Top 10 Best Car Alarms – Ranking 2021


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10 best car alarms - 2021 ranking

The car alarm is designed to protect in two ways: from intruders’ attempts to enter the passenger compartment and from an unplanned start of the engine. In any case, this ideology was followed in the early stages of production of the respective technology segment. But the current abundance of goods on the market goes beyond the traditional purpose. In the ranking of the best car alarms in 2021, you can find devices equipped with GSM, GPS and other useful options.
Our list includes models from three price categories:

  1. Alarms with one-way communication – they only provide for sending commands from the remote control to the module (opening / closing the car, turning off the alarm). As you understand, signal transmission in the opposite direction is not available for budget devices.
  2. Feedback signals: These models support signal transmission in both directions: from the remote control to the device and sending notifications to the remote control, smartphone or other devices. As a rule, in such car alarms, a GSM module is implemented to track the location of the car.
  3. Auto start and GPS alarm: These models support automatic start and stop of the engine at a specified time (if there is a timer) or based on the ambient temperature for heating. The module, in turn, is responsible for determining the geographical coordinates of the alarm.

Inexpensive and good car alarms

And experienced motorists face difficult questions when they think about buying such equipment. What can we say about users who faced such a task for the first time … Given this circumstance, we tried to collect car alarms with different prices in our rating. In the entry and mid-budget categories, you’ll find:

  • budget (see 1-3) – one-sided cost up to 3000 rubles;
  • in terms of price / quality ratio (see 4-6) – with feedback up to 15,000 rubles.

Recommendations for selection are given at the end of the article. Good vision!

DaVinci PHI-130

10 best car alarms - Rating 20211

DaVinci’s one-way signaling model, the PHI-130, is the top 10 car alarm of the current year. The device of the initial price category provides for blocking the main unit, the engine relay. Includes dual range shock sensor. Included is a set of necessary cables, 2 remote controls. The signal transmission distance is 50 meters. Judging by the comments of the pilots, the dynamic signal quality is quite satisfactory for this category. The build quality is also hard to find fault with. The CAN module is missing as a siren.


  • dynamic signal;
  • transmission distance;
  • good structure;
  • low price.


Scher-Khan T1

10 best car alarms - Rating 20212

In the segment of good budget models, the inexpensive two-way car alarm Scher-Khan T1 looks advantageous, bewitching with a large control range, convenient software support and scan protection. According to the manufacturer, this device boasts a search range of 1000 meters. The keychain has a high-quality design, on which you can find a neat display. Among the shortcomings, we note that in this series a power relay is not provided. I am glad that the connection of the smartphone with the head unit is carried out using a key fob. Of course there is an immobilizer, CAN support. The shock or vibration sensor supports 3 levels of control.


  • there is an immobilizer;
  • protection system;
  • good display;
  • handy application.


  • Power relay not included.

Pandora DX57

10 best car alarms - Rating 20213

The Pandora DX 57 model adds to the list of car alarms with a GPS module, which differs from analogues in the improved quality of the dialogue radio channel. The automatic start model has minimal power consumption. The car alarm has 16 security zones, including wheels. Despite the affordable cost, this device has a power heater and does not require other devices. This model lacks Bluetooth control, which is typical for many analogues, but this is not necessary here. At the same time, a high-quality key fob, created according to the IATF 16949: 2016 standard, deserves special attention. This speaks not only of practicality, but also of the reliability of this series of car alarms.


  • leading brand;
  • modern features;
  • quality of protection;
  • engine starting.


Pandect X-3110

10 best car alarms - Rating 20214

Pandect also offers good two-way car alarms. However, the X-3110 system will definitely not satisfy the acceptable price. However, this is easy to understand, because the device supports GSM / GPRS, automatic engine start. At the same time, it is suitable for automatic transmissions and diesel engines. Pros include a Bluetooth adapter and a nice regular key fob. Using a special applet, you can check RFID tags both from a personal computer and from a mobile device. In turn, the built-in sensor with 3 zones of tilt, impact and movement expands the functionality of the security system. They can be configured remotely. Connecting additional devices is the same as provided for by the design – you can add control systems for elevators, a trunk lock and even lighting. In addition, the function of a passive immobilizer was implemented.


  • input IMMO / KEY;
  • excellent equipment;
  • GSM alarm;
  • Bluetooth adapter;
  • management of RFID tags.


