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10 best smart TVs - Rating 20210

Introducing the top 10 rating of the best smart TV TVs In this rating, we will help you choose the best TV with a smart TV function. Learn what is the best smart tv to buy in 2022. The best inexpensive budget smart TVs are presented, as well as premium models. The rating of the best smart TVs is based on user reviews and expert opinion.

Every day, major TV manufacturers are rapidly developing the 4K panel segment. Only South Korean manufacturers this year updated their collections with several lines of advanced SMART solutions at once. Given this circumstance, in our ranking of the best smart TVs in 2021, we decided to pay attention not only to the most popular models, but also to an overview of the main parameters that should be considered. Let’s start with a description of the types of matrices:

  1. OLED is the most expensive and advanced matrix that allows you to get images of the highest quality both in terms of viewing angle and color reproduction. The most real and rich black color deserves special attention.
  2. VA – ranks second in quality among other matrices, as it retains the backlight better due to the vertical arrangement of subpixels. As a result, we get better color reproduction than in the case of IPS. However, in terms of viewing angles, this matrix is ​​inferior to its main competitors.
  3. IPS and PLC are the most common types of matrices, attracting with an excellent price / quality ratio and a huge variety of different filters, the quality of which, as you understand, determines the final cost. This issue is discussed in more detail at the end.
  4. TFT is the cheapest option and is losing relevance every day. This matrix is ​​lower in almost all parameters, except for the price.

If you are interested in a smart model up to 32 inches, we recommend that you take a look at our rating of TVs for the kitchen, which presents the most compact solutions.

The best smart TVs from 43 to 49 inches

This section covers standard size TVs from 43 to 49 inches, as smaller 4K displays simply defeat the purpose of using such a detailed picture. It must be said that starting from 49 ″ it is worth paying attention to models with a frequency of 100 Hz for a smooth image. As for the matrix, we tried to choose different types: from PLC to QLED, realizing that our readers may have different budgets. As you understand, we have tried to find the best of what is on sale.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S

10 best smart TVs - Rating 20211

Our Top 10 Smart TV opens with a relatively cheap but good model from a Chinese manufacturer. Xiaomi Mi TV 4S panel with excellent LED backlight. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of supporting a functional and easy-to-use Smart TV. Dolby Audio surround sound technology is implemented: 10W stereo speakers are used, while the LCD screen has received HDR, a solid body and an overall stylish design. The panel looks at the level of its flagship counterparts and easily fits into the interior of any modern apartment or house. At the same time, the emphasis is on a low price, at which it is really difficult to find an alternative to the products of this brand. The screen resolution, as you understand, is 3840 by 2160 pixels, which indicates good frame detail.


  • low price;
  • convenient management;
  • good sound;
  • appearance.


  • simple matrix

Samsung The Serif QE43LS01TBU

10 best smart TVs - Rating 20212

The best 43-inch smart TV is the new Samsung The Serif QE43LS01TBU with 4K UHD 100Hz support. The model works on the basis of the Tizen operating system, attracts with improved functionality of SMART-TV. At the same time, the level of acoustics deserves special attention, which includes 4 speakers of 10 W each. That is, the total power reaches 40 W, and this is a very good indicator. Of course, there is Dolby Digital. The pleasant advantages of the technology include support for a wide range of formats – from MP3 to MKV, which provides convenient work with hard drives to watch your favorite video files. There is an optical output, CI module. The TV supports multi-screen mode, video recording and TimeShift function. The power of the quantum processor is enough to get a smooth image.


  • award matrix;
  • feature set;
  • support for multiple codecs;
  • sound power 40 watts.


NanoCell LG 49SM8500

Top 10 Smart TV - Rating 20213

If you are not sure which 49-inch TV with the best value for money to choose, we recommend that you take a look at the premium line of LG 49SM8500 with Smart TV function. The NanoCell series involves the use of an expensive IPS-matrix with a good coverage angle and beautiful color reproduction. Of particular note is CalMAN Calibration, Dolby Vision’s high-performance HDR working technology. Powerful a7 series Gen2 chip delivers smooth picture. Comfort of use is provided by the support of artificial intelligence from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Equipment is mounted using classic VESA brackets 200 × 200 mm. For acoustics, 2 speakers of 10 watts are responsible. It is extremely difficult to find fault with the convenience of the webOS operating system: there is support for Time Shift and a 4K Upscaling function.


  • expensive IPS-matrix;
  • good sound;
  • build quality;
  • many options.


  • it is hard to say.

Sony KD-49XF9005

Top 10 Smart TV - Rating 20214

Yes, it’s not the latest model, but we couldn’t lose sight of this manufacturer who uses really cool VA panels to produce their best 4K TVs. The 49-inch model works great with HDR. The matrix provides a good viewing angle, beautiful color reproduction. The manufacturer has traditionally paid attention to the functionality of its panel. This model is running Android OS. Another advantage is support for upscaling. This option is responsible for resizing the image. Communications include DLNA, live Wi-Fi and Miracast. There is a Time Shift.


