11 Best Electric Oven Gas Stoves


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Introducing the top 11 best gas stoves with an electric oven. Rating of combined gas stoves with an electric oven in terms of quality and price. We have selected the best models of gas stoves with an electric oven according to user reviews and expert opinion.

In gas-electric stoves, an electric oven and a gas hob are connected. Gas cooks food faster and boils water faster. The family will be fed if the electricity goes out. The use of an electric oven is simple, and the pastries are tender, juicy, with a crispy crust. At the same time, electricity is used sparingly.

A description of the parameters and features will help in choosing the right plate. The pros and cons are taken directly from the reviews that the owners share online. We tried not to hide anything, while the positive aspects overlap the minuses. The selected model will become an assistant to the hostess and interior decoration.

Combined cooker Beko FFSS 62010 GW

Beko FFSS 62010 GW

The gas hob is combined with an electric oven. The model has a stylish design. You can choose the color that suits the interior, among several options. On a wide enameled surface of 60 cm, 4 burners are covered with a stable cast-iron grate. They are controlled by rotary controls and are turned on with a button. No matches or lighter needed.

The capacity of the cabinet is larger than that of many analogues – 71 liters. You can cook more using the baking tray and rack (included), even roast goose. Standard set of heating elements: upper and lower heating, thermostat, grill. With a smooth surface, dirt softened by steam is easily removed. The double glass on a door does not allow it to overheat.


  • simple and convenient,
  • saves electricity,
  • looks great,
  • budget price,
  • 2 year warranty,
  • full 60 cm wide,
  • soot does not stick to smooth enamel,
  • the dishes do not move out,
  • comfortable control knobs
  • burners burn steadily,
  • large oven,
  • heats up quickly and evenly
  • keeps warm for a long time
  • bright backlight,
  • 3 heating modes,
  • steam cleaning.


  • door without door closer
  • no gas control
  • no top cover.

Combined cooker GEFEST 5102-03

GEFEST 5102-03

The working surface of 50 cm is covered with enamel. 4 gas burners are dispersed along the perimeter, covered with durable cast iron grates. Electric ignition is built into each handle. The gas control system prevents fuel leakage when the fire is extinguished.

The oven with a volume of 52 l is equipped with upper and lower heating elements with a power of 0.8 and 1.2 kW, an electric grill 1.2 kW and a spit on the drive. There is a mechanical timer. Thanks to the backlight, you can observe the cooking process through the glass door. The fan evenly distributes hot air streams around the circuit. Kitchen utensils are hidden in a drawer.

The inconvenience caused by the security system turns into advantages in a home with small children, where safety comes first. Summer residents will appreciate the model, as jets for cylinders are included. Energy class A.


  • practical, simple and reliable,
  • compact, pretty
  • has everything you need
  • performance quality,
  • well-implemented basic functions,
  • clear control, described in detail in the instructions,
  • fairly thick steel
  • easy to clean
  • burners location,
  • non slip grate
  • protection against gas leakage and accidental activation,
  • oven heats up evenly
  • maintains the set temperature
  • variety of cooking options.


  • the timer only informs
  • you need to put a thermometer
  • long burn,
  • minimum burner output too high.

Combined cooker Beko FFSS 52010 GS

Beko FFSS 52010GS

Compact narrow design. The legs unwind and raise it by 3 cm. It looks stylish, silvery. A wonderful gift for an elderly hostess is an easy-to-use stove. In a house without a central gas supply, it is connected to a cylinder. It is additionally completed with an enamelled baking sheet, a grid, nozzles and a cord with a euro plug. At the bottom is a drawer with a hinged lid. Energy class A.

The thoughtful arrangement of 4 burners on a limited surface (50 cm) allows you to use them simultaneously. Electric ignition of mechanical type with a button. Removable durable enamel gratings. Smooth enamel is easy to clean. The rear screen protects the wall from splashes.

Oven with grill and lighting, with two levels of heating and a thermostat. Steam cleaning. Volume – 60 liters, heated to 250 ° C.


  • from good materials
  • looks neat,
  • quality at an affordable price,
  • simple and functional
  • everything is convenient and easy to use,
  • product under warranty (2 years),
  • cooks quickly
  • burners turn on gently and smoothly,
  • electric ignition works well
  • burners burn continuously
  • convenient swivel mechanisms,
  • door opens and closes smoothly
  • powerful roomy oven,
  • no need to wait long for it to heat up,
  • bright lighting inside
  • grill mode,
  • large storage niche
  • additional nozzles,
  • simple care.


Combined cooker Hansa FCMX63022

Hansa FCMX63022

German development. Modern design, looks spectacular in the interior. The compartment for dishes leaves on rollers. Belongs to class A.

60 cm stainless steel hob with cast iron grates. 4 burners are controlled by rotary switches. One of them is designed for fast heating. The lack of gas control is compensated by child protection.

Illuminated oven with a thermostat with a capacity of 67 liters operates in 3 modes. With hinged door, turns off automatically. Cleaned in the traditional way. The maximum temperature is 250° C. ProCook trays do not burn. Several recipes are written on the inside of the door. These examples will help you navigate the choice of programs.


