10 Best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: smartphone rating 2022


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The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating of 2021

With such a budget, a huge selection of really good phones is open to users. In the ranking of the best smartphones under 30,000 rubles in 2022, everyone can be convinced of this. The list is based on Antutu (performance score) and DxOMARK (camera comparison). In addition, we took into account customer reviews, compared leading devices in different segments.

Conventionally, all the abundance of gadgets that you can choose for a specified price can be divided into several classes:

  1. Camera phones are devices that provide the most detailed quality of photo and video files. It should be understood that the final result depends not only on the resolution and number of modules, but also on light sensitivity, matrix size, and software.
  2. Gaming smartphones are the most powerful devices optimized for demanding 3D applications. It is worth noting that the processors today are considered the most productive
  3. Branded phones are prestigious, stylish models with sophisticated design and branded “goodies” from brands such as Apple, Samsung and others. As a rule, flagships are a little more expensive, so in this price category, the American company has few competitive solutions for the same Note 10 (a collection for businessmen) and Chinese developers.

it is important to understand that a perfectly balanced smartphone does not exist, and if one model is stronger in some parameters, then in others, respectively, it is different. Once you understand which options are your priorities, it will be easier for you to make a choice.

The best smartphones under 30 thousand in price and quality

This section describes games, premium models (of the previous generation), balanced Chinese gadgets that attract with good technical parameters of the camera, power, screen, and much more. In other words, we did not focus on the quality of the cameras, but collected the most worthy solutions among all the abundance, taking into account the needs of different customers. If you need a gaming smartphone, you should pay attention to powerful gadgets with a good cooling system. If you are looking for a phone for a businessman, a businessman, you should look at Samsung’s Note line and so on. The selection criteria are described in more detail below, which is very important, since it is difficult to collect all the models that deserve attention in one place.

SAMSUNG Galaxy A71

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating 20211

The Samsung Galaxy A71 model with a chic appearance and a rather productive Snapdragon 730 series chip replenishes our smartphone rating up to 30,000 rubles. Paired with Adreno 618, there will definitely not be any problems when using even heavy 3D applications. I must say that the phone has a high level of functionality, which is fully consistent with the cost. One of the main advantages of the South Korean device is the proprietary Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400 x 1800 pixels. The brightness and contrast levels of the screen are excellent. Defects can only be detected in detail (393 ppi) when comparing the model with other flagships of the company. In the corner of the 6.7-inch panel, you can find a modest cutout that houses a large front-facing camera with a resolution of 32 megapixels. The main optical unit consists of 4 modules, of which 64 Mp, 12 Mp, 5 and 5 Mp. The combination of sensors allows you to shoot 4K video even in low light conditions.


  • fast charging;
  • main camera;
  • exquisite design;
  • front cameras.


  • The screen is worse than the competition.

Poco X3 Pro

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating 20212

In our opinion, the most worthy smartphone under 30 thousand with a good camera and a powerful battery is the Poco X3 Pro model, the advantages of which also include a gorgeous image and a display refresh rate (6.67 inches) of 120 Hz. The manufacturer decided to install a fingerprint sensor in the side button. Another plus of this model is a large 5160 mAh battery and excellent sound, because stereo speakers are implemented. High performance is due to the use of the Snapdragon 860 processor. For the declared price, you can get a configuration with 6 gigabytes of RAM. The main camera has four modules, including a 48-megapixel matrix. The selfie camera, whose resolution reaches 20 megapixels, deserves special attention. Another advantage of this line is fast charging, the power of which is 33 watts.


  • there is an infrared port;
  • excellent battery;
  • refresh rate 120 Hz;
  • Snapdragon 860 processor;
  • front camera.


  • the sub-brand is still unknown.

Samsung Galaxy A52

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating 20213

This model attracts in almost all respects. Indeed, a good smartphone for all the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy A52 4G series. The model attracts with the presence of a clear screen using Super AMOLED technology with a frequency of 90 Hz. Under the display is a magnificent fingerprint scanner. There are four camera sensors available, including a 64MP lens, which is great for this price point. Implemented fast charging with a power of 25 W, which is enough for a 4500 mAh battery. Another feature of this phone is the protected housing IP-67. Particular attention should be paid to the front camera, which has a resolution of 32 megapixels, which is typical for the flagship sector.


  • Infinity-O screen;
  • refresh rate 90 Hz;
  • front camera sensor;
  • guarded guardianship;
  • fast charging.


  • not perfect sound

Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 ratings 20214

We are talking about one of the most balanced phones under 30 thousand, which attracts with worthy features in all respects: camera, screen, performance, design. The display is a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen with 600 nits of brightness. Resolution 2340 by 1080, with support for HDR technology. In a compact front cutout, there is a high-quality front camera, the resolution of which reaches 32 megapixels. The novelty is powered by a Snapdragon 710 processor with an Adreno 616 accelerator. I must say that 6 gigabytes of RAM are implemented, and in general, the performance is enough for games of any class. The amount of permanent storage in this modification is 128 gigabytes, which is also a good indicator. It’s hard not to notice the quality of the triple camera with 28MP, 8MP and 2MP. The images are really high quality. Only weak 9W fast charging is frustrating. However, the processor is quite energy efficient, with battery life averaging 18 hours. There is an NFC module.


