Top 10 Automotive Alloy Wheels – 2022 Wheel Rating


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10 best car rims (alloy) - ranking 2021

Top 10 ranking of the best automotive alloy wheels from the best manufacturers. The rating includes the best alloy wheels according to the evaluation criterion: price – quality. This rating will help you choose and buy reliable and safe discs for your car.

New high-quality light-alloy wheels create an attractive appearance of the car and increase its technical characteristics. Properly selected casting allows you to save on fuel consumption – discs with a lower specific gravity reduce the load on the wheels, which affects the amount of fuel. In addition, new products can improve the hydraulic properties of the machine: reduce acceleration, increase maneuverability and ensure smooth vehicle movement. When choosing new products, it is necessary to focus not only on price and model, but also on manufacturers, giving priority to market leaders. We present to your attention the rating of the best car wheels in 2021, as well as their manufacturers.

For example, we took the most popular solutions that have many positive reviews from independent buyers. At the same time, you must understand that we are talking more about a brand than a specific line, because each brand on our list has a fairly wide range of products.

Good car rims for the price and quality

This category presents the best car rims from companies offering the best value for money.


Top 10 car rims (alloy) - ranking 20211

In search of affordable yet reliable rims, many users have opted for Megami MGM-7 manufactured by one of the leading companies in Asia. Its popularity all over the world is due to its particular lightness and excellent performance. Initially, the wheels were produced only for sports cars, this model is specially designed for cars. Production is carried out from aluminum-based alloys. This protects the product from corrosion and also makes it particularly light. They should be appreciated at least for the fact that they are one of the most comfortable and functional models. The manufacturer responsibly approaches the problem of raw material control, so this model has a high level of quality.


  • reliable manufacturer;
  • expensive alloys;
  • corrosion protection;


  • simple design.


Top 10 car rims (alloy) - ranking 20212

By purchasing this model, the driver receives high-quality wheels with a guarantee of safety. The production is carried out in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001. During the production process, tensile tests and dynamic balancing are carried out. Disc technology does not degrade the performance of the original wheel. The lining is adapted to the conditions of the Russian winter and will reliably serve more than one season. Complete protection against corrosion. This is a representative of the Asian market, so the production is equipped with the latest revolutionary technological innovations. Against the background of competitors, the price seems a bit “bitten”, but this is due to adaptation to the harsh operating conditions of the product.


  • product quality;
  • elegant design;
  • life expectancy;
  • balancing.



Top 10 car rims (alloy) - ranking 20213

This model has been specifically designed and tested to adapt to extreme operating conditions. Loading these discs is not a problem. Among the useful properties and properties, it is worth noting the highest level of strength, product reliability and brutal appearance. This model was chosen because it can withstand any load. This is especially noticeable off-road. This was achieved due to good geometric strength and wide beams. Falling into a pit is no barrier to MOTO MO909 casting applications. In addition to the elegant design, it attracts with a reasonable price / quality ratio. It is worth noting that online customer reviews are mostly positive.


  • aggressive design;
  • strength level;
  • withstand loads.



10 best car rims (alloy) - rating 20214

These wheels are durable and well built. A large number of spokes makes the wheel more durable. Curbs and curbs don’t get in the way of these rims. Wells – no problem. The disc coating lasts as long as possible. Easily balances with original Japanese tires. The wheels of New Zealand cars can improve driving performance and transform the appearance. These are premium models. They have the ability to reduce bearing wear. Improves vehicle handling, optimal acceleration and braking. Affordable price due to innovative technologies used in production.


  • life expectancy;
  • damage protection;
  • good balance;
  • decent design.


  • little is sold.

M.A.K. Munchen

Top 10 car rims (alloy) - ranking 20215

The best car rims in terms of price and quality are the Munchen model. MAK Wheels has a policy that alloy tires can give the right image. Therefore, the Italians created the Munchen model in a special design. These discs are able to surprise not only with their appearance, but also with high quality products. They are strong and durable, which was achieved thanks to a special casting technology. The design of the discs is able to ensure safe handling of the car. This is one of the most popular models in the MAC catalog. A variety of configurations and sizes allows you to install it on almost any car. In production, the manufacturer uses only expensive and high-quality materials.


  • producer;
  • technology;
  • quality and form.


The best alloy wheels for cars

This category contains premium solutions from the best alloy wheel manufacturers. As you understand, we decided to highlight several specific models that embody the main advantages of these manufacturers.

SKAD LE MANS 7X16/4X108 D65.1 ET32

Top 10 car rims (alloy) - ranking 20216

The aluminum alloy model adds to the ranking of the best alloy wheels. The manufacturer’s research bureau invented and developed an innovative alloy that is characterized by increased strength and rigidity. An excellent model of high quality discs at an affordable price. Thanks to fusion, they are characterized by lightness. Perfect shapes and geometry make SKAD LE MAN wheels impressive on your car. It is better to buy for the summer season, as they get sick in winter. The range includes 94 varieties, so you can easily find the right wheels for your car.


  • many varieties;
  • relief;
  • great shape.


Replay MR69

10 best car rims (alloy) - ranking 20217

Replay alloy wheels are known all over the world. One of the leading developers of injection molded tires always tests products many times before they go on sale. The manufacturer is recognized as one of the leaders in the automotive market, and its products are highly durable and reliable. Separately, it is worth noting the original design, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the product. By choosing any model of Replay alloy wheels, the driver makes his car unique. The wheels are produced using only modern technologies in constant cooperation with manufacturers of major automotive brands. Thanks to the production of products from light alloys, a good level of controllability can be achieved.