  • high cost of the system.

StarLine A63 GSM ECO

10 best car alarms - Rating 20215

The best inexpensive car alarms in 2021, in our opinion, is another model from the best manufacturer – StarLine A63 GSM ECO. In the category of advanced security systems and telematics with GSM, this is certainly one of the most affordable models. The device attracts with the support of optional 2CAN + 2LIN and GLONASS interfaces. In addition, the system received a shock-resistant key fob with a 128-channel transceiver, the alert range of which reaches 2000 meters. Judging by the description of the developer, this device feels safe in various weather conditions: at temperatures from -50 to +85 degrees. Thanks to the patented technology, the battery lasts for 60 days.


  • well-known manufacturer
  • battery charging time;
  • software solutions;
  • wear resistance at temperatures.


  • not the best model in its segment.

The best car alarms with feedback

This category contains premium talkback templates. Representatives of the premium segment are able to provide users with comprehensive protection and additional features. In particular, they provide tracking of the location of the car via GPS, support other tracking technologies. At the same time, they are distinguished by the highest level of usability.

StarLine A93 2CAN 2LIN GSM ECO

10 best car alarms - Rating 20216

The best car alarm in terms of price / quality ratio for 2021 remains the StarLine A93 2CAN + 2LIN GSM ECO model, designed for connection to CAN and LIN buses. An excellent solution for different Lada models. A good GSM module is used to implement telematics tasks. The set also includes two additional key rings. The problem is that the remote control with feedback is purchased separately – basic devices lack this option and the screen. This is evidenced by the mark “ECO” in the name of the system. Satisfied with GSM / GPRS connection, the most affordable price and flexible module settings using a personal computer and special software. It is possible to significantly increase the content of information, as well as the volume, which is limited only by the coverage of mobile communications. For better results, the manufacturer recommends installing an additional GPS antenna.


  • good structure;
  • GSM / GPRS support;
  • the price of money;
  • proprietary software;
  • simple setup.


  • simple key rings included.

Pandect X-1900BT 3G

10 best car alarms - Rating 20217

In the premium model of the already well-known brand Pandect X-1900 BT 3G, only the siren is missing. Otherwise, everything is like a good car alarm with feedback and automatic engine start. Of course, if you are willing to pay the amount indicated in the table (see below). Benefits include support for GSM, 3G, GPRS and Bluetooth networks. In addition, the company’s engineers took care of supporting protocol 4.2 and newer. Thanks to the presence of two CAN / LIN buses, the system can be installed on almost any vehicle wiring. The system supports 13 independent security zones at the same time, which allows full monitoring, and any alarm notification is instantly sent to the user’s phone.


  • GPRS support;
  • Bluetooth 4.2;
  • two CAN/LIN buses;
  • 13 security zones;
  • good design.


Pandora DX9x

10 best car alarms - Rating 20218

This is a lightweight version of the Pandora DX 9x premium car alarm with two-way start and auto start. The features of this line include a proprietary application, thanks to which it is possible to connect to the device via a smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition to the remote control, I liked the immobilizer and the Anti-HiJack function. If necessary, you can enjoy convenient operation with a stable remote control at a frequency of 868 MHz, which indicates a stable signal. At the same time, the key fob of this series is distinguished by good ergonomics, durability and an OLED screen. Another advantage is the LIN / 2xCAN module, which ensures the stable operation of the security system.


  • level of reliability;
  • trunk protection sensor;
  • quality keychain;
  • automatic execution system.


  • not a premium line.

StarLine A97 3CAN+4LIN

10 best car alarms - Rating 20219

The place of the former leader in the category of premium car alarms with good feedback and automatic engine start is taken by the StarLine A97 3CAN + 4LIN model, which supports many useful and modern options – from Super Slave mode to invisible blocking. An additional authorization function is provided (validation provides additional security). Also noteworthy is the intelligent 3D control system, as well as protection against repeaters (protection against signal interception). There is a built-in buzzer and Bluetooth Smart, which can be installed on a smartphone with any operating system. 60 flexible logic programs are available, 3CAN + 4LIN digital integration is supported.


  • number of options;
  • protection system;
  • double check;
  • handy application.