  • blank screen;
  • good power;
  • memory size;
  • elegant display;
  • brightness level.


  • charging power.

OnePlus Nord 2

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating 20215

According to the Central Committee, the best smartphone of 2021 under 30,000 rubles is the phone branded OnePlus Nord 2. The phone attracts with a charging power of 65 W, which is “higher” than the competitors from this list. Another plus is the expensive display based on Fluid AMOLED technology. The refresh rate reaches 90Hz and there is a fingerprint scanner below the display. The main camera received three sensors, including a 50-megapixel main lens, a 2-megapixel monochrome sensor and an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens. A distinctive feature of this model is the MediaTek Dimensity 1200, which can be compared with the Snapdragon 865 chip. The battery capacity is 4500 mAh, and the fast charging time reaches about 30 minutes.


  • fast charging power;
  • excellent processor;
  • excellent exposure;
  • good camera;
  • good autonomy.


Smartphones with the best camera under 30,000 rubles

We understand that DxOMARK’s opinion is more authoritative than ours for today’s users, but we don’t solely focus on the dots represented by said resource versus optics. Why? Because the phone performs other actions besides sensors. And here it must be said that the US sanctions against Huawei and Honor have led to the fact that the demand for Chinese brand equipment has decreased due to the inability to use Google services. We cannot collect the entire list exclusively from the smartphones of these companies, although this would be fair, since they use the largest arrays and excellent stabilization in this category. This is partly what we did, but please note that the new products for 2020 lack useful options.

Realme 8 Pro

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating 20216

The Realme 8 Pro model, made in a frameless design, replenishes the rating of camera phones this year up to 30 thousand rubles. The screen is based on Super AMOLED technology and supports a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels. The main advantage of the phone is the premium main camera, the main sensor of which has a resolution of 108 megapixels. By purchasing this gadget, you can expect good performance as it uses the Snapdragon 720G chip. Another important parameter is charging, the power of which reaches 50 watts. This smartphone configuration boasts 6 gigabytes of RAM. As for the hardware component, then, of course, there are no restrictions on installing software and games.


  • good feature;
  • amount of RAM;
  • charging power;
  • 108 megapixel camera.


  • is the ninth generation.

Oppo Reno 3

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 ratings 20217

It’s no secret that OPPO has made great strides in the field of camera phones lately. This is confirmed by the OPPO Reno 3 phone, a successful model with 4 lenses on large arrays in terms of price and quality. The main camera has 48 MP, 13 MP, 8 MP and 2 MP. The depth sensor works well in this case. Keep in mind that the Ultra Clear mode makes the shots quite heavy, so you should not immediately save on the amount of memory. The viewing angle of the auxiliary sensor is slightly worse than Xiaomi, as is stabilization. At the same time, the quality of the 32-megapixel front camera deserves special attention, in which this model, of course, has no competitors in this price category. At the same time, the Ultra Night Selfie mode for night shooting deserves special attention. The rest of the hardware capabilities lag behind the main competitors – nothing special.


  • selfie camera;
  • good sound;
  • video mode;
  • elegant design;
  • great design.


  • simple processor.

Poco F3

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating 20218

Another mid-range flagship that attracts with a stylish camera that not many smartphone manufacturers can offer in the category for 30,000 rubles. The device of the Poco F3 series has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It has a really powerful Snapdragon 870 chip with Adreno 650 graphics and 6 gigabytes of RAM. It is worth noting a clear display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. It is also worth noting a good camera, the main sensor of which received 48 megapixels. Separately, I would like to note the many modes and details of pictures taken with the front camera, the resolution of which in this model reaches 20 megapixels. The model has an infrared port, other modern means of communication and 33W fast charging.


  • powerful processor;
  • frequency at 120 Hz;
  • fast charging;
  • modern communications;
  • front camera.


  • The brand hasn’t been talked about much in the media yet.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating 20219

The former leader in the segment of good phones under 30 thousand with an excellent camera is Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, the main feature of which is a rather large main camera matrix. In fact, it is the flagship main camera that has attracted the most audience attention in marketing ads. At the first check, the results were less rosy, since the number of cameras and their resolution are not the main indicator. However, as you can imagine, this is a high-end camera phone. In addition, it uses an excellent AMOLED screen, the refresh rate of which is 120 Hz, which indicates the ability to reproduce a very smooth picture. Another plus is a powerful 5020 mAh battery. The case is protected according to the IP53 standard.


  • guarded guardianship;
  • large battery;
  • good camera;
  • there is an infrared port;
  • fast charging.



