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Top 10 AMD Processors (AMD) – Ranking 2021


AMD processors have been and remain relevant among buyers focused on saving the budget and getting maximum performance for little money.

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Top 15 Best Gaming Mice – 2021 Ranking


It often happens that hardware is given the closest attention, and many even sophisticated gamers think about buying peripherals last.

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Top 10 Best MFPs with CISS – Ranking 2021


Today, more and more users are choosing inkjet MFPs with CISS, which is justified not only by real savings, but also by the quality of photo printing.

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Top 15 Best PC Keyboards – 2021 Ranking


Purchasing PC peripherals is often accompanied by errors due to the abundance of promotional offers with minimal explanation of important parameters.

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Top 15 Best Graphics Cards for PC – Ranking 2021


The graphics card market is having a hard time due to mining. Despite the hardware limitations of cryptocurrency mining in recent map reviews, they are relatively easy to bypass.

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Top 10 Best Webcams – Ranking 2021


Along with the increase in the number of professions related to remote work, the demand for webcams has grown. And this applies not only to office gadgets, but also to advanced ones.

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Top 15 Best Tablets – Ranking 2021


Many of us use tablets (on the road, at work, for study) and in the near future this form factor will not lose its relevance.

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Top 10 Best Home Printers – 2021 Ranking


In recent years, many new names and technologies have appeared in the field of MFPs and printers. As a result, we received more reasonable prices due to high competition.

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Top 10 Best PC Cases – 2021 Ranking


As practice shows, most users choose PC cases based on price and size. In fact, the consultants of many stores do not


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