10 Best Lawn Mowers – Lawn Mower Ranking 2022


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Learn how to choose a quality and reliable lawn mower. The top 10 ranking of the best lawn mowers is based on user reviews and expert ratings. We hope that this rating will help you choose and buy a good quality lawn mower.

10 best lawn mowers - Rating 20210

Before we take a look at our ranking of the best lawn mowers of 2022, I would like to close the question on the varieties of this technology. Today, marketers and stores use this query to refer to different classes of devices:

  1. Edge trimmers are transportable, have a reduced radius of action;
  2. Riders are large, self-propelled garden equipment that the user can “move around;
  3. Wheeled mowers are the most convenient and efficient option in terms of value for money, suitable for the care of large lawns in residential and non-residential areas.

In our top, as many have already guessed, we will talk about the last type of technology.

The best electric lawn mowers

The main advantage of an electric lawn mower is respect for the environment. In addition, this technique is distinguished by a silent power plant and ease of maintenance. The downside is that you constantly have to tangle in wires, looking for access to a powerful network. Often the cable gets not only under the feet, but also behind the wheels and sharp objects. Therefore, you need to be more careful. Battery lawn mowers are an alternative, but they cost more, other things being equal.

GARDENA PowerMax 1100/32

10 best lawn mowers - Ranking 20211

The GARDENA PowerMax 1100/32 is one of the top ten lawnmowers with an affordable price and a good 1100W of power. The long period of use is explained by a knife with a steel blade, which perfectly solves the tasks set in both small and medium-sized rooms. Efficiency is on average sufficient to maintain land up to 300 m². The cutting height can be changed from 20 mm to 60 mm with a convenient switch. 3 adjustment options are available. The grass catcher made of hard plastic attracts with a long service life, but, judging by customer reviews, the grass wraps around the cutting elements very quickly, creating discomfort during operation.


  • durable plastic container;
  • affordable cost;
  • good knife blade
  • cutting height adjustment.


  • grass quickly wraps itself around the knife.

Makita ELM3320

10 best lawn mowers - ranking 20212

Considering cheap but good electric lawn mowers, I would like to pay attention to the Makita ELM3320 model with a cutting width of 37 centimeters. The claimed strip provides for fast and efficient processing of sufficiently large plots of land, up to 400 square meters. It will not be superfluous to note the presence of a durable plastic deck made of ABS plastic. For obvious reasons, the technique is easy when using a fairly powerful 1200 W installation. The cutting height is adjustable in three levels from 20 to 55 millimeters. The cut grass is collected in a collection box with a capacity of 30 liters.


  • lightweight model;
  • good maneuverability;
  • cut off the strip
  • build quality.


  • the bag fills up quickly.

AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

10 best lawn mowers - Ranking 20213

Another good electric lawn mower that has a lot of power compared to competitors is 1400 watts. AL-KO 112856 Classic is driven by a rotary system. The cutting height is adjustable from 20 to 60 millimeters. This mower is designed to service areas up to 500 square meters. This series uses the classic tiller discharge system: the grass falls into a robust bag. Implemented an excellent system from overheating. I am glad that the wheels do not protrude beyond the line of the body. Users speak positively about the ease of use and maneuverability of the equipment.


  • service zone;
  • powerful engine;
  • build quality;
  • lightweight and flexible design.


  • The bag fills up quickly.

Makita DLM432CT2

10 best lawn mowers - ranking 20214

In our subjective opinion, the Makita DLM432CT2 model is the undisputed leader among battery lawnmowers, which attracts not only with good technical characteristics, but also with an objective cost. The capacity of the grass catcher is 50 liters, which is enough to serve a large area. Of the advantages of this technique, it is worth noting the simple height adjustment of the center and the double loader. The self-propelled model of the middle class is distinguished by high-quality and reliable materials, a long service life, and ease of maintenance.


  • suitable for large areas;
  • build quality;
  • grass collection container;
  • good maneuverability.



10 best lawn mowers - 20215 ranking

The best electric lawn mower of 2021, in our opinion, is the BOSCH ARM 37 model, great for mowing large lawns on the ground. The composition includes a high-quality engine, with which it is easy to solve the tasks. At the same time, an important advantage is the compactness of the equipment, as well as its weight. As a result, engineers have been able to significantly reduce the weight on the back of the operator. The advantages include height adjustment and a large collection box with a capacity of 40 liters. Users appreciated the folding handle for convenient storage of the invention.


  • height adjustment;
  • collection box volume;
  • powerful engine;
  • folding handle;
  • reliable manufacturer.


The best petrol lawn mowers

Such solutions are much more powerful than electric and battery models. In addition, petrol lawn mowers are more mobile because there is no need to pull the rope. It is important to understand that these products are more powerful and you do not need to overpay for performance if you are working with a plot of less than 5 acres. Of the minuses, noise, smoke emission and regular maintenance can be noted – it is necessary to refuel, carry out a technical inspection.

Denzel 58803 GLD-460SP

10 best lawn mowers - Rating 20216

Model Denzel 58803 GLD-460SP with a powerful gasoline engine and a well-thought-out rotary cutting system adds to the rating of lawn mowers. The self-propelled model supports handle adjustment, recess, reverse. This set of functions is enough for comfortable work in the countryside or in the garden. The power of the power plant is 3300 W (4.5 horsepower), which is enough for large areas. The bridge of this model is made of steel. It is worth noting the support for the mulch and the side discharge of the grass.


