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10 best showers - Rating 20210

Introducing the top 10 ranking of the best shower enclosures in 2022. The rating of the best shower cabins is based on the opinion of experts and user reviews. This rating will help you choose the best shower cabin for your home.

Theories that showers are less durable than baths are a thing of the past. Today, a huge number of good products from different manufacturers are presented, which differ in the number of options, sizes, shapes, materials and quality of components, up to fittings and watering cans. Therefore, when buying such products, many more questions arise. In our list of the best showers of 2022, we’ll look at both economy models and high-bay flagship solutions. Including with interesting options, including a hot tub.

We note right away that when choosing such equipment, it is necessary to proceed not only from the budget, but also from the size of the room. At the same time, don’t go for premium options if you can’t afford an expensive product. The more additional features there are in an inexpensive shower cabin from a little-known brand, the more likely it is that one of the structural elements will wear out prematurely.

If you are buying a shower cabin for your home or summer cottage, it is also very important to pay attention to the water pressure and the quality of the coolant, as this parameter regulates the functionality of various components: from building materials to a watering can.

Best cheap showers

Allow me, friends, to share your subjective opinion. If your budget for the purchase of such plumbing is less than 20,000 rubles, it is better to immediately pay attention to the rating of the best bathtubs, since the probability of buying a product that does not meet expectations is extremely high. We present to your attention in the segment of models of inexpensive shower cabins up to 30 thousand, among which there are really many high-quality and durable solutions. They tried to explain why.

Niagara NG-5301-14

10 best showers - Rating 20211

The entry-level model, measuring 90 x 90 cm, opens the Top 10 shower enclosures. The design features a small tray and high-quality frosted glass, which ensures a long service life. At the same time, the budget cost is due to the use of the simplest configuration, which includes a rain shower and an inexpensive watering can. Based on the parameters and customer reviews, we can conclude that most often this equipment is used in open spaces of cottages and other non-residential premises, where the invention will be periodically applied. For everyday use, it is more expedient, in our opinion, to pay attention to a more expensive and high-quality product. The pallet consists of three layers of acrylic, and the inner depth of the bowl is 5 centimeters. At the same time, the walls of the salon are made of tempered glass and have high-quality painting.


  • glass quality;
  • two positions of the mixer;
  • good rollers;
  • central panel;
  • optimal dimensions;
  • low price.


  • pallet quality;
  • simple watering can.

Parly ET123L

10 best showers - Rating 20212

If you do not know how to choose a good economy class shower enclosure, we recommend that you pay attention to Parly ET123L with a low plinth. It should be noted right away that this series has a wide base, so it is most often used in the open spaces of large rooms – 120 by 80 by 210 centimeters. The durability of the invention can be attributed to the use of tempered glass 4 mm thick. The profile is made of aluminum, so you should not allow serious mechanical damage. The low and asymmetrical 10 cm tray, in turn, provides easy access to the interior space for the elderly and children. Package equipment, as you know, is simple in terms of price. The room has a rain shower and a siphon. There are magnetic seals and a quality snap-on connection that have a long service life. There are also silicone seals on the back walls.


  • famous brand;
  • good construction;
  • the price of money;
  • stretched glass.


  • aluminum base.


10 best showers - Rating 20213

If you are interested in an inexpensive but good shower cabin 90 x 90 cm, we suggest you pay attention to the ERLIT ER 3509TP model with a high base and high-quality fittings. Several criteria justify this series’ appearance in our shower enclosure evaluation, including build quality and value for money. Of the shortcomings, I immediately want to note thin glasses and a far from ideal attachment of the base to the pallet. A quality box has a good rain shower and comfortable and durable sliding doors. Despite the affordable cost, the manufacturer pleased the buyers with the presence of a mirror and a durable seat with small shelves.


  • good equipment;
  • fair price;
  • high pallet;
  • good watering can.


  • thin glass.

Parly ECM92

10 best showers - Rating 20214

Another good budget shower cabin measuring 90 x 90 cm. The design of a well-known developer of the corresponding technology has received high-quality and really comfortable sliding doors. The main reason for the presence of this series in our rating is a combination of really positive customer reviews, which objectively assessed the build quality against the backdrop of the price of the invention. It’s fair to say that the tray is made of ABS plastic, which is typical for entry-level models. Sufficiently beautiful high-quality glass walls, as well as an optimal set of elements. There is no control panel in this cab. The truly striking design of this product deserves special attention.


