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Although it is difficult to feel safe in today’s world, with the help of sensors and detectors it is possible to control at least some problems. In this material, we will tell you which small but very smart assistants will protect the house from intruders and household accidents.

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Although it is difficult to feel safe in today’s world, with the help of sensors and detectors it is possible to control at least some problems. In this material, we will tell you which small but very smart assistants will protect your home from intruders and household accidents.

Select the motion detector

The motion detector monitors movement: when someone appears in its area of ​​operation, automation is activated, lighting, sound or alarm are turned on.

Motion sensors come in different shapes and sizes, active and passive according to the principle of operation, separate and built into other devices as an additional element.

Depending on the design, the sensors respond to temperature, mass, magnetic field, vibration or sound and are of 4 types:

  • thermal (infrared) respond to changes in temperature in the area of ​​operation, registering thermal radiation from a person or animal;
  • ultrasonic react to the interruption of the signal between the transmitter and the receiver;
  • radio waves respond to a change in wavelength reflected from an obstacle;
  • combined ones combine all the capabilities of the three types, guaranteeing a minimum of false positives.

In an apartment, in the country, in private houses, it is better to use infrared sensors or combined models – infrared radiation + ultrasonic. For the protection of garages and warehouses, the right choice is microwave models that react even through small obstacles.

Before buying a sensor, decide on the place of its installation, because the devices are street or outdoor, internal and peripheral.

When choosing a motion sensor, consider its maximum operating distance. Usually, the detection radius is 6-50 meters. The motion control zone, capture angle, intensity and duration of sensor activation are regulated using built-in settings.

Also, pay attention to the sensitivity of the device: the higher it is, the better the sensor will respond to movement. The sensitivity of the system depends on the season, so it is desirable that the device has a mechanism for adjusting the seasonal intensity of the sensors.

Atis 106DW

Atis 106DW

Motion detector • connection: wireless • detection method: PIR element

Pet owners are advised to choose a motion sensor with animal protection. With this function, the device will not work when the pet is moving, and it will not turn on the light in the room once more.

Wrinkle: if you use a motion sensor together with a lighting system, you can save up to 30% of electricity.

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The Atis 106DW motion detector has a wireless connection, a maximum detection radius of 80 m, up to 20 remote controls, various sensors and transmitters can be connected to the model

Select the window/door opening sensor (detector).

The window/door opening sensor is easily installed on doors and windows, and reacts if an uninvited guest tries to open them.

These sensors are small and consist of two parts – one is attached to the door or window, the other to the frame. Installation can be hidden or external. When the door or window is opened, the parts are disconnected from each other, their sensors open and a loud signal sounds, and the owner of the house receives a message of intrusion.

According to the type of action, window and door opening sensors are electric contact and magnetic contact. The first are circuit breakers, limit switches, and the second have two thin metal plates that open and close.

According to the type of connection, devices are divided into wired and wireless. To install the latter, it is not necessary to pull wires, but simply place the device in the right place. When choosing wireless models, pay attention to the signal transmission distance and the power of the radio transmitter.

Ajax DoorProtect black (6733)

Ajax DoorProtect black (6733)

Window / door opening sensor (detector) • connection: wireless • method … unfold

Wrinkle: the door opening sensor can be useful for parents of curious children.

If there are cabinets or drawers at home where the child should not look, and you cannot put a lock or latch on them, install such a sensor.

As soon as the child gets into the wrong place, you will know about it.

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The Ajax DoorProtect black window/door opening sensor (detector) has two magnet variants – for parallel (large magnet) and perpendicular (small magnet) installation. Powered by a CR123A battery. The maximum distance between the sensor and the central unit is 2000 m in direct line of sight

We select a gas sensor (detector).

Food is being prepared in the kitchen, but are you immersed in household chores or engrossed in watching the news? If the boiling water escapes from the pan onto the stove and floods the fire, gas will begin to fill the room. Most often, it is easy to deal with such a problem simply by opening the window, but there are situations that are much worse, and then a gas sensor can really save a life.

When the sensor detects a potentially dangerous amount of gas, it sounds an alarm, blocks gas access to the room, sends an alarm to the monitoring center and notifies the home owner via a mobile application or text message.

MiJia Honeywell Gas Alarm (YTC4019RT, JTQJ-BF-01LM/BW)

MiJia Honeywell Gas Alarm (YTC4019RT, JTQJ-BF-01LM/BW)

Gas sensor (detector) • connection: wireless

Wrinkle: most sensors detect the leakage of only one type of gas – domestic or carbon.

For private houses with a fireplace or stove heating, carbon monoxide sensors are relevant.

Apartments and buildings with a gas pipeline require sensors that record the critical level of CO in the air.

But it is better to install at least one combined model that captures both types of gas.

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The MiJia Honeywell Gas Alarm gas sensor (detector) interacts with the smart home system through the Mijia Multifunctional Gateway. The distance from possible sources of gas should not exceed 4 m

We select flood sensors

A flood sensor prevents a flood in time, will help you save money on major repairs of your apartment and the neighbors below.

Flood sensors are installed in the lower part of the bathroom: under the bathtub, washing machine or sink.

In the event of an accident, they automatically block the pipes (for this function, a controlled valve must be installed) to stop the flow of water into the apartment, turn off the washing machine, if it was working, and report the problem to the owner of the apartment.

Ajax LeaksProtect black (8744)

Ajax LeaksProtect black (8744)

Flood sensor • connection: wireless • detection method: contact

Wrinkle: when going on vacation, turn off all the water in the house with one push of a button on the remote control.

Now you don’t have to worry – no sudden leaks due to burst pipes, with the water leak sensor you won’t lose a single drop.