  • reliable,
  • beautiful,
  • easy to handle
  • all burners can be used at the same time.


  • no gas control
  • matches are needed.

Combined cooker GEFEST 6102-03

GEFEST 6102-03

Powerful full size cooker. Standard dimensions 85x60x60 cm and traditional design allow you to include the model in any interior. It is possible to supply fuel through a line or from a cylinder through nozzles. Solid cast iron grills will not change their appearance over time. The working surface made of structural steel is protected by heat-resistant multi-layer enamel. Closed with a lid. One electric and 3 gas burners differ in diameter, height and power (1.7 and 3 kW). For adjustment, mechanical taps are connected to them, there is an auto-ignition. The safety system prevents gas leakage if a fire is poured.

The 52 l oven is equipped for the preparation of complex recipes. There is lighting, an electronic timer with an LED indicator, deep and flat baking sheets with 4 installation levels, a thermostat, skewers, a grill. With the help of different heating elements and a convector, the mode is adjusted to certain products.


  • adequate price,
  • quality build,
  • neat white glossy surface,
  • wide functionality,
  • all functions work well
  • gratings are quickly removed,
  • wide hob,
  • turn-on waiting – just a few seconds
  • the convention regime is a separate issue,
  • circular heater,
  • baking results are predictably good,
  • the oven takes a long time to cool down
  • official warranty – 2 years,
  • roomy drawer.


  • not enough depth of pans,
  • not quite rational lighting,
  • no timer shutdown

Combined cooker Gorenje K 6121 WF

Gorenje K 6121 WF

Full size slab (85x60x60 cm). Color to choose from: black, white, beige, metallic. The enameled hob is equipped with 4 burners with a power of 1 to 3 kW, the smaller one with a stand for a coffee maker. Massive cast iron coasters, glass lid. Ergonomically shaped rotary switches. The gas control system and separate automatic electric ignition provide convenience and safety.

The vaulted ceiling extends the interior of the BigSpace oven. Uniform baking is ensured by optimal circulation and distribution of hot air using HomeMade technology. The volume has been increased to 65 liters, large dishes are placed entirely. The inner coating is SilverMatte pyrolytic enamel. The surface is effectively cleaned using AquaClean technology (steam softens dirt and grease). The PerfectGrill grills poultry and large cuts of meat perfectly thanks to the positioning of the large and small heaters. The electric oven is equipped with a backlight, a fan, a thermostat, two grids, deep and shallow enameled baking sheets, a glass baking sheet, and a handle for removing them. Guides of two types: standard and telescopic. There is a drawer for accessories. The Compact Door does not heat up, it closes with a latch. The programmer reports the end of the program, after which the oven turns off. The energy consumption for classical heating is 0.87 kWh.


  • reliable,
  • design,
  • non-marking surface
  • generous staffing,
  • 1 year warranty + 1 year service,
  • additional nozzles,
  • connected to the balloon
  • soft switches are easy to clean,
  • powerful burners ignite well,
  • a simple push of a knob is all it takes
  • convenient composite gratings do not burn through,
  • everything is placed on a wide plate,
  • large useful volume of the oven,
  • you can bake on two shelves at once,
  • smooth automatic door closer,
  • programmable display,
  • heating indicator,
  • convection + two grills,
  • wide functionality,
  • perfect dishes according to complex recipes,
  • no need to monitor baking (does not burn),
  • the door does not heat up
  • grease and syrups do not stick to the stove.


Combined cooker Beko FSM 52330 DAO

Beko FSM 52330 DAO

The black model draws attention with its design. Hob 50 cm wide with 4 gas burners, one of which is designed for accelerated heating. The finish is enamel. There is a gas control to prevent gas leakage. Dishes are placed on cast iron grates. For control, there are rotary switches, a display, a timer and a clock.

Oven chamber with lighting with a capacity of 60 liters. 8 cooking modes are available, including convention and electric grill. Trays and frying pans are hidden in the lower drawer, which saves space in the closet. Energy saving class A.


  • simplicity and convenience
  • cool design and features,
  • beautiful colour,
  • looks great in the kitchen
  • stands firmly, does not mow,
  • durable grids
  • no gas smell
  • food does not burn
  • many modes (grill, 3D cooking),
  • baked on all sides.


Combined cooker Hansa FCMY58109

Hansa FCMY58109

Modern technology in retro design. The plate is enameled, with the function of auto-ignition for each handle. Covered with a glass lid. Cast iron gratings are resistant to deformation. On the cooking surface 50 cm wide there are 4 burners. One of them is fast heating. Controlled by rotary switches, there is no safety shutdown.

Multifunction oven 65 l with 8 operating modes heated from 50°C to 250°C. Equipped with a grill, a convention system and interior lighting, as well as a mechanical stop timer, wire racks, deep and flat trays. The inner coating is an easy-to-clean enamel. Hinged door with double glass and recorded recipes, which indicate the optimal cooking parameters. Dishes are stored in the lower drawer. Connection power – 2.9 kW.


