Top 10 Good Wireless Headphones – Headphone Rankings 2022


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Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 2021 ranking

Introducing the top 10 rating of good wireless headphones. From the article you will find out which wireless headphones are better to buy for your phone. The rating of the best wireless headphones for a smartphone is based on user reviews and expert opinion.

Surely, many users, given the ratings of the best wireless headphones in 2022, are faced with the fact that they do not find what they were looking for. The fact is that such a headset is conditionally divided into two classes: high-quality TWS headphones and popular headsets with a cable between them (that is, the models are devoid of wires, but not completely). The latest devices are designed for athletes. They often come with a cable between the earcups that contains switches and a microphone with or without noise cancellation. Our list includes models such as True Wireless Stereo (fully wireless). At the same time, we tried to distinguish between the entire range of gadgets offered for budget and premium.

Best Inexpensive Earbuds

Understanding the interests of different users, we could not limit ourselves to a brief description of an exceptionally high-quality headset. Of course, we wanted to cover all segments: from the lowest to the highest. For this reason, in this top you can find five inexpensive wireless headphones, which are quite optimal in price and quality, and flagship ones that are completely devoid of wires.

Xiaomi QCY T1C

Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20211 ranking

The Xiaomi QCY T1C entry-level model with IPX4 waterproof housing opens the top 10 earplugs. This headset does not have advanced drivers, but the sound is good. Especially the lower classes. The complete absence of cables provides freedom of movement, and the ear cushions fit well in the ears. Provides quick pairing with smartphones based on Android and iOS operating systems. High signal quality within 10 meters is guaranteed by the Bluetooth 5.0 connection type. If you believe the reviews, then in hands-free mode you get high-quality voice transmission between mobile subscribers. Li-Pol battery capacity is enough for 4 hours of listening to music offline.


  • 16 hours from the case;
  • 4 hours with headphones;
  • flexible setting;
  • moisture protection.


  • small columns.

BASEUS W01 Encok

Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20212 ranking

A new model from a relatively unknown brand in the CIS. However, the Encok BASEUS W01 headset has already established itself as a good wireless headset for smartphones, providing high quality sound and stable signal through the Bluetooth 5.0 module. The advantages of these sockets include the presence of an energy-efficient processor, as well as an advanced charging case, equipped not only with a capacious 2000 mAh battery, but also with a stylish design. In terms of autonomy, this device surpasses the vast majority of its budget competitors. At the same time, expensive drivers provide crystal-clear Hi-Fi sound with rich bass. However, silicone ear pads are not suitable for all users.


  • large battery;
  • good sound;
  • elegant design;
  • battery life.


  • not for big ears.


Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20213 ranking

There are some good headphones in the budget earplug category this year. Moreover, this rule applies not only to “experienced” manufacturers, but also to new brands. In particular, this year HARPER has released some good and cheap wireless headphones. The HB-517 model transmits a signal via Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, features touch controls and automatically turns on when you sync with your smartphone as soon as you take the device out of the box. The same cannot be said about stereo sound quality. Ease of operation is also due to the presence of a voice assistant, with which you can adjust the volume, stop or start playback, reject and receive incoming calls. The HARPER earphone is not afraid of humidity, it works without recharging for 3 hours.


  • 600 mAh case;
  • protection class IPX6;
  • light;
  • charge indicators.


  • case charging in 4.5 hours.

Meizu POP 2

Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20214 ranking

This model differs from its predecessor in a more modern protocol (now Bluetooth 5.0 LE), thanks to which the connection speed is doubled. At the same time, the manufacturer equipped inexpensive wireless headphones with high-quality battery connectors with extended battery life (24 hours) and a waterproof case. The rest of the parameters remain the same. The headset still has a well-thought-out design with high-quality interchangeable ear pads that do not fall out even when you turn your head sharply. Inside is a fairly fast chip with a good energy efficiency rating. At the same time, the Meizu POP 2 model attracts with good build quality, noise reduction system and stylish design.


  • build quality;
  • digital noise reduction;
  • battery life;
  • large case;
  • comfortable headphones.


  • stranger.

Xiaomi QCY T3

Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20215 ranking

The best budget headphones of 2021 are the Xiaomi QCY T3 as True Wireless. Outwardly, they are similar to Mi AirDots Pro or AirPods. Complies with IPX5 protection class. Each earphone weighs less than 5 grams and has an elegant appearance. This provides good sound at an affordable price. Agree, a good alternative to flagship solutions, the cost of which is often formed only on the basis of the name of the manufacturer. As for the sound, the bass is in order, the mids also sound at the same level – the voices are heard clearly. The upper range is more difficult, but this is typical of any TWS headset with dynamic drivers, and it cannot be otherwise.


  • voice quality;
  • surround bass;
  • elegant design;
  • moisture protection;
  • good design.


The best earplugs for music

This category contains the best forks in terms of frequency response, which not only have a high price, but also provide excellent sound. At the same time, we took into account that they will be used by different smartphone users. Therefore, in the selection you can find the best solutions for Android and Apple technologies in their operating systems.


Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20216 ranking

This year, the TFZ X1 model, which works with the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, falls into the rating of this year’s wireless connectors. Differs in cheaper power consumption and a low protection class according to the IPX7 standard. That is, the body is protected from below, but jumping into the pool with them is clearly not recommended. Satisfied with simple controls and fairly high-quality sound, like a little-known manufacturer. But this has a positive effect on the price. The manufacturer managed to “squeeze the maximum” volume and detail from each armor. This rule applies to low, high and mid frequencies (vocals). The sound delivery is versatile, so you can enjoy playback quality of any genre.


