10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners – Vacuum Cleaner Rankings 2022


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We present the top 10 rating of the best car vacuum cleaners price – quality. The top 10 rating includes the most popular models of car vacuum cleaners in terms of price – quality. The rating of the best car vacuum cleaners is based on user reviews and expert opinion. This rating of car vacuum cleaners will help you make the right choice and buy the best car vacuum cleaner model.

10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20210

Many of us spend a lot of time inside the car. Therefore, it is not surprising that we do our best to make it comfortable, welcoming and clean. To do this, it is not at all necessary to use the services of a car wash often, it is enough to buy a high-quality car vacuum cleaner. And here, car owners usually face the problem of choosing a device that fully meets their needs. In our ranking of the best car vacuum cleaners of 2022, we take a look at the most popular devices.

The market for modern car vacuum cleaners is so rich and diverse that it is extremely difficult to choose one of the most suitable options from the many options. To get what you need, you need to pay attention to a number of parameters. Some models are designed for dry cleaning, while others are called detergents because of their ability to pick up liquids. In turn, dry cleaning devices according to the type of filter are divided into two types:

  1. With the ability to retain allergens and toxic substances (with a conventional filter).
  2. Due to a significant reduction in the amount of dust coming out of the vacuum cleaner (with aquafilter).

Car vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning are indispensable for high-quality general cleaning. They are able to clean the interior both from dry dirt in the form of dust, fluff, fluff and sand, and from wet dirt and snow (even melted snow).

Best Inexpensive Car Vacuum Cleaners

This selection features relatively low-cost solutions that we chose based on ease of use and reliability. We also paid due attention to the reviews of ordinary customers.

Bort BVC-95

10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20211

Value for money 75/100 Package contents 65/100 Power 65/100 Reliability 75/100 Ease of use 80/100 Total 72 A good entry-level model with a washable lightweight HEPA filter and a cable storage compartment, but there is not enough power.

With a lightweight and compact Bort BVC-95 car vacuum cleaner (800 g), you can easily wet or dry the car interior. The small size of the model allows you to clean hard-to-reach places. The 2.8m long power cable allows you to reach the furthest corners of your car without the need for an extension cable. The power of the device is 95 W, which is quite enough for effective cleaning of surfaces not only from dust, but also from sand, crumbs, and small debris. The device is powered from the on-board network, it does not require additional power sources. The model kit has a special narrow nozzle that allows you to clean the space between the seat and the back of the chair. It is in such places that most of the dust and dirt accumulates. A special internal compartment is provided for the power cable, which increases the convenience of transporting, transporting and storing equipment. The vacuum cleaner does not take up much space, you can take it with you on the road. This allows you to always keep the interior clean, quickly clean up spilled crumbs, small debris, tea, coffee and other accidentally spilled drinks. The device will become an indispensable assistant to the car owner in cleaning the car. The model is covered by a 5-year extended warranty and a 2-year standard warranty.

Extended warranty for professionals; washable HEPA filter; low price; light weight; lower average power; unpretentious design


10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20212

Convenience 85/100 Power 80/100 Complete series 65/100 Reliability 60/100 Price / quality 70/100 Total 72 A model with a minimal set of accessories, but a nice body (without unnecessary things) and a good level of performance.

The ZiPOWER PM-6515 vacuum cleaner model is designed for cleaning the car interior. This is a lightweight and convenient device that will provide effective cleaning of seat upholstery, floors, hard-to-reach places in the cabin and car trunk. Despite the small size, the device has a high power of 120 W, which makes it easy to deal with accidentally spilled dust, sand, small debris and even liquids. The 3 m power cable ensures freedom of movement. The device is also simplified due to its low weight, compact body, comfortable handle and power button. The car vacuum cleaner is connected to the on-board network through the cigarette lighter. In addition to the power cord, the model kit is equipped with a nozzle for cleaning surfaces from wool and lint, as well as a long hose for cleaning narrow areas and cracks. The level of filling the tank with debris allows you to monitor the transparent body.

Pros: long cable; good power; elegant design; works through the cigarette lighter Cons: brand popularity.

Daewoo Power Products DAVC150

10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20213

Reliability 70/100 Power 90/100 Options 75/100 Ease of use 70/100 Value for money 65/100 Total 74 Powerful model that can easily clean the interior of any car. However, the price is a bit on the high side, which smoothes out the 3 accessories in the set a bit.

If you do not know how to choose a quality vacuum cleaner for your car, you may be interested in the DAVC 150 series vacuum cleaner from Daewoo, which allows you to clean the interior and trunk of your car with high quality. High power and suction power allow you to clean surfaces from dust, sand, various contaminants. Stainless materials of manufacture, reliable insulation of electrical parts make it possible to use the device for wet cleaning, to collect accidentally spilled liquids. Thanks to a specially designed cyclone filter with internal baffles, the smallest particles of dirt and moisture are quickly absorbed and retained in the dust collector. The container is easily removed by pressing a button. The model set includes 3 accessories for various purposes. With the help of a crack, cracks and bottlenecks are removed. With the help of a rubber nozzle, stubborn dirt is removed, liquid is collected and purified. The bristle brush is designed for cleaning fabrics.