  • looks expensive, ennobles the kitchen,
  • well painted, well made,
  • nothing staggers, everything works,
  • excellent cooks and bakes,
  • cast iron grates and baking sheets,
  • variety of regimes, convention,
  • automatic shutdown of the oven,
  • warranty period – 365 days.


  • no gas control
  • the door gets hot
  • drawer stuck.

Combined cooker GEFEST 6702-04

GEFEST 6702-04

The gas hob consists of 4 burners of different sizes and power, including a turbo burner with two rings of flame, with automatic type electric ignition and gas control. Cast iron coasters. The surface is made of tempered glass, width – 60 cm. Decorative legs raise the structure by 85 cm.

The facade is glass, the sides are made of polished stainless steel. The volume of the oven is 52 liters. Cleaning type – traditional. Functions: double lighting, display, clock and timer, temperature control, rapid heating with convection, electric spit, electric grill. The timer turns the oven on and off after a set period of time. The door with double glass opens by tilting. Removable wire guides for baking sheets are arranged. Energy class A, electrical safety class – I. Below is an additional niche for placing dishes. Power cord and plug available.


  • looks nice and expensive
  • build quality 5 points,
  • adjustable feet,
  • ease of handling,
  • well equipped,
  • wide functionality and choice of modes,
  • italian burners,
  • electric ignition in handles,
  • pans stand confidently,
  • double burner – just class,
  • kettle boils quickly
  • big oven,
  • multifunctional touch timer,
  • grill with spit,
  • large glass mold as a gift.


  • thin glass drawer front,
  • no lid
  • when igniting, you need to hold the switch.

Combined cooker Hansa FCMX59229

Hansa FCMX59229

Free standing gas stove. Integra’s color and design matches any interior. Economical equipment has been assigned energy class A. Power – 3.1 kW. There are nozzles for bottled gas and a cord 1.5 m long.

The 50 cm wide stainless steel surface is covered with a glass lid. 4 burners with a diameter of 4, 6.5 and 9 cm with electric ignition in each rotary knob. Gas does not flow from an extinguished burner, automatically shut off by the gas control system. Grids made from cast ironretain their appearance over time.

An electric oven with a volume of 56 l with 10 programs, convection, a grill with a spit, a thermostat and a backlight allows you to perform recipes of any complexity. You can quickly heat or defrost food. Heating elements: top, bottom and ring. Cooking time is controlled by a digital timer with delayed start and stop functions. In the examples of recipes, recommendations are given for choosing the optimal mode. The enamel chamber is easy to clean. Includes deep and flat baking trays with ProCook technology, frying rack. They slide out easily on chrome rails. The large lower compartment moves out on rollers.


  • more beautiful than in the photo
  • works flawlessly
  • reliable,
  • functional,
  • good production,
  • easy to use and care for surfaces,
  • powerful and economical burners,
  • good ignition,
  • convenient split grille,
  • swivel included,
  • comfort pans,
  • oven heats up quickly
  • bakes evenly
  • air baking with a golden crust,
  • variety of modes
  • catalytic cleaning,
  • bottled gas nozzles,
  • 12 months warranty


  • heats up, must stand separately
  • plastic handles,
  • ventilation behind the work surface.

Combined cooker Gorenje KC 5355 XV

Gorenje KC 5355 XV

The model is part of the Advanced line. Differs in the increased comfort. The main color is silver. The combination of black glass, glass ceramics, thick cast-iron grates and original holders gives the product a stylish look. Efficiency increased by reducing heat loss. Dimensions are suitable for a small kitchen (50x60x85 cm). Consumes energy economically, power – 3.3 kW. The electronic programmer sets a timer that gives only a signal or turns off the device. A feature of the work is the exit of steam from special holes at the back. Clean dishes are stored in the drawer. Among the 4 burners, one is a quick heating. Controlled by rotary switches. Automatic electric ignition and gas control are provided.

The spacious oven with a capacity of 70 liters has a light, an electric grill with a spit and a convention system. The steam cleaning option makes it easy to keep clean. The heated air circulates evenly under the vaulted ceiling. You can experiment for a long time with 11 modes of operation. PerfectGrill creates a crispy crust. Consists of 2 grills of different sizes. The CoolDoor, with thermal protection and three-layer glazing, is safe for children, moves quietly and smoothly on special GentleClose hinges.


  • compactness,
  • aesthetics,
  • simple maintenance and operation,
  • equipment,
  • functional,
  • thoughtful performance,
  • works like a clock
  • control panel fan,
  • handles with a smooth and easy stroke,
  • durable cast iron grills
  • oven keeps temperature
  • degrees exactly fall within the set values,
  • telescopic rails on 2 levels,
  • deep pan,
  • really 275 ° and 50 ° in the oven,
  • beautiful baking,
  • evenly baked and juicy,
  • beautiful skewer included,
  • touch panel with clock,
  • variety of possibilities
  • large ventilated stove
  • odors do not mix during ring heating,
  • all parameters correspond to the description,
  • installation without problems.


  • no lid
  • branded glossy surface,
  • The backlight is on only during operation.


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