  • bright appearance;
  • wireless connection;
  • excellent matrix;
  • full hdr.


  • not a new model.

Samsung QE49Q70RAU

Top 10 Smart TV - Rating 20215

The best value for money 49-inch smart TV in 2021 is the Samsung QE49Q70RAU with Dynamic Crystal Color and Dual LED. This is due to the high level of brightness and color reproduction of the panel. Excellent running smoothness is provided by a powerful chip. Another nice advantage is the really working High-Dynamic Range technology, which effectively expands the color gamut of the image: the smallest details are visible, despite the relatively modest size of the equipment. In terms of functionality at the highest level, everything is smooth. The manufacturer ships the panel with One Remote (region dependent) and Smart Hub platform. The interface is very convenient. Multi View mode allows you to split the screen into 2 parts, for example, to play and view content.


  • high power;
  • elegant design;
  • HDR quality;
  • good sound;
  • image clarity.


Best Smart TVs

And this section contains types of budget and peak matrices. As you understand, here we are interested in 55-inch TVs with support for the most popular resolution, although there are still models with Full HD on sale. It must be said right away that the low level of brightness in such large solutions directly indicates that the Extended Range (HDR) technology will not work perfectly. As for the industry of flagship solutions, here we have collected the maximum for key technical parameters.

Samsung UE55TU8500U

10 best smart TVs - Rating 20216

If you are looking for a 55-inch budget smart TV, we recommend that you check out the Samsung UE55TU8500U. Of course, the brightness is not enough for Full HDR to work, but for this price it’s nice to get a big screen with good color reproduction, high levels of smoothness and a sleek design. It is worth noting the pleasant aesthetic component of this TV, which manifests itself in a frameless design and relatively light weight. Among the useful technologies and options, the representative of the lower price segment received Dynamic Crystal Color and a number of useful communications, including WI-Fi and Bluetooth. An immersive experience when using a game console will create a Game Enhancer mode. The design includes a comfortable stand.


  • game improvement support;
  • bright design;
  • good sound;
  • smooth image.


  • cheap array.


Top 10 Smart TV - Rating 20217

This is already the middle segment, where image support really justifies the expectations of buyers. At the same time, LG’s 55-inch 4K TV is based on an OLED matrix and is not afraid of burnout. The downside is the 300 cd/m2 brightness level, so you can’t count on the full benefit of HDR10 technology. Probably, the manufacturer decided to compensate for this with an excellent viewing angle and a frequency of 120 Hz, it will be difficult even for a true gourmet to find fault with the smoothness of the image. The positive aspects of this technological product include the presence of fasteners in the kit, as well as a stylish appearance. The sound is fully consistent with the declared value.


  • OLED matrix;
  • good sound;
  • smooth image;
  • high detail.


  • average brightness.

Sony KD-55XG9505

10 best smart TVs - Rating 20218

Among other premium solutions, the Sony KD-55XG9505 remains the most worthy smart TV with a VA matrix for the bedroom. With this TV, no one will have to worry about the service life, and the brightness of 600 cd / m2 testifies to the full popularization of HDR technology. The color scheme and the image are simply magnificent. High smoothness of the course is provided with a frequency of 120 Hz. The static contrast level is 5000 by 1. It must be said that the manufacturer managed to fit expensive components into a 19 kg case, which can be mounted on the wall with VESA, included in the kit. The ergonomic design includes excellent LED lighting, which effectively contributes to a better perception of the entire color gamut.


  • color rendering;
  • brightness level;
  • good design;
  • great design.



10 best smart TVs - Rating 20219

Another balanced and quite good 55″ 4K SMART TV with high performance and visual parameters. The brightness level of this device is 720cd/2m, so there is headroom for HDR10. The sound power is 20 watts, and this is perhaps the only problem area, although the sound is quite clear. As for the benefits, there are many: Clear Voice III technology is implemented, with which you can significantly improve the quality of the dialogue without changing the background sound level. The frequency is 120 Hz, which indicates a really beautiful and smooth picture even when watching dynamic videos, including action movies and sports. The facility has a good subwoofer. The OLED matrix offers a maximum viewing angle and excellent color reproduction.


  • functional model;
  • good matrix;
  • viewing angle;
  • contrast level;
  • elegant design.


  • simple columns.

Samsung QE55Q95TAU

Top 10 Smart TVs - Ranking 202110

The best smart TV of 2021 is the new Samsung QE55Q95TAU, equipped with a powerful Quantum 4K processor capable of handling high frequencies. The result is an almost perfectly smooth image. AI 4K upscaling technology and digital noise reduction technology are reassuring. The high brightness values ​​automatically adjust according to the light level, which is a very useful option, as the backlight fades over time due to the constant use of high settings. In addition, the company paid due attention to functionality, taking into account the problems of the previous generation and customer feedback. Lost workers can be recovered by clarifying and improving the text. Contrast corresponds to Quantum HDR 16x.


