toys.

If there is no reservoir nearby, put an inflatable pool on the site.

Pools for children up to 3 years old have low sides and a non-slip bottom surface. The volume of such pools is up to 300 liters.

The volume of pools for children 3-6 years old varies from 300 to 1000 liters. Pools with a volume of 1000 liters or more are suitable for children over 6 years old. And a swimming pool with a canopy will protect children from the sun.

If an inflatable pool is not enough, pay attention to inflatable game centers and trampolines. The assortment includes bouncy houses, castles, cars and pools with slides.

A baby who has not yet learned to swim will need insurance on the water: armbands and an inflatable vest, a swimming suit and circles with special “panties”.

Intex Rainbow Cloud (57141)

Inflatable pool • dimensions: 142x119x16 / 84 cm • recommended age: from 1 year

Classic laps without insurance are suitable for children aged 3 and over who know how to swim at least a little.

Near the shore, children will enjoy swimming on an inflatable boat or mattress, but only accompanied by adults.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #4 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

Children’s inflatable pool Intex Veselka-Khmara with a volume of 82 l will help you have fun on hot summer days in the country


Playgrounds are a universal location for active games, which consists of several components: a game complex, a table, a sandbox, various modules, etc.

The game complex consists of several elements: slides, swings, stairs. When choosing a model, be sure to take into account the recommended age and the load that the structure can withstand.

Before buying a playset, make sure that the components are made of strong materials, smoothly polished and cleaned, no sharp corners.

The knots must be strong, and the supporting structures must withstand children’s toys and changes in weather.

Sometimes a slide, stairs, Swedish wall, swing are installed separately on the site.

These are all separate modules for playgrounds that are purchased in addition to the play complex.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #5 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

The Adventure Car game complex is similar to a real car, where two children can sit at the wheel. It is convenient to go down the 1.50 m long slide, and climb the stairs with non-slip steps. There is a removable sandbox under the hood


Games with loose materials calm the nervous system and develop imagination, so children enjoy playing in the sandbox.

They are mostly plastic, light and comfortable models, they are easily washed from dirt, and the set includes a cover, an umbrella from the sun, benches or chairs.

Little Tikes Sandbox Table Safe Haven (401L)

A useful addition to the sandbox is a set of toys for sand: a tserbeko, a sandbox, a scoop and a rake.

An alternative to a sandbox will be a dry pool.

Its shape is similar to a sandbox, but inside instead of sand there are small plastic balls.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #6 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

Little Tikes Sandbox Quiet Harbor consists of two play areas: for water and sand, and a large removable umbrella will reliably protect the baby from the scorching sun on hot summer days. The set includes two lids, a water mill, two boats, a bridge, a scoop and a strainer


Swings train the vestibular apparatus, strengthen the muscles of the legs, back and abdomen.

There are frame and suspended swings, balancers and swings.

Most often, swings are installed on the street, but home models are sold. When choosing a swing, consider what weight and age they are designed for.

Frame swings are heavy and stable. Models for children from 6 months to 1 year – small in size, with fixing straps and firm handles. Such a swing is suitable for an apartment.

TechnoK Swing 1 (0045)

Hanging swing • age: from 1 year • dimensions of the swing: 31x31x115 cm

For older children, swings on ropes or chains without protective sides are suitable.

Hanging swings are simpler and cheaper than other types. At home, they are attached to the ceiling or a crossbar in the door, and on the street – to any thick branch.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #7 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

Swing 1 (0045) of the “TechnoK” company is a popular version of a hanging swing, bright and light, suitable for children from 1 year old

Children’s slide

There are slides for children of different ages, the models differ in size and height of the structure. It is also important to take into account the space around the house, so that it is easy for the child to go around the slide, climb up and go down.

Bambi HF-H008

Children’s slide • child’s age: from 2 years old • dimensions, cm: 161x80x78

On some models of slides, the manufacturer attaches a basketball hoop, to others it adds the ability to connect water.

Slides are made of different materials. Plastic models are cheaper and more colorful, and metal slides are more durable.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #7 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

The children’s slide Bambi HF-H008 has a length of 145 cm, a width of 80 cm, a height of 78 cm, a basketball hoop is included

Children’s playhouse

The playhouse is a great place for story role-playing games and a home of your own, where children feel like full-fledged owners.

Choose the model and dimensions of the house depending on the budget and the area of ​​the free lot. Involve the child in the choice, he will tell you where he likes to live: in a medieval castle or a house on stilts.

Smoby Nature Playhouse with Kitchen (810713)

Play house • material: plastic • size: 145x110x127 cm • child’s age: … unfold

Plastic houses are light and retain their bright appearance if they are not left in the sun for a long time.

Wooden ones are environmentally safe, have a natural and neat appearance.

Houses made of textiles are easy to move from place to place, it is difficult to get injured in them.

Cardboard houses are light and intended only for indoor use, because they are afraid of moisture and wind.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #8 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

The Smoby Nature Playhouse with Kitchen is easy to assemble and maintain. In the play kitchen, there is a sink with a faucet, a stove, food, dishes and a stand for it

Children’s tent

The children’s tent is suitable for outdoor and indoor games. It’s smaller and lighter than a playhouse, so it’s easy to move and take with you wherever you go.

Five Stars Sweet Home (460-12)

Play tent • material: plastic, nylon • size: 95x72x102 cm • child’s age: … unfold

Let the child choose the appearance of the tent, and you yourself look at the characteristics, material and price.

Most tents are made of textiles, so it is better not to leave them outside for a long time.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #9 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

Play tent Five Stars Cute house – a cozy corner for hearty children’s conversations. The model has a painted roof, doors and windows, on which beautiful vases with flowers are painted


Jumping on a trampoline develops coordination of movements, the cardiovascular system, improves physical fitness, relieves tension and energizes with positivity.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the weight restrictions and the area occupied by the trampoline. Small models that can withstand up to 100 kg of weight are suitable for children.

FitToSky Trampoline 140 cm blue with mesh

Trampoline • round • diameter (length x width): 140 cm • maximum weight … unfold

If adults will be jumping with children, then choose models with a limit of up to 150 kg.

Models that can withstand more than 160 kg of weight are suitable for a large group of friends.

On some models, a protective net is installed for greater safety. The larger the diameter of the canvas, the smaller the risk of falling off the trampoline, and the more people will fit there.

10 ways to keep your child busy in summer #10 - blog photo (buyer's guide) hotline.ua

The FitToSky trampoline has a diameter of 140 cm, is surrounded by a protective net and is designed for a weight of up to 50 kg.

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