  • many functions;
  • good power;
  • steel bridge;
  • reliable engine.


  • synchronous cutting height adjustment.


10 best lawn mowers - Rating 20217

The PATRIOT PT 42 LS model completes the list of good petrol lawn mowers, excellent not only for mowing lawns, but also for large jobs due to good technical characteristics and low price. The collection basket of this machine can hold up to 40 liters of various waste, and it does not need to be constantly emptied. The design includes excellent wheels and a foldable handle for easy carrying. The design weighs about 27 kilograms. The self-propelled lawn mower is mulching and has a cutting width of 42 cm. This model does not have an automatic start, which is quite reasonable considering the cost of the product. The manufacturer decided to limit himself to the most necessary options in order to offer an excellent product in terms of price / quality ratio.


  • balanced model;
  • good body and engine;
  • engine quality;
  • optimal power;
  • there is mulch.


  • Several variants.

AL-KO 113794 Easy 4.2 PS

10 best lawn mowers - ranking 20218

For those buyers who have not yet decided which gasoline lawn mower to choose for a home with a reasonable price and simple controls, our rating is replenished with the AL-KO 113794 Easy 4.2 PS model. The modern device pleases with its optimal weight, large rear wheels and a capacious basket-collector with a volume of 55 liters. Engineers used an ergonomic handle and 7-step height adjustment. The cutting width in this invention is 42 centimeters. According to the manufacturer, this mid-range product is designed for lawn care up to 800 square meters. The main body parts are made of cast steel, which indicates a long service life.


  • 55 liter grass collector;
  • cutting width;
  • resistant body;
  • reliable wheels;
  • simple control.


  • not peak power.

STIGA Combi 53 SQ

10 best lawn mowers - Rating 20219

Another good self-propelled lawn mower with a gasoline engine, which has solid technical characteristics – cutting width, power, reliability. The installation volume is 166 cubic centimeters, the power is 2.6 kW. Engine performance 2900 rpm. It is important to note the presence of 4 modes of operation, including rear discharge and mulching of mowed grass (for fertilizing). Judging by the comments of customers, the removal of chopped grass occurs evenly, which is a significant advantage of the device. The height can be adjusted in five positions: from 2.7 cm to 9 cm. The wheels have a large diameter, thanks to which it was possible to achieve easy maneuverability even in difficult terrain.


  • there is mulch;
  • reliable engine;
  • high performance;
  • height adjustment;
  • operating modes.


Makita PLM4628N

10 best lawn mowers - 202110 ranking

The best mulching mower of 2021 is Makita PLM4628N with side discharge support and seven-level tilt adjustment. Among other things, the manufacturer took care of the availability of a combined 60-liter bag. The power of a four-stroke engine is enough to serve a suburban area of ​​​​up to 1400 square meters. The new generation engine reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases. In this case, the width of the strip can be 46 centimeters. The height is adjustable from 25 to 75 millimeters. The structure weighs about 30 kilograms. Users respond positively to relatively small cuts and the return of grass as fertilizer to the soil – the technology works great.


  • mulching function;
  • powerful 4-stroke engine;
  • height adjustment;
  • cutting width;
  • reliable manufacturer.


How to choose the right lawn mower for grass?

Do not take into account a large number of innovative technologies and so-called advanced features. If you do not know how to choose a lawn mower for your home, pay attention to the issue of value for money, as well as the following parameters:

  1. Power – the higher this indicator, the wider the passage can be and the more efficient the work. This indicator supports the scope of the invention;
  2. Self-propelled is an important option that provides comfort in use;
  3. Modes of Operation – Parameters such as grass ejection are important, as well as mulching (which includes cutting the grass) and spraying as an endorsement. Economy models do not have an ejection, but the debris is dumped into the grass catcher. If you are interested in an inexpensive option, pay attention to the power of this component. For a house, it is optimal in the region of 30-60 liters, depending on the size of the territory;
  4. Height adjustment is optimal in the region of 3-4 intervals and it is important to be able to change the parameters by movement (on the lever);
  5. The handle is an important element if you have to use a lot of equipment. More comfortable models have rubberized handles, which also justifies an additional level of safety.

Tips for choosing a lawn mower for your home

We’ve also selected some of the best lawn mower expert tips we’ve found helpful:

  1. Don’t chase power. If you have 4-5 acres, an electric lawn mower is enough for you. For large gardens, of course, a better option is a gasoline model with a capacity of up to 7 horsepower.
  2. Consider the area. If there are a lot of holes and other reliefs, then you need a model with a narrow front. Self-propelled models accelerate faster and are much more comfortable.
  3. Do not forget about the operating conditions. When buying an electric lawn mower, you need an uninterrupted network. If this is not possible, you can look into a cordless lawn mower.

What is the best home lawn mower to buy in 2022?

We hope that the tips presented and our assessment will help you understand which lawn mower is best to buy for your particular application. We tried to understand several categories of this garden equipment and came to the appropriate conclusion:

  1. Best cordless lawn mower – Makita DLM432CT2
  2. Economical electric lawnmower – AL-KO 112856 Classic;
  3. Electric model in the price / quality ratio – BOSCH ARM 37;
  4. Best Budget Gasoline Lawn Mower – Denzel 58803 GLD-460SP
  5. The most economical gasoline model for the home is the Makita PLM4628N.


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