Top 10 Best Car Child Seats – 2022 Ranking


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10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20210

We present the top 10 rating of the best car child seats. The ranking of the best car child seats includes comfortable and safe models. A selection of car child seats is compiled according to the opinions of experts and user reviews.

According to official WHO data, with the presence and proper use of a child seat in a car, mortality among young children (under 1 year old) is reduced by 70%. And among children under 4 years old – by 54%. These figures make parents think and once again reconsider their views on the issue of transporting small passengers. In addition, every driver of a vehicle is obliged to follow the rules of the road. In addition, not all of these products are of high quality. In our ranking of the best car seats of 2021, we have collected models that are traded in the open spaces of well-known catalogs that have many positive customer reviews.

The choice of a car seat for a child determines the degree of safety on the road. Such a product cannot be chosen at random or in a hurry. Fact: The wrong device installed in a car is no better than nothing.

How to choose a good child car seat?

Young parents who are faced with the need to choose a car seat for the first time often do not know what criteria to rely on when choosing a device. At best, they indicate the age of the child and give the consultant complete freedom of choice. In fact, this information is too little to buy a suitable chair. Parents need to know other nuances that affect the further comfort and safety of the child.

  1. Adaptation is indispensable. It is recommended to bring your child with you to find the perfect seat. First, you can visually assess the situation yourself. Secondly, the child himself can explain the reasons for his discomfort, if any. It’s great if your car is nearby. You and your baby like the chair – it’s time to find out how it will look in the cabin. If desired, you can change the color or order a model with other accessories.
  2. Let’s look at the belts. The car seat is equipped with various types of belts and restraint systems. It is important that the little passenger does not have the opportunity to unfasten the cabinet, and the material from which the seat belts are made is pleasant to the touch and does not rub. Broken or weak latches are not acceptable. Do not forget that the safety of your baby will depend on the strength of the product.
  3. Looking for an icon. High-quality models of child car seats are equipped with a special badge. Available in different versions (04 or ECE R44). The absence of this icon indicates that the device has not passed all the necessary checks according to European standards. Perhaps the manufacturer ignores the rules established during the manufacture of the product.
  4. Side protection check. When sitting in a chair, the child must be protected around the head, neck and shoulders. If the selected device model does not provide adequate protection, it is recommended to choose a more reliable option. This is necessary in the event of a side impact in the event of an accident.
  5. We buy only in a specialized store. In such places, a wide range of quality products is presented. Without a good choice, you may end up making a purchase that you will soon regret. An experienced sales consultant will help you choose the device based on the individual needs of the buyer. And on the demonstration stand, you can check whether the child is comfortable in this chair.
  6. Choose a chair with a solid construction. You should always remember that a car seat is not just a beautiful and stylish accessory for carrying a child. First of all, it is protection for the little passenger. An unreliable frame may not withstand a large load in the event of an accident. It is better to choose a device with a metal frame. Do not let his weight bother you, because the health and life of the baby is at stake. In extreme cases, you can choose a prime-time plastic model. Other types of frames are not suitable for use.

Good budget car seats

When looking for an inexpensive car seat, it is more difficult to make a choice, because budget boosters rarely participate in crash tests. Here you need to focus on customer reviews. You also need to look at the reviews of parents whose age of children matches your search. We tried to collect car seats for children from 0+ in this category, that is, for both babies and older children.

Happy Baby Booster Rider

10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20211

Our Top 10 Child Car Seats open with an inexpensive car-facing booster designed for children from 15kg to 36kg. Product weight – 1.1 kg, dimensions – 16 by 40 by 38 cm. The product is made of molded plastic and polyester, lined with perforated eco-leather. The covering is easily removed for washing (water temperature is not higher than 30 degrees). The product is fastened with a standard seat belt, there is a tension lock, 5 tilt options. The Happy Baby Booster Rider is comfortable with its ergonomic shape and double stitched seat.


  • feedback quality;
  • good materials;
  • volume.


  • not a complete model.

Bear LB 513RF

10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20212

Another cheap but good car seat designed for children from 9 to 36 kg (recommended from 9 months to 12 years). Fastening with a 5-point belt with central adjustment (the position depends on the height of the child), the carabiner clasp is protected from accidental opening. There is a system for attaching a regular car belt. The backrest of the seat tilts according to the position of the car seat. If necessary, it can be removed, turning the car seat into a booster. Comes with soft tongues and a removable pouch.


  • fastening quality;
  • comfortable back;
  • good print.


  • roofing materials.

Baby Care Upiter Plus

10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20213

This car seat is suitable for children from 1 to 12 years old. The weight of a sufficient child can range from 9-36 kg. If necessary, a comfortable anatomical back can be removed, and the product will turn into a booster. The position of the soft headrest varies depending on the height: a total of 6 positions are available.
Five-point internal belts with two-position shoulder straps are adjustable according to the volume of winter clothing. The Baby Care Upiter Plus has a removable hypoallergenic liner, non-toxic liner and soft padding for baby’s comfort.


  • hypoallergenic lining;
  • five-point harnesses;
  • good padding.