  • quality;
  • reliability;
  • price.


MAK Speciale-D

Top 10 car rims (alloy) - ranking 20218

If you do not know what good alloy wheels to choose this year, we bring to your attention only an exquisite model from a manufacturer that has been filling its range with exceptionally high-quality products for 20 years. The model has unique anti-corrosion properties. They are made using a special technology of high-quality aluminum casting. Thanks to an innovative approach to design, the manufacturer has ensured the safe handling of the car. This was achieved thanks to the quick cooling function of the braking system. The discs are breathable, so the cooling effect is enhanced by rotation. The unique design and high durability of the coating stand out separately.

  • premium class;
  • light;
  • maneuverability.


  • not underpriced.

SKAD KL-274 7X17/5X114.3 D67.1 ET50 DIAMOND

Top 10 car rims (alloy) - ranking 20219

Automotive alloy wheels SKAD KL-274 are the personification of the product, embodying all the signs of reliability and high quality products. Using low pressure technology, a high-strength alloy is obtained. Based on it, this tire model was created. The coating of car rims is highly resistant and is not afraid of microcracks and scratches. By installing this model, you can not be afraid to fall into deep holes at high speed. The design will resist and will not allow disk deformation. Looks especially good on black cars.


  • high quality;
  • not afraid of scratches;
  • elegant design.



10 best car rims (alloy) - ranking 2021

The best alloy wheels of 2021 are the X’TRIKE X-119. An excellent representative of a domestic manufacturer. The production is based on the use of modern equipment and innovative technologies. Each model is rigorously tested to ensure maximum positive impact in terms of handling and reliability. This model differs in high strength indicators at small weight. The line includes a large selection of models, which mainly attracts buyers from all over the world. This is a good acquisition, as the manufacturing technology is designed to adapt to the climatic conditions of the CIS.


  • adequate cost;
  • great strength;
  • many models;
  • suitable for different conditions.


Ranking of alloy wheel manufacturers in 2022

To begin with, I would like to highlight the best manufacturers of car wheels based on sales and reviews from ordinary buyers. Obviously, the price / quality ratio and the subjective opinion of the editors are not the last in the compilation of this conditional sample.

Moto rims

The Moto brand has been producing alloy wheels for cars for over 56 years. Basically, the manufacturer is engaged in the production of alloy wheels. The range of Moto alloy wheels is represented by more than 800 models. Main advantages: design for every taste; improving the quality of the luxury class; fit 90% car models; the ability to choose a model for almost any wheel diameter and offset; reliable fastening; anti-corrosion coating; German and Italian quality. Minor drawback: Moto’s alloy wheel models cannot be used with soft tires as this can cause hydraulic problems. It is also not recommended to buy Moto alloy wheels if tires with a massive tread are installed on the wheels.

MAC disks

MAK was born as a result of the merger of two companies: the production of moldings and tires for cars. As a result of fruitful cooperation, one of the leaders in the world market of light alloy wheels, an Italian company, emerged. Unlike most cast manufacturers, MAK sells alloy wheels in a variety of styles: sporty, classic or futuristic. The range of wheel sizes is varied: models are available from 15 to 22 inches. The manufacturer offers bold options – from 5 to 20 spokes per wheel. The number of fasteners is 5 or 6. MAK products are protected from corrosion. With proper care, European-made alloy wheels will last at least 5 years. But this manufacturer also has its drawbacks. MAK drives are attractive in appearance, but rather fragile. It is not recommended to install them on SUVs or cars operated in bad road conditions. Owners of rims with 15 or more spokes noted that the operation of such models is difficult to wash.

NZ rims

The Asian brand NZ offers discs produced in modern automated factories in China and Taiwan. The company was opened only 14 years ago, but is already in the TOP-5 Asian suppliers of light alloy wheels in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. The main advantages of New Zealand models are strength, resistance to temperature extremes, and long service life. All alloy wheels are galvanized to prevent corrosion. The paint does not wash off and does not crack: the coating perfectly tolerates the effects of any external “irritants”, from humidity to direct sunlight. Through crash tests, the manufacturer determines the resistance of models to damage, using various casting options to create the most durable and at the same time the lightest material. Thus, NZ models can be safely used on SUVs and passenger cars in difficult terrain.
The disadvantage of New Zealand models is weak wheel bearings. They are present on long console models. Cast models of an Asian company are prohibited for use on cars using R22 freon.

K&K discs

The best manufacturers of alloy wheels are represented not only by foreign companies. The union of Russian-German companies K&K has been producing high-quality castings on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk plant (area of ​​20 thousand square meters) for more than 29 years. The Russian manufacturer of car tires relies on the experience of German colleagues: all objects are manufactured using modern German equipment. After being manufactured according to the German Gima technology, the products are processed on the devices of the Japanese Okuma masters. Aluminum and silicon are used as base materials, which provide stability, strength and susceptibility to mechanical damage. The paint on the discs is subject to corrosion, the coloring pigment penetrates into the structure of the element itself. The cost of K&K discs is lower than that of Western competitors, so the models are in great demand among Russians.


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