  • good structure;
  • fair price;
  • sweat is not terrible;
  • fast connection;
  • universal power supply.


  • not the best known manufacturer.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro Black

Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20217 ranking

Definitely good premium wireless earplugs with a high level of practicality, which means comfort even during sports. High-quality sound for listening to your favorite music is provided by 11 mm drivers that provide excellent stereo when connecting smartphones on different operating systems. Good detail is confirmed by the frequency response, which can be verified in the tests of various bloggers. The declared frequency range in this case is from 20 to 20 thousand hertz. An effective noise reduction system with passive isolation has been implemented. The ear pads have a patented design, they fit very comfortably in the ears and are stable in the auricles. Connection is via standard Bluetooth 5.2. Autonomy is enough for 3.5 hours.


  • good autonomy;
  • excellent design;
  • excellent noise reduction;
  • elegant design;
  • they fit perfectly in the ears.


Pioneer SE-E8TW

Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20218 ranking

Pioneer has made great strides in the field of speakers and gadgets. A vivid confirmation of this is good premium wireless sockets – SE-E8TW TWS type. The device has a truly thoughtful design that contributes to the achievement of the highest level of comfort in sports. Excellent sound is achieved through the use of rare earth magnets. The model is IPX5 rated, which means users won’t have to worry about moisture getting into the connectors. Simple operation is carried out using the proprietary Pioneer Notification application for Android and the hands-free button implemented in the design.


  • moisture protection;
  • corporate application;
  • build quality;
  • good low;
  • acceptable price.


  • it’s not the best option for IOS.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Top 10 best in-ear headphones - 20219 ranking

If you’re looking for good TWS earplugs for sports, the premium Galaxy Buds+ headphones come with premium earplugs. Top notes are perfectly reproduced by the two-way AKG technology speakers. Maximum comfort during a call is achieved thanks to the presence of three microphones. No more raising your voice in noisy places. At the same time, the engineers of the South Korean company took care of the coordinated work of two external and one internal microphone. You can use the headset offline for 11 hours. With the case, this figure can be increased to 22 hours.


  • earplugs do not fall out of the ears;
  • battery life;
  • protection class;
  • elegant design;
  • quality mark.


Apple AirPods Pro

Top 10 best headphones with earplugs - ranking 202110

The best earplugs of 2021 are still the Apple AirPods Pro in terms of value for money. The main feature of the headphones is an excellent advanced noise reduction system. There is an adaptive equalizer that provides high comfort when working. With this mode, you can literally hear everything that happens around. Management will please even the most demanding user thanks to the support of the responsive Apple Siri assistant. Charging the earbuds for 5 minutes can extend battery life by 1 hour. The powerful H1 processor provides the minimum delay:


  • active noise cancellation;
  • good processor;
  • minimal delays;
  • build quality;
  • elegant design.


How to choose earplugs for music

It must be said right away that the quality of sound reproduction is largely justified by the size and type of emitters. Due to their compact size and design features, TWS music plugs are extremely difficult to manufacture at the same level as their full-size counterparts. If you have an expensive and powerful driver installed, you will have to seriously overpay. This is confirmed by the premium devices presented in our top. However, if you don’t know how to choose good wireless earplugs, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to a number of important components of this problem:

  1. Battery Life: Most TWS earbuds have a battery life of 2-4 hours. This is considered a normal indicator, because the main emphasis is always on the charging base.
  2. Battery life from the case – in this case, the battery capacity is no less important, because every music lover wants to enjoy the sound without using the outlet for at least 6-8 hours. The optimal indicator for this can be called 16-24 hours.
  3. Signal transmission: modern models are connected via bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0. The latest version guarantees higher speeds up to 10 meters.
  4. Speakers: The bigger the drivers, the better. However, it should be understood that dynamic drivers are inferior to armature speakers. The top link is considered to be beryllium drivers, which are extremely rare due to their high cost.
  5. Moisture protection: for sports headphones, this is more of a necessity than a useful option. However, many premium solutions are also dust resistant and can withstand high pressure at depth. The protection class is determined by the numbers next to the “IP” designation. The higher each number, the better.

Which earplugs are better to choose in 2022?

Of course, we haven’t covered all the issues, but we don’t want to be “deceived” by describing the contents of parameters such as impedance, frequency range, impedance, and so on. For one simple reason: these parameters rarely directly indicate sound quality. Firstly, even the cheapest headset supports the entire frequency range that the concern of mankind can feel. Secondly, most of the technical components do not correspond to the real sound quality, although you can see “sky-high numbers” in the description. If you don’t know what to buy wireless earplugs, the conclusion is simple: you need to focus on products with good ratings and many positive reviews. Of course, marketers try to have a lot of them, but this is extremely difficult. Finally, we propose to summarize the garments in different segments, according to our editors:

  1. Best Cheap TWS Sockets – Xiaomi QCY T3
  2. In terms of price and quality – Meizu POP 2;
  3. Protected earplugs for sports – Samsung Galaxy Buds +;
  4. The most popular premium earplugs are the Apple AirPods Pro.


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