Top 10 Best Gaming Headphones – Headphone Rankings 2022


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10 best gaming headsets - Ranked 20210

Top 10 ranking of the best gaming headphones with a microphone. The selection includes reliable gaming headphones in terms of price / quality. The rating is based on user reviews and expert assessments. This rating should help you choose comfortable and reliable gaming headphones.

Every year, headset manufacturers offer more and more worthy models designed for use in games. Due to the wide range of products, models for specific consoles can already be found today. At the same time, there are both wired and Bluetooth models that differ in design, microphone quality, noise reduction system and other important parameters. Given the particularly important nuances, the editors have prepared for your attention a rating of the best gaming headsets in 2021 for computers and laptops. Our list includes budget and premium models with wireless and wired connectivity. At the same time, we focused on full-size solutions, since this design option is currently the most effective against the background of in-channel and other analogues.

The best wireless gaming headphones

This segment includes headphones that connect to PCs and laptops wirelessly. Customers can choose from several headset options with infrared, radio, or Bluetooth connectivity. The latter, as practice shows, are in the greatest demand, and we decided to assemble these gadgets in the starting, medium and high price categories. The range of such gaming headsets, as a rule, is about 10 meters. It is important to understand that it is more difficult to use advanced technologies such as aptX (to improve sound) in such gadgets. For about the same price, classic full-size models are usually better than their wireless counterparts.

Redragon Sky

10 best gaming headsets - Ranked 20211
The top 10 computer gaming headsets are opened by the wireless model Redragon Sky with a loyal price and a good microphone. Note that the headset provides a connection to a personal computer via Bluetooth and the supplied cable. The advantages of the model include an adjustable headband, which literally adapts to the geometry and anatomical features of the user’s skull.
Judging by customer reviews, the headphones are very safe on the head and do not fall out even with sudden movements. The Bluetooth version used (4.2) guarantees a stable connection up to 10 meters. On the right are convenient mechanical controls. The capacity of the built-in battery is enough for 10 hours of battery life.

  • stable connection;
  • low price;
  • good print.


  • quality of funds.

Corsair Void RGB Elite

10 best gaming headsets - Ranked 20212
I must say right away to those who do not know that this is one of the leading manufacturers of components for PCs and headsets. A vivid confirmation of this is a model of a good 7.1 wireless gaming headset for PC, which has a wide range of applications, well-thought-out ear cushions and high-quality stereo sound.
In the center of the headset are neodymium speakers with a diameter of 50 mm. In addition, the gadget attracts with comfortable ear cushions, which include a microfiber mesh and foam rubber materials with the so-called memory effect. Wireless connection is available at 2.4 GHz.

  • frequency range;
  • sensitivity level;
  • expensive ear pads;
  • reliable manufacturer;
  • build quality.



10 best gaming headsets - Ranked 20213
It’s truly the flagship premium gaming headset for PCs, with wireless connectivity and nearly every known surround sound mode, including 5.1, 2.0 and 7.1. These headphones feature full 3D emulation with an emphasis on highs, lows and solos. The quality of project implementation deserves special attention. According to the manufacturer, the headset can respond to small head movements up to 1000 times in one second. This provides the most accurate sound localization in gameplay. The new headphones can be used with both Bluetooth and wired connections, including USB-C and USB-A. The headset weighs about 350 grams.

  • light;
  • innovative design;
  • support for all stereo modes;
  • lifespan.


  • in our opinion, it is too high.

Corsair Gaming HS70

10 best gaming headsets - Ranked 20214
This model is suitable for a variety of gaming systems, including consoles, PCs, all-in-ones and laptops. At the same time, a good gaming headset supports the highest quality of Virtual 7.1 Surround sound with operating frequencies from 20 to 20,000 kHz. Particularly noteworthy is the sensitivity level of 111 dB and the impedance of 32 ohms. The signal transmission range at a frequency of 2.4 GHz reaches 12 meters. Operating time without recharging – 16 hours.
50 mm drivers are responsible for reproducing strong and high-quality sound. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the presence of a high-quality microphone with noise reduction – from 100 to 10,000 Hz.

  • noise reduction level;
  • battery life;
  • sound quality;
  • good construction.


  • they break quickly.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

10 Best Gaming Headsets - Ranked 20215

Best wireless gaming headsets 2021: SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, designed for 2.4G connectivity via Bluetooth 4.1. According to customer reviews, the removable battery lasts for 10 hours without recharging. In this case, the kit includes two batteries: while one is working, the second can be charged. The headset features a high-quality, retractable, two-way microphone, complete with advanced noise cancellation and high-quality audio control.

  • battery life;
  • two batteries included;
  • fast connection;
  • uncompromising sound;
  • Toslink optical cable.


The best gaming headphones with a microphone

Of course, many online gamers will agree that the overall gaming experience often depends on the quality of the microphone in the headphones. Down to its location, convenience, quality, after all. There are devices with a microphone on the wire and built into the case. As for the choice, it already depends on the individual needs of the user. We will talk about the features and characteristics at the end of the article. It is important to note that we chose to match both budget and premium wired headphones with high-end full-size ear cushions.

A4 Tech Bloody G-500

10 best gaming headsets - Ranked 20216
The A4 Tech Bloody G-500 fills the list of gaming headsets with a microphone, bringing in a chic package for its price range: cable with remote, mouse pad, extension cord. Closed type stereo headset suitable for computers and laptops. The model attracts with an aggressive and purposeful design, which, in fact, is typical for many devices of this class, but many users have already appreciated the futuristic look of this particular gadget. The design is made with a metal rim and trimmed with soft vinyl leather. Ride height adjustable. The good news is that the headband provides users with strong cup pressure on the wearer’s head. The headphones are equipped with advanced 40mm neodymium drivers, which provide a very powerful sound with pronounced bass. The directional retractable microphone deserves special attention. There is a switch with two 3-pin mini-jack connectors at the same time.