Happy Baby Skyler V2

10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20214

A multifunctional car seat for an attractive child with a thoughtful design. It can be used by infants and children up to 10 years of age. Fastened with standard belts against the car. For the comfort of newborns, soft pads are provided for three-point internal belts, an anatomical pillow. A manual rocking mechanism is available and the chair can be locked in one position by lowering the carrying handle. The Happy Baby Skyler V2 car seat has a removable cover that is easy to clean, as well as a canopy.


  • removable cover;
  • carrying handle;
  • anatomic pillow.


  • three point harness.


10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20215

The best economical car seat for infants and children up to 4 years (18 kg) is the RANT Star model. The design is based on plastic and fabric. The weight of this model is 7.7 kilograms. RANT Star can be installed both forward and backward. There is additional protection against frontal and side impacts, lacing with 5-point harnesses, an anatomic insert and a washable lining. The chair has a different position of the back, it is adjusted using a special lever. The car is fastened with conventional seat belts. It can be placed on any hard surface.


  • light;
  • 5-point harness;
  • belt quality;
  • good coverage.


The best car seats according to crash tests

This category contains the most reliable and durable models, as we have collected them based on research and open data on the Internet for durability. It should be noted that many leaders are not for sale. We have selected those products that you can buy today.

Cybex Pallas M-Fix SL

10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20216

The Cybex Pallas M-Fix SL model, designed for ages 9 months to 12 years (9-36 kg), deserves to be in the car seat rating. The seat is fixed with straps in the direction of travel. The product is equipped with a shockproof safety table (protects the child in a collision with a car), five-point seat belts. Also worth noting is the support for a linear head and shoulder protection system. Cybex Pallas M-Fix SL has a ventilation system for the seat and back so that the child does not overheat on hot days. The comfortable headrest is easily adjustable – only 12 positions. The angle of the backrest also changes.


  • tilt angle;
  • seat ventilation;
  • side protection;
  • good materials.


  • not the best model of the brand.

Baby Care Shelter Isofix

10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20217

Considering reliable car seats, I want to draw your attention to the universal product of the Isofix Baby Care Shelter series. This car seat is intended for infants and children up to the age of 12 and weighing up to 36 kg. The headrest is fixed in eleven positions, the backrest – in three positions. Attachments: IsoFix, anchor and three-point straps. For greater safety of the structure – side protection. Internal five-point harnesses. The Isofix Baby Care Shelter has a swivel base to make it easier for your child to be safe before the trip. For newborns, the kit includes a soft anatomical insert. The lid is removable.


  • belt quality;
  • swivel base;
  • 11 adjustment positions;
  • removable cover.


  • difficult to wash.

Happy Baby Spector

10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20218

When thinking about choosing a car seat, it’s hard not to notice the high performance of the Happy Baby Spector model, which has responded well to various crash tests. This chair is suitable for babies and can be used by a child up to 12 years old. For the manufacture of the structure, combined materials were used: plastic, fabric with a ventilation effect and metal. Fastening in the direction of travel. Securely fastens in the car with conventional seat belts, five-point seat belts. There are 7 headrest positions that change as the child grows. The back has an ergonomic shape and can be fixed in 4 positions. The set includes the Happy Baby Spector highchair – an anatomical insert for the comfort of the baby, a carrying handle, a removable cover.


  • headrest quality;
  • carrying handle;
  • good coverage;
  • easy to clean.


  • multiple adjustment positions.

Peg-Perego Viaggio Shuttle

10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 20219

Another reliable booster used by children from 3 to 12 years old (15-36 kg). The resistant product is equipped with armrests, there is a seat made of expanded polystyrene and polyurethane. This component effectively absorbs shocks during movement. The seat can be used in the car with or without IsoFix attachments. The Blind Lock system prevents the child from unfastening the seat belt, and the shoulder clip keeps the seat belt at a comfortable level. The Peg-Perego Viaggio Shuttle is equipped with a carrying handle.


  • easy transportation;
  • depreciation;
  • manage quality;
  • isoFix is ​​attached.



10 best car seats (Booster) - Ranked 202110

The best child car seat of 2021, based on customer reviews and crash tests, in our opinion, is the BRITAX ROMER Kidfix2 R. This car seat is designed for users aged 3 to 12 years with a weight of 15 to 36 kg. Fixed in the direction of the car. The SecureGuard system provides additional security while traveling. The correct location of the belts is ensured by special guides. BRITAX ROMER Kidfix2 R has side pads with which the child is completely protected from bumps and bumps in the car. The padded backrest and headrest can be positioned in different ways for maximum comfort. When the child reaches 135 cm, the backrest can be removed by simply lifting up.


  • the quality of the side walls;
  • backrest adjustment;
  • soft headrest;
  • straps are durable.


What is the best child car seat in 2022?

Many parents perceive a car seat as a comfortable seat for their child, but this is not the case. Do not chase savings for the safety of your children. It is better to buy a new car seat with a guarantee than to take risks every time you travel with your child on the road. If you don’t know which car seat to choose, take a look at the reviews. Given this circumstance, we summarize and share our opinion:

  1. Reliable car seat – Happy Baby Skyler V2;
  2. Best child car seat in crash tests – BRITAX ROMER Kidfix2 R;
  3. Comfortable travel booster for children – Peg-Perego Viaggio Shuttle;
  4. A good inexpensive car seat up to 4 years old is RANT Star.


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