  • automatic brightness control;
  • contrast level;
  • excellent matrix;
  • appearance;
  • expensive parts.


How to choose a good Smart TV?

It just comes from TV descriptions on manufacturers’ or dealers’ websites – a very dubious approach if you don’t know how to choose a good 4K TV. Often one has to read ridiculous praises, as well as unsubstantiated records of a number of parameters that do not matter. It is recommended to use a neutral resource. In particular, you can compare the key parameters of the models you like on DisplaySpecifications, but first we want to point out which features you should look out for:

  1. Matrix. The standard in the field of building large panels is the OLED matrix, which guarantees the clearest image, but keep in mind that they can be different, which manufacturers do not say. This must be taken into account, as budget solutions may run out (if you do not turn off the TVs, the same thing happens with the channel name icons in the corner). That is, over time, the model may remain on the panel. IPS panels let in more light than VA, but have a better viewing angle than even premium QLEDs. However, we refuse the second position in the VA structure.
  2. Backlight. There are three types: Full Array, Edge and Direct. The first option is considered the simplest and is combined with inexpensive light filters. The second option involves the use of side lighting (integrated into the frames). In the latter case, speakers are used and a backlight is installed. I must say that the more complex the backlight, the better the filter should be. Most often, budget models receive a weak combination of filters and backlighting, which provides low brightness at the output.
  3. Refresh rate – the higher this rate, the smoother and more realistic the image will be. If you like to watch action movies, then it is best to focus on models with a frequency of 100 Hz or more.
  4. Brightness. This parameter depends on the quality of the backlight and filters. It must be said right away that even the presence of HDR in budget models does not work fully if the indicator is less than 500 cd per square meter.
  5. Performance. This parameter takes the amount of RAM, processor, but it is easier to express in terms of image refresh rate, so we will not describe possible configurations.

Smart TV Tips from the Experts

  1. Which 4K TV manufacturer is the best? This is a subjective question, the answer to which depends on the budget and preferences of the user. The leaders in 4K TVs are Sony, Samsung and LG. If you are interested in the VA matrix, then the advantage is in favor of the first brand. At the same time, several SMART TV lines differ in functionality, proprietary technologies and other features. Therefore, we recommend that you compare your favorite models on the official DisplaySpecifications resource.
  2. How is QLED different from IPS and OLED? The vast majority of experts believe that this is just a marketing ploy. Basically, QLED is a premium VA technology with an expensive filter. Unfortunately, due to the fact that many users and “experts” do not dive into this problem, there is a lot of information on the Internet that is misleading. The color reproduction of the OLED matrix is ​​​​even better, as well as the viewing angle. It goes without saying that this technology, used in Samsung’s premium solutions, is better than its IPS counterparts, but also more expensive.
  3. How much does a good 4K TV cost? It depends on the selected matrix, its level, panel size, manufacturer, refresh rate and a number of other parameters. Xiaomi offers the cheapest solutions (among decent 4K TVs). Much of the marketing comes from Samsung and LG, who constantly like to come up with fancy names for their new products just to present a better filter. However, these brands offer the majority of product lines and often outperform Sony when it comes to value for money. The latter brand is a leader in the production of OLED TVs, as it uses really expensive but high-quality technologies.
  4. What features should be considered when choosing a 4K TV? It is important to understand that technical parameters alone will not allow you to have an idea of ​​the image quality. It is necessary to take into account not only the type of matrix, but also which filters are installed. For example, LG’s premium IPS matrices are called NanoCell. At the same time, cheap OLED displays tend to burn out. It is important to compare models using specialized resources. As for the main points, we do not recommend taking a TV with a diagonal of 49 inches or less with a frequency below 100 Hz, you can not neglect the quality of the backlight (if not an OLED matrix) and the brightness level. Note that a low brightness level means that the backlight fades quickly when using the maximum settings. Other key parameters are described in our assessment.

What is the best smart TV to buy in 2022?

Thus, there are many subtleties: from the matrix to the quality of the backlight and the level of filters. For this reason, it is clearly not worth relying solely on the features stated in the description. Beautiful names and sophisticated technologies that no one knows about are most often a marketing gimmick. We suggested a resource where you can get reliable data, told you what features to look for if you do not know which smart TV to buy. Finally, we just want to share our personal opinion about today’s leaders of the ranking:

  1. Best Smart TV for the Kitchen: Xiaomi Mi TV 4S
  2. A good 49-inch model is the Samsung QE49Q70RAU;
  3. Large TV with SMART TV for games – Sony KD-55XG9505;
  4. Best 55-inch 4K TV – Samsung QE55Q95TAU

It should be added that the number of ports, supported codecs (if you are watching content from a hard drive), the level of sound quality are of secondary importance, but no less important. You can compare and see the maximum information about a particular model on the previously indicated resource. Use it.


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