Pros: good design; High power; light weight; easy to understand; Cons: overpriced.

Kitfort KT-537

10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20214

Ease of use 90/100 Reliability 80/100 Equipment 75/100 Power 65/100 Value for money 95/100 Total Very handy model for dry cleaning with an elegant design and good equipment. The only concern is the low power.

Cleaning the car interior with a portable car vacuum cleaner Kitfort KT-537 will qualitatively clean the most remote and hard-to-reach areas from debris. The principle of operation of the device is based on cyclone technology, which provides high power and performance. At the same time, the model is distinguished by its aerodynamic shape, elegant design and ease of use. The device is powered by a car network connected to the onboard cigarette lighter. The vacuum cleaner does not take up much space, it can be stored in the car at any time. This will allow you to quickly remove spilled crumbs, sand that got into the cabin, drinks accidentally spilled during the trip. The functionality of the equipment is increased by 3 additional accessories with which you can clean tight spaces, fabric upholstery and collect spilled liquid.

Pros: elegant appearance; build quality; ease; functional model; Cons: low power.

Airline CYCLONE-3

10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20215

Ease of use 95/100 Productivity 100/100 Value for money 85/100 Reliability 75/100 Package contents 90/100 Total Probably the most convenient and powerful economical vacuum cleaner with a 6000 Pa boost.

The best budget vacuum cleaner for cars in 2021, in our opinion, is the indicated model. Airline CYCLONE-3 has become the most powerful handheld car vacuum cleaner with its special technology. The maximum vacuum pressure is 6 kPa, high suction power allows you to clean the surfaces of the cabin and luggage compartment from any small debris, including spilled liquids. The HEPA filter reliably retains particles of dust, dirt, moisture in the dust collector. The transparent basket has a removable spout. With it, it is convenient to shake the garbage without removing the dust box. The model kit includes a replaceable filter, a bag for carrying the device, 4 nozzles for various purposes.

Pros: great power; Compact size; moisture absorption; light weight; excellent equipment Cons: none.

The best car vacuum cleaners for price and quality

In this category, balanced models with excellent technical characteristics are presented. In doing so, we paid due attention to the usual customer comments, expert reviews and, based on our experience and understanding, tried to determine how the product corresponds to the declared price.


10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20216

Reliability 65/100 Package contents 90/100 Performance 70/100 Ease of use 70/100 Value for money 80/100 Total 75 Lightweight and comfortable device with a large range of accessories and an affordable price, but the assembly does not seem very reliable.

Model car vacuum cleaner BERKUT SVC-300 completes our rating of car vacuum cleaners with elegant design, high performance and ease of use. The functionality of the device allows for effective dry cleaning, completely cleaning the interior and trunk of the car from debris, dust, sand. The unit is equipped with a large dust collector. The multi-stage HEPA filter captures the smallest particles of dirt, allergens and other harmful substances in the bin. The long corrugated tube and optional extension tube provide freedom of movement when cleaning. For cleaning various materials, hard-to-reach places, narrow spaces between seats, backrests, the device is equipped with 4 connections. Autonomy of work is ensured by the ability to connect to the vehicle’s on-board electrical network. The robust housing reliably protects the built-in dust collector from damage. You can store and transport the device in a special bag included with the equipment.

Pros: HEPA filters; excellent accessories; offline work; good dust collector Cons: unpretentious body.

Xiaomi CleanFly Portable

10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20217

Reliability level 90/100 Convenience of the model 90/100 Value for money 70/100 Nozzles 55/100 Productivity 70/100 Total 75 Perhaps the most convenient and manageable compact model with a high level of reliability and efficiency, despite the modest configuration.

The interior and trunk of the car should be regularly cleaned of accumulated dust and debris. A good Xiaomi Cordless CleanFly Portable car vacuum cleaner will help you with this task. Despite its small size and weight (only 560 g), the device has a high suction power with a high vacuum of 5 kPa. The included flat nozzle helps clean gaps between seats and backrests. 2000 mAh battery, wireless technology guarantees complete autonomy of the device, its practicality and ease of use.

Pros: large battery; comfortable model; famous brand; service life Cons: low power; several accessories.


10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20218

Reliability 90/100 Value for money 75/100 Nozzles 95/100 Ease of use 65/100 Productivity 60/100 Total 77 With this model, you can really clean interior surfaces thanks to excellent nozzles. However, you can see a lot of negative reviews due to the low power of the device.

Another high-quality car vacuum cleaner in terms of price and quality is the VITEK VT-1811 model. The device stands out for its compact size, ease of use and attractive design. At the same time, it is powerful enough to clean the surfaces of the seats, the bottom of the trunk, the interior from accumulations of dust and sand. You can expand the functionality of the device by connecting an electric brush. Going on a journey with equipment, there is no need to constantly change garbage bags. The unit is equipped with an easy-to-clean dust container with a volume of 0.5 liters. The set of equipment includes three devices for cleaning hard-to-reach places, upholstered furniture, carpets.