The best smartphones under 30,000 rubles: TOP-10 rating of 202110

The smartphone with the best camera under 30 thousand rubles in 2021 is the Honor 30 model, equipped with 4 sensors on the back. The main 40 megapixel sensor is the Sony IMX600 which has a physical size of 1/1.7 inches. The main lens is supported by a large 8MP wide-angle sensor and an 8MP telephoto lens with OIS. The last sensor is a 2 megapixel macro module. Another positive feature of the model is a proprietary processor built using a 7nm process technology – this is the flagship Kirin 985 chip with 5G support. The hardware is paired with a Mali-G77 GPU accelerator. Pleased with the quality of the screen, the size of which reaches 6.53 inches. The screen resolution is 2400 x 1080 pixels with support for HDR10 + technology. The OLED matrix was taken as the basis, which clearly surpasses IPS in color reproduction and viewing angle. The battery capacity is 4000mAh, there is support for 40W fast charging with reverse power distribution to restore the power reserve of other gadgets (at 5W).

  • fast charging.
  • big screen;
  • good camera;
  • elegant design;
  • quality video;


How to choose a good smartphone under 30,000 rubles?

Finally, I want to say to those who do not know how to choose a good smartphone under 30 thousand that you need to start from your own interests, since the characteristics can differ significantly. We will cover the key points:

  1. main camera. At this price, Xiaomi and Huawei are the main competitors as Samsung offers camera phones at a higher price point and the S20 is proof of that.
  2. Screen. In the field of screen development, the advantage is undoubtedly with the South Korean manufacturer. If you choose between IPS and Amoled, the second technology is better in terms of color reproduction and viewing angle.
  3. Front camera. A less important parameter, and it must be said that almost all models on this list have more or less the same performance as selfie cameras with a resolution of 20 to 32 megapixels, but about the same modes, video quality, stabilization and aperture . The most commonly used sensors in this category are Sony.
  4. Performance. Many brands have their own chips. In this category, Huawei and Honor have the Kirin 980, which is more powerful than the competition. Other brands are more likely to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G (the exception is Samsung, which uses “snap” or “Exynos” at its own discretion for different regions. In fact, Qualcomm products are better than Exynos, and many users have already realized this, and wrote a petition to Mediatek P90 looks less prestigious than the competition, but it’s still a pretty good chip, which is used as an alternative by some Chinese manufacturers, including Oppo.
  5. Memory size. The choice of the amount of RAM and ROM should be approached individually, taking into account the main tasks that are set for the phone. So, for example, for a camera phone more than 6 gigabytes is of little use, but for gaming phones this figure can reach from 8 to 12 gigabytes – the more the better. As for the permanent memory, a lot depends on the resolution of the sensors. For Xiaomi with a 108-megapixel sensor, even 128 gigabytes will not seem like much, as the images are quite heavy.

Tips for Choosing a Mid-Range Smartphone

  1. Which gaming smartphone to choose up to 30,000 rubles? In this segment, worthy gadgets are offered by only a few manufacturers, including Asus (ROG line), Nubia and Xiaomi (Black Sharck). Models of the first brand are rarely found on sale in the Russian Federation (at least in white shops). The second brand has taken its niche relatively recently. Lenovo with its “Legion” looks very dignified, but in the premium segment. Obviously, the second-generation Chinese “black shark” on the 855th “dragon” seems to be the most advantageous. In addition, gamepads are already included in the package, so you do not need to buy controllers or triggers separately.
  2. What is the best phone for a husband for such a sum? The question is very subjective, as it is a topic that provides a personalized approach to buying. Based on the positioning of gadgets, Honor is more focused on young and active users, Huawei is more on practitioners, but both companies are leaders in this category in terms of camera parameters. In terms of functionality, of course, Xiaomi, but not everyone may like problems with ergonomics. For business people, the Samsung Note 10 (simplified version) is ideal, and if you need a secure phone, and if your spouse uses communication in extreme conditions, then it won’t hurt to take a closer look. Near Doodge S60 series and above (shockproof devices).
  3. Which camera phone is better than Honor or Huawei under 30 thousand? In fact, these are representatives of the same production, since Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei and their premium solutions are almost identical in terms of camera (identical, large sensors from Sony, optical stabilization, excellent light sensitivity). Differences in placement, design and other parameters, including the release date. It is more important to consider when exactly the gadget you liked was presented, since many lines are “knocked down” by a ban on the use of Google services.”

Which smartphone under 30 thousand is better to buy in 2022?

Therefore, according to the editors, in the current ranking of phones in this price category, the leaders are the following models:

  1. Best smartphone under 30,000 with a good battery: Poco X3 Pro;
  2. Good branded phone: Realme 8 Pro;
  3. Balanced in all respects model – OnePlus Nord 2;
  4. Smartphone under 30 thousand with the best camera: Honor 30.

If you have questions, you have not yet decided which smartphone to choose up to 30,000 rubles, perhaps the discussion or opinion of our specialist will help you, do not hesitate to ask questions, friends.


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