  • large speakers;
  • good microphone;
  • elegant design;
  • excellent equipment.


  • simple assembly.

Redragon Aspis Pro

10 Best Gaming Headsets - Ranked 20217
If you’re looking for a good budget gaming headset with 7.1 vibration for gaming, the Redragon Aspis Pro is the USB-connected PC. Judging by customer reviews, the device attracts with excellent passive sound insulation. At the same time, employees of a well-known company took care of high-quality lighting, emphasizing the elegant brand logo. In addition to the spectacular design, the gadget attracts with elastic fillers that provide even distribution of pressure when pressed. Despite the affordable price, the headphones boast a pretty good microphone with high sensitivity. At the same time, dynamic radiators have a diameter of 50 millimeters, which indicates a powerful bass. To connect the headphones, a two-meter cable connected via USB Type-A is used.

  • good cable;
  • large speakers;
  • good microphone;
  • elegant design;
  • great backlight.


  • not the best item.

Razer Kraken X

10 best gaming headsets - 20218 ranking
Razer Kraken X with 7.1 virtual sound joins the list of gaming headsets with a good microphone. Cross-platform headset weighs only 250 grams. At the same time, the gadget has an excellent retractable cardioid microphone, which certainly justifies its cost. The model positions itself as a good gaming headset for various systems, including gaming laptops, personal computers, consoles. High quality sound is provided by advanced 40mm drivers. At the same time, customer reviews indicate high-quality sound with a pronounced lower accent. An excellent solution for games of different genres, including shooters. Wire length 1.3 meters.

  • mini-jack 3.5 mm 2×3 pins;
  • large speakers;
  • light;
  • good toppings;
  • smooth landing.


  • noise suppression.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

10 best gaming headsets - Ranked 20219
High build quality attracts gaming headsets called Kingston HyperX Cloud and others. The headset received large 53 mm Hi-Fi speakers covering the frequency range from 15 to 25 kHz. It is worth adding that the model received an iron frame covered with high-quality matte plastic. In fact, no one forgot to take care of the little things. Braided cord is a vivid confirmation of this. In this case, all control keys are displayed in a separate line, including the volume up / down button. According to the player’s reviews, the sound is clear, as is the tonality. At the same time, we could not find even information on the topic of the slightest distortion. On the contrary, many praise the quality of the stage details and ear pads.

  • the price of money;
  • excellent drivers;
  • elegant design;
  • braided rope.


Logitech G Pro X

10 best gaming headphones - 2021 ranking
The best gaming headset of 2021 is the wired Logitech G Pro X with advanced multi-channel audio virtualization. This is achieved by using a full-fledged DAC adapter. The headset supports Blue Voice technology, the essence of which is the use of digital voice processing. High sound quality is achieved through the use of large 50 mm neodymium dynamic drivers. Drivers provide not only powerful, but also high-quality sound. In addition to the stereo sound quality, the precise placement and build quality should be noted.

  • expensive spare parts;
  • large speakers;
  • accurate positioning;
  • Blue Voice technology.


How to choose the right gaming headphones?

Having decided on the type of technology, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of both wireless gaming headphones and better sound quality, but less comfortable, it is necessary to pay due attention to important points. If you have not decided for yourself how to choose good gaming headsets, you should at least understand what this or that parameter indicated by the developers in the description of their products means:

  1. Audio format. There are mono, stereo, and 5.1-channel models, but of course, single-channel models are no longer surprising today. The 5.1 standard was originally designed to create more surround sound and the idea is to use several drivers in one cup, but such models are rare. Optimal 7.1 stereo.
  2. Impedance. This characteristic is the nominal AC impedance of the headphones (audio signal). This parameter is important to consider if you managed to find two models with approximately the same characteristics and cost. In this case, the optimal indicator is from 16 to 32 ohms. Higher rates are typical for the use of powerful amplifiers.
  3. Frequency range. The norm is considered to be from 20 to 20,000 Hz, here it must be said that the human ear perceives from 16 Hz to 22 kHz. Therefore, it is not worth overpaying for “smart marketing”.
  4. Sensitivity. In theory, we are talking about the volume at which the headphones play. At the same time, the volume level also depends on the resistance indicator, which sellers in electronics stores often forget to mention. As for the “dry values”, it is optimal in the region of 90 dB. Higher values ​​are required if the headset is used outdoors where you are dealing with third party sounds.
  5. speaker diameter. One of the main parameters on which quality and efficiency depend. At the same time, dynamic emitters are used more often today than more modern analogues of fittings, more expensive (more often used in in-ear gadgets). A good indicator is the size from 40 to 50 millimeters.

What are the best gaming headphones to buy in 2022?

Of course, sophisticated buyers pay attention to harmonic distortion, noise reduction and a built-in amplifier. However, if you don’t know which gaming headphones to buy, these indicators are unlikely to help you figure it out. In this case, it is more rational to focus on time-tested brands. Please note that our evaluation includes devices from well-known manufacturers. As for our conclusions based on personal comments and opinions, the result is as follows:

  1. Good budget wireless headphones – Redragon Sky;
  2. Best Wireless Gaming Headset – SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless
  3. Best Corsair headphones: Void RGB Elite model;
  4. High-quality headphones with a good microphone – Logitech G Pro X.


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