Pandora DXL 4750

10 best car alarms - Rating 202110

The best car alarm in 2021 is the Pandora DXL 4750 model, which has a full range of functions – from 3CAN to GLONASS. At the same time, the abundance of functions did not prevent the manufacturer from taking care of the low level of power consumption. It should be noted that the major digital bus protocols are supported; Immobilizer bypass algorithms are available. The main difference between this line and its predecessor is the updated D-023 keychain. As you understand, this car alarm uses a 4G modem. It is also necessary to note a powerful chipset that ensures the range and stability of signal transmission. The model is practically not afraid of any interference.


  • economic model;
  • interference protection;
  • many functions;
  • good processor.


How to choose the right car alarm?

In fact, we have identified the main types of car alarms, emphasizing the advantages of models with feedback and automatic engine start. But in addition to these options, there are a huge number of parameters that must be considered when buying a security system. If you do not know how to choose a good car alarm, let’s start in order:

  1. Number of security zones. The more independent zones with their own set of sensors, the better. Ideally, the corresponding sensors are located in the trunk, covering the doors, hood, and more. Advanced systems show the specific point of impact or vibration on the screen of a smartphone or a two-way key fob;
  2. Protection mode. “Silent Arming”, “Silent Arming”, “Auto Arming” – this is the optimal set of useful functions.
  3. Useful features. Modern security systems have a “service mode” (disabling signals and warnings, control units). Convenient when using gas station services;
  4. Automatic start. This is the ability to remotely turn on and off the car engine.
  5. control range. Obviously, the greater the maximum distance, the better. One has only to add that the alarm clocks themselves are rarely limited by any parameters. Rather, it refers to transmitters, the quality of which determines the range of transmission and reception of the signal.
  6. Vibration signal. This feature is used in modern cell phones. Like known sensations, this can be implemented in car alarm key fobs.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to a number of auxiliary parameters.

Scan Protection

As practice shows, very often attackers find “failures” in security systems by scanning and identifying vulnerabilities in car alarms. For this reason, modern systems are equipped with anti-scan protection. The bottom line is that they intercept the signal to disarm the security system, preventing the risk of gaining access to the native key.

It is worth noting that this function can be implemented in different ways depending on the category of equipment and technologies of the brand. Among the most common:

  • Dynamic Encryption: The keychain as well as the system changes the communication codes with each exchange of information;
  • Dialogue format: the remote control and the system exchange different “keys”, rejecting unauthorized requests from the outside.

It would not be superfluous to say that in addition to protection methods, scanning methods are also improving, so it is worth dwelling on modern car alarms.

Contents of delivery

Even inexpensive modern models are equipped with a CAN module that allows you to connect equipment to an electronic bus. It is found in most modern cars. In addition, the number of such elements is constantly growing. Using various sensors, this module allows you to receive information about the status of certain parts, including opening doors, trunk, hood.
The kit also includes one or more remote controls with one-way support or feedback, depending on the class of technology. Usually displays support expensive systems. Lockout Lockout: The presence of this item as part of the configuration indicates that the vehicle’s engine can be locked out if a security breach is suspected.

Nutrition and memory

It’s okay if the car alarm has its own power source. In addition, the format of this technique can be different, as well as the power. In some models, it plays the role of a fallback, in others – the main one. In both cases, this feature makes the signal independent of the on-board circuitry, which is extremely important.
even better if the model provides for the presence of non-volatile memory. Content will be saved even without access to energy.
The rated current consumption of the alarm only affects the time the equipment will run on its own battery. In addition, manufacturers usually indicate the current in protection mode. Therefore, once again I want to focus on the importance of supporting an autonomous power source.

Which car alarm is better to buy in 2021?

Therefore, you need to rely on finances and the class of equipment, taking into account the first parameter. If you do not know which car alarm to buy, consider the information provided in the price table, we have tried to take average values ​​for products from leading manufacturers in different segments. Before summing up, it is also worth mentioning that the design of any model can support a different number of additional channels. Each of them is used to connect certain equipment. Therefore, before buying a particular system, please clarify this issue in the service. Like:

  1. The best cheap car alarm is Scher-Khan T1;
  2. A good model with two-way communication is the Pandect X-3110;
  3. The maximum security system in terms of price and quality ratio – StarLine A93;
  4. Premium car alarm – Pandora DXL 4750.


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