  • optimal size;
  • good brand;
  • the price of money;
  • elegant design;
  • glass walls.


  • not at this price.

River Nara 80/43

10 best showers - Rating 20215

The best inexpensive shower enclosure of 2021 is the compact model of the River Nara series measuring 80 by 80 centimeters. The box features a sturdy construction with fairly thick 5mm thick glass. The product with a high pallet has a lot of positive user reviews, which is confirmed, first of all, by the high level of reliability of the invention. The set includes a shower head, effective ventilation is provided, so you can not worry about the appearance and development of bacteria. The pallet is made of acrylic, which is not surprising for such a price, but there is no reason to doubt the reliability of the coating either. In particular, because a well-known brand is engaged in production.


  • good build quality;
  • durable materials;
  • high pallet;
  • the price of money.


The best high tray showers

As practice shows, shower cabins with pallets are more popular, which is due to one reason – ease of installation. In addition, we note another advantage of this technique: it is ease of maintenance. At the same time, huge boxes with a high pallet do not look so stylish and elegant, so you often have to sacrifice appearance or comfort if you want to install a box in the style of the interior, it should also be noted that such solutions are a little more expensive.

Timo Standart T-1100 P

10 best showers - Rating 20216

The model Timo Standart T-1100 P closes the rating of shower enclosures, which has an excellent package and a good acrylic tray 48 centimeters high. The set includes a high-quality faucet and an expensive clik-clak drain system with a siphon. There are no complaints about the quality of tempered glass, the thickness of which is 5 millimeters. This glass is not afraid of impacts (within reason). It is worth noting the presence of touch controls for the remote control, as well as elegant lighting (top and side). Many users will appreciate the FM radio as well as ventilation. Features also include a hot tub and foot massager. There is a small glass shelf and a dispenser. Confuses only the default mixer. If you’re using tap water of questionable quality, you’ll likely need to change it soon.


  • good lighting;
  • high pallet;
  • exhaust system;
  • many options.


  • standard mixer.

RLIT Eclipse ER 5710TP

10 best showers - Rating 20217

Another high quality shower enclosure supported by a tall acrylic base. The size of the cabin is 100 by 100 centimeters. The model looks elegant, much brighter than in the picture. In particular, this is justified by the use of tinted glass, which blends perfectly with the style of a dark interior. For a summer residence or cottage, this can be an excellent choice. The package bundle is inferior to the previous version, but there are no complaints about the quality of the components. Users will definitely appreciate the roof with a quality shower and lighting. I am glad that the watering can in this shower can work in three modes, there are massage nozzles. The profile of this series is made of durable aluminium.


  • universal model;
  • there is a remote control;
  • dark tempered glass;
  • good shower;
  • elegant design.


  • modest set.

Deto 4511 L

10 best showers - Rating 20218

This model has added to our list of quality shower enclosures due to its reliability. The Finnish manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for the Deto 4511 L, which indicates the brand’s trust in its product. Note the presence of impact-resistant tempered glass, the thickness of which is 5 millimeters. The pallet of this series is based on a galvanized base and has a good acrylic coating. At the same time, the roof of the box received two ventilation holes at once, and the rear windows are not afraid of even serious mechanical damage. It attracts a good two-way switch and a durable faucet with adjustable water pressure. It has a durable ceramic cartridge. The packaging is simple, the main advantage of this box is reliability.


  • good drainage system;
  • durable parts;
  • mixer quality;
  • comfortable shelves;
  • solid foundation.


  • simple kit.

Niagara Luxe NG-7712R

10 best showers - Rating 20219

Among the variety of models presented in stores of different brands and stores, in our opinion, this is the most elegant shower cabin, which attracts with an adequate price. The box is also distinguished by its ease of assembly and the high strength of the components. In particular, this applies to glass walls with a thickness of 6 mm, which are not afraid of minor damage. The model is offered in different design options – different models and colors are available. At the same time, each door received 8 wheels, so you don’t have to worry about the operation of this mechanism. Another advantage is a durable pallet that works on the basis of a metal frame: no defects or unpleasant noises were found. In the cabin there was a good hot tub, including 3 jets.


  • good whirlpool;
  • electronic control panel;
  • rain shower with lighting;
  • elegant appearance;
  • good doors.