Pluses: convenient fastenings; device efficiency; electric brush; Cons: poor performance; not a new model.

Heyner 243

10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 20219

Productivity 85/100 Equipment 85/100 Price / quality 65/100 Equipment reliability 80/100 Ease of use 85/100 Total 80 A powerful model that attracts with good performance. The main disadvantage is only the overpriced price.

If you are looking for a powerful car vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you pay attention to the product of the German brand Heyner, which belongs to a new generation of quality car cleaning equipment. The device is characterized by high performance, reliable assembly, modern design. The device is intended for dry cleaning of cabins, luggage racks of cars. A distinctive feature of the model is the presence of a turbo nozzle equipped with an electric drive. This part allows you to collect pet hair, thread, wool and other small debris from surfaces. By turning the brush roller, even stubborn dirt that is difficult to handle with a conventional car vacuum cleaner is removed. Unit power 105 W, vacuum pressure 19 mm Hg. Art is enough for a thorough cleaning of the floor, the gaps between the chairs from sand, particles of dirt, dust.

Pros: good power; durable construction; flexible model; worthy attacks; ease of use; Cons: high price.


10 best car vacuum cleaners - Rating 202110

Nozzle quality 80/100 Power and efficiency 90/100 Reliability level 95/100 Convenience of the vacuum cleaner 75/100 Price / quality ratio 90/100 Total 86 Probably the most reliable model with high power and high efficiency. The brand has considerable experience in the production of such equipment.

The best car vacuum cleaner of 2021, in our opinion, is the LACK DECKER PD1200AV model. The main purpose of this line is the cleaning of salons, luggage compartments of cars. High-quality cleaning of surfaces from small debris, dirt and dust particles is achieved thanks to a cyclone system with a power of 12.5 W, a volumetric dust collector of 0.56 liters. Unit weight 2 kg. Freedom and comfort of movement is guaranteed by a 5 m power cable. The device is easy to use and maintain. The functionality of the vacuum cleaner is expanded with a flexible hose, the presence of 2 nozzles for cleaning cracks and a fabric cover, the ability to work from a car cigarette lighter. Also included is a durable bag for storing and transporting tools and accessories.

Pros: The quality of the nozzle; Large dust collector; Convenient storage; Good power; Durable model. Cons: Big weight.

How to choose a good car vacuum cleaner?

Battery-operated appliances are ideal for those who want a compact and handy vacuum cleaner that is always at hand. Such devices do not have a wire, and their charge is enough for about 30 minutes of continuous operation. But keep in mind that a fully charged vacuum cleaner will suck up dust much better than, for example, half exhausted. Cigarette lighter-powered devices have much more power, which is especially important if you need to get rid of sand and wool. The advantages of such vacuum cleaners include the fact that they can be used for a longer time. The main disadvantages of this type are that working with them is limited by the length of the cable, as well as the fact that the battery charge is significantly reduced during prolonged cleaning. These days, there are also 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners that motorists consider the best option. If you do not know how to choose a good car vacuum cleaner, then also pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Strength. The higher the power with a high reliability indicator of a car vacuum cleaner, the better. Such a device will perfectly remove debris and dirt of various origins. To ensure that the suction power and the service life of the device are not reduced, the dust container must be emptied immediately.
  2. Hose. Considering models of vacuum cleaners, you should pay attention to the strength and elasticity of the corrugated hose. If you neglect these indicators, then in a frosty winter the pipe may simply break. It is also worth considering options for which the hose is not supplied at all.
  3. Containers for garbage collection. Bag-shaped – made of multilayer material and prevents the passage of dust. Washable container: very easy to install and allows you to see the accumulated dirt. Rope length. Considering models of vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to take into account the length of the car. But if the right device doesn’t have a long enough cable, an extension cord can come to the rescue.

Nozzles for car vacuum cleaners

All types of nozzles that come with a vacuum cleaner are extremely useful devices that allow you to penetrate into any corner of the car and perform all the necessary cleaning manipulations. Therefore, it would be wise to choose a device with the maximum number of them. The most common types of nozzles:

  • for matt and smooth surfaces with retractable bristles;
  • with a flat tip, for narrow and hard-to-reach places;
  • with stiff bristles that allow you to remove wool and hair from surfaces.

The experience of many car owners has shown that cleaning the interior with a car vacuum cleaner is much better than using a conventional household appliance. The cost of the device is formed taking into account such technical characteristics as power, ease of use, number of nozzles, etc. We hope that the above information will help you choose and purchase the best version of a car vacuum cleaner, which will greatly simplify the process of cleaning in the cabin.

What is the best car vacuum cleaner to buy in 2022?

Therefore, on sale you can find a fairly large range of auto products. If you are not sure which car vacuum to choose, we recommend that you pay due attention to the five main parameters on the basis of which we have compiled our conditional estimates. Our conclusion is:

  1. Good inexpensive car vacuum cleaner – Kitfort KT-537;
  2. An economical but reliable model is the CYCLONE-3 airline;
  3. High-quality and balanced device – Xiaomi CleanFly Portable;
  4. The best premium car vacuum cleaner is BLACK DECKER PD1200AV.


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