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The Ajax LeaksProtect black flood sensor does not require installation, is maintenance-free for years and works 24/7. If the washing machine leaks or bursts the pipe, the sensor will instantly react and report the accident. The height of the device is 14 mm

We choose a fire alarm

A fire detector is a central element in any fire protection system, it determines the smoke content in the air.

Fire detectors are point, linear, aspirating and autonomous. Some monitor the transparency of the air, others – its composition, but regardless of the type, they sound the alarm even with a little smoke.

Addressable sensors transmit a signal to the alarm panel, and non-addressable sensors emit a sound signal, helping to determine the location of the ignition.

Arton SPD 3.2

Arton SPD 3.2

Smoke detector (fire) • connection: wired • detection method: optical

The number of devices that need to be installed in a room to protect against fire depends on the area, ceiling height and sensor capabilities.

Wrinkle: dust reduces the sensitivity of the detector, which may cause it to malfunction. Therefore, regularly wipe the device from dust.

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The Arton SPD 3.2 fire detector has a wired connection, 12 V power supply, an optical detection method, an alarm time of 10 s, a model resistant to false alarms

Select the glass break sensor

Glass break sensors will protect the house from intruders who penetrate through the windows. They recognize the sound of broken glass and transmit an alarm signal to the central unit.

There are two types of glass break sensors: with analog and digital signal processing. Analogues are cheaper, but their reliability is lower, and digital processing more accurately recognizes the sound of broken glass.

Sensors are also divided into wired and wireless. The latter are easier to install, but they have a limited signal transmission range – generally 200 m in line of sight.



Combined detector of movement and breaking of glass • connection: wired • method … unfold

Wrinkle: when choosing a glass break sensor, consider its operating range and viewing angle.

Most often, the range varies within 6-9 m, and the angle is in the range of 90-180 degrees. The larger the angle, the larger the area can be covered by one sensor.

Useful home security gadgets #7 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

The SATEL NAVY combined motion detector and glass breakage signals an intrusion based on a change in the thermal balance of the environment or glass breakage. The IR motion sensor analyzes the environment and movement. The acoustic sensor of breaking glass detects sound signals – impact and ringing

We choose a vibration alarm

If the intruders manage to bypass the standard alarm system, the vibration sensor will help stop them. It will protect the premises when partitions, walls and ceilings are destroyed. The sensor detects surface vibrations and transmits a signal to the central alarm unit.

We select a temperature detector

The temperature detector determines the level of air temperature in the room and, if it exceeds the upper or lower values ​​of the norm, sends an alarm signal to the central unit.

Depending on the capabilities of the sensor, and if it is included in the “smart home” system, not only the alarm, but also the automatic elimination of the problem can be triggered. For example, when the temperature is low, the heating system will automatically turn on, and when the temperature is high, the air conditioner will turn on.

Select the perimeter protection sensor

Perimeter security sensors are universal devices that will help detect intruders, they are installed along the perimeter of the territory. The most common type of sensor is infrared models. According to the principle of operation, they are divided into two types: passive and active.

Sensors of the passive system respond to changes in thermal radiation and are suitable for guarding gates, window and door openings, gaps in fences, etc. Their main drawback is false positives.

The active system consists of a transmitter that generates between two and eight IR beams and a photo receiver that sounds an alarm when an intruder crosses the IR beams. These devices are mounted opposite each other at a distance of several hundred meters.

It is better to use the active system on areas of the correct shape and with an even relief. In these models, the frequency of false positives depends on the quality of installation and system settings, but interference can occur if direct sunlight or light from car headlights falls on the photoreceptor.



Perimeter security sensor • connection: wired • detection method: IR

Vibration and radio beam systems are also used to protect the perimeter. Vibration sensors pick up the mechanical vibrations of the fence and convert them into an electrical alarm signal.

Such sensors can be installed on any fence – chain-link net, wooden or concrete fence, adjusted so that there are no objects that cause vibration nearby.

Both types of sensors are resistant to adverse environmental conditions.

Useful home security gadgets #8 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

The LIGHTWELL LBX-100 perimeter security sensor consists of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter contains diodes that emit infrared beams of light, and the receiver contains diodes that receive them. If at least two infrared rays are blocked by a foreign object, the barrier goes into “ALARM” mode and the receiver transmits a signal to the central security alarm unit

We choose sensors and detectors for a smart home

“Smart house” is a complex of solutions for automating everyday activities. With the help of such a system, you can set up convenient functions, making the house more comfortable, easier and better. By pressing one button you can:

  • Set different temperatures in the rooms with the help of the heating and air conditioning system, for example, reduce the degree of operation of the batteries when no one is at home.
  • Turn lights on and off, adjust lighting power and create light scenarios.
  • See information on the smartphone screen, what your pet is doing now, whether the iron, the stove is turned off, and whether the door is locked.
  • Automatically turn on/off lights and adjust curtains as if someone were living in the house – excellent protection against intruders.
  • Automatically monitor and regulate heating, water and electricity systems.

If a house with such features is your dream, you need a control center, cameras, smart sockets and special sensors and detectors.

Fibaro Motion Sensor Z-Wave White (FGMS-001_ZW5)

Fibaro Motion Sensor Z-Wave White (FGMS-001_ZW5)

Motion, temperature, vibration and light intensity sensor for a smart home • … unfold

These can be models that perform one function – an air analyzer, a motion sensor, a gas detector, or a fire alarm.

But there are gadgets that combine several capabilities at once, for example, a motion, temperature, vibration and light intensity sensor or control of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Useful home security gadgets #9 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

The universal multi-sensor Fibaro Motion Sensor registers movement, temperature changes, vibrations and light intensity

We hope our buyer’s guide helps you choose the right home security assistant, and we wish you happy shopping with Hotline!

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