Orans SR-86155L

10 best showers - Rating 202110

The best shower cabin of 2021 in terms of price / quality ratio is a model from a well-known manufacturer of the Orans SR-86155 L series with durable structural elements and good equipment. In this series, the shower is located right on the roof of the box, there is an excellent hydromassage. Wear-resistant sliding doors are made of glass. At the same time, the width of the entrance is 47 centimeters, which saves space in small rooms. The design features a sleek, modern touchscreen. Inside you can find a built-in seat, a good shelf. The high level of safety is due to the presence of an anti-slip coating. Of course, for the quoted price, the buyer gets “full upholstery”, including ventilation, good exhaust, lighting and radio.


  • many functions;
  • non-slip coating;
  • shower from above;
  • good lighting;
  • there is a place to sit;
  • 2 year warranty.


How to choose a good shower box

We note right away that many users choose instead of closed cabins the possibility of installing a structure from components of different brands, but this topic requires certain skills and knowledge. If you do not know how to choose a finished shower cabin, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main criteria to consider:

  1. Shape and Size: Most boxes have a square base. There is a lot of space in such solutions, they are easy to mount along the wall. For compact spaces, you should pay attention to rectangular or round solutions for installation in the corner. They can have different dimensions and height of pallets;
  2. Depth: At the moment, the parts have several options, including the height of the sides up to 5, up to 25 and up to 40 centimeters. Older people need to focus on models with small pallets, because they are safer. It is easier to bathe the baby in a deep tray. Therefore, it is related to the convenience and safety of users;
  3. Base material: Steel and cast iron models are becoming less and less common, because even the enamel coating is no longer a problem in terms of durability. Acrylic mortars are also strong and durable, but it is important to pay due attention to the strength and rigidity of the substrate. It is quite simple to evaluate it, according to customer reviews, it is not the subject of squeaks and other nuances.

The choice of doors for boxing

Shower doors can be hinged or sliding. The latest solutions offer savings and are more popular. An alternative option is folding doors, which are less in demand, as they are not very reliable, as practice shows, but there are exceptions. According to the materials of the drawer door can be as follows:

  1. Glass is a classic option that attracts with style and reliability. It is important that the thickness of tempered glass varies within 4 millimeters or more;
  2. From polystyrene: plastic can be transparent or opaque, it is cheaper, but not hygienic, and there are no adequate reasons to choose such economical solutions;
  3. Plexiglas is a more expensive option, it is afraid of scratches and is clearly inferior to glass;
  4. From triplex – an expensive option with the highest level of security and durability. Such doors are not afraid of serious mechanical damage.

What to consider when choosing a hydrobox?

All hydromassage boxes are more expensive and can have the widest functionality. The more elements, the more attentive you are to the name and reproduction of the manufacturer. You definitely shouldn’t assume that many features can be obtained at a low price and that they will all be durable. Given the needs, it is easier to analyze the market:

  1. The therapy modules, including the ozonator and steam generator, as well as ultraviolet lamps, quickly become boring, but justify serious additional costs for recovery, although not always;
  2. A hot tub, as practice shows, is a weak link in the design, so it is necessary to pay due attention to the quantity and quality of nozzles;
  3. Multimedia content, including a player, speakerphone or radio, is rarely required, even if you have to pay for it.

Do not forget about the main purpose of such equipment and objectively assess your needs. Don’t forget about the price / quality ratio.

What is the best shower cabin to choose for your home in 2022?

Therefore, you need to rely on the budget and definitely do not focus on too cheap models, because there are many structural elements that can break. Especially in the operating conditions of a refrigerant of dubious quality. If you do not know which shower cabin to choose for your apartment or house, we recommend that you first take a look at the following product series:

  1. Nice but cheap shower
  2. Shower cabin economy class with a high tray –
  3. Good box for the price and quality – Orans SR-86155 L;
  4. The best shower cabin with hydromassage is Niagara Luxe NG-7712 R.

Friends, based on descriptions and pictures, will share their opinion about which box from this collection is the most worthy product.

Niagara NG-5301-14 27.27% Parly ET123L 0% ERLIT ER 3509TP 0% Parly ECM92 0% River Nara 80/43 0% Timo Standard T-1100 P 27.27% RLIT Eclipse ER 5710TP 0% Deto 4511 L 18 , 18% Niagara Luxe NG -7712 R 9.09% Orans SR-86155 L 18.18% eleven


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