10 Best Freezers for Home – 2022 Ranking


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10 best freezers - 20210 ranking

Introducing the top 10 best freezers for the home. This rating will help you choose and buy an inexpensive good quality freezer that will delight you with long and reliable work.

A standard freezer in the refrigerator is not always enough to accommodate and store the required amount of food. As a result, you have to sacrifice free “squares” in the kitchen or in another room to accommodate additional equipment. In our ranking of the best freezers of 2021, we take a look at affordable and premium models that can get the job done.

It must be said right away that until now, users cannot make a choice and ask themselves which is better: a chest or a freezer? We are reviewing both options for the freezer, realizing that most users do not distinguish between the concepts. But the rooms, in our opinion, have a more advantageous (vertical) shape and are installed as classic or built-in refrigerators, which saves space in the living room. Cashiers, in turn, are more often used in shops and warehouses. However, there are exceptions if it needs to be placed not in the kitchen, but, for example, in another room. As for the technical characteristics, functionality and efficiency, there are few fundamental differences, other things being equal: it all depends on the manufacturer, price and other factors. So the answer to the previous question depends on the type of food you are going to store and the space available in your home.

Good inexpensive freezers

When buying an inexpensive refrigerator or trunk, it makes no sense to focus on functional solutions that, at an affordable price, will not be made of the most reliable materials. It is more important to take into account customer feedback regarding the service life of the equipment, reliability and stable operation. Fortunately, we managed to find decent devices with optimal performance. Including maintaining the optimum temperature for a long period of time.

Biryusa 112

10 best freezers - Rating 20211

Our top 10 freezers are opened by the Biryusa 112 model, whose rated power consumption is 65 W – this is a good indicator. The device is equipped with simple mechanical controls and a powerful compressor. R-600a is used as a refrigerant. It is important to note that the freezer is able to freeze up to 7 kilograms of food per day. In this case, the maximum temperature inside the chamber can be -18 degrees. Obviously, the manufacturer is confident in the quality of its equipment, which is justified by a three-year warranty. There are 3 quality food storage boxes. The beautiful design, made in white color, is perfect for any interior.


  • good performance;
  • affordable cost;
  • Energy consumption;
  • guarantee period;
  • shelf quality.


  • not ideal capacity.

Hansa FZ096.4

10 best freezers - ranking 20212

When considering cheap but good home freezers, it is recommended to evaluate at least one Hansa model. We are talking about the FZ096.4 series, a compact car weighing only 29 kilograms. The equipment has stable legs and a convenient swivel door from different sides. At the same time, specialists from a well-known brand paid attention to the strength and practicality of the mechanical control panel. Hansa FZ096.4 has a volume of 70 liters distributed over three parts of the interior space. Each of the three containers slides out. Operating noise 40 dB. It should be emphasized that the optimum temperature inside the chamber can be maintained for 12 hours after the equipment is turned off. Productivity 5 kg per day.


  • good performance;
  • the quality of the boxes;
  • accessible management;
  • good ability;
  • low noise level.


  • average yield.

Biryusa 155KX

10 best freezers - Rating 20213

If you are interested in a chest freezer for the home, it would not be out of place to draw your attention to the Biryusa 155KX model, which is perfect for placement in the hallway or in a large kitchen. Among the shortcomings, a rather significant energy consumption in the region of 365 kWh per year can be noted. The case is made of sufficiently high-quality materials, including wear-resistant plastic, metal and a durable coating. The reliable compressor can process up to 140 liters. In this case, the weight of the structure is 37 kilograms. The design has an additional basket. The minimum temperature can be -18 ° C. The control is, of course, manual.


  • light;
  • clean design;
  • good compressor


  • Energy consumption.

Tesler RF-90

10 best freezers - ranking 20214

Considering capacious freezers with a wide range of applications, I would like to note the advantages of the Tesler RF-90 model. In particular, this unit boasts 4 food storage compartments, respecting the principles of the “commodity district”. In this case, the total volume of equipment reaches 88 liters. Operated by simple yet durable rotary switches. You can set the minimum temperature to -24 degrees. At the same time, the cold storage time reaches 10 hours when freezing up to 4 kilograms of food per day. It is also worth noting the possibility of hanging the door. This device weighs about 30 kg and emits a maximum of 40 dB.


  • silent model;
  • many sections;
  • optimal power;
  • performance quality.


  • it’s not the best known brand.

ATLANT M 7402-100

The best budget freezer in 2021 is Atlant M 7402100. The model attracts with its modest size, but also with a large capacity. In fact, this is not enough to freeze and store food for a family of 3-4 people. Convenient baskets for berries, mushrooms and other winter preparations. At the same time, the model is distinguished by silent operation, and the productivity is 3 kilograms of food per day. Don’t jump to conclusions – this is a reliable and stable tool that can hold the temperature for many hours after being unplugged. The volume of boxes is 62 liters. The control is carried out using a small mechanical switch.


  • modest size;
  • good construction;
  • accessible management;
  • reliable manufacturer.


The best freezers for the home

Of course, in the most expensive segment, devices with higher power are presented. One of the main advantages is the ability to quickly freeze food. However, high performance often comes at a price. And it’s not just the starting price, but also the cost of electricity. It is worth saying that when choosing contenders for the title of top freezers, we also paid attention to the recommendations of experts and the opinion of ordinary buyers.

Indesit MFZ 10

10 best freezers - ranking 20215

The German manufacturer constantly pleases with large high-quality household appliances. It’s no surprise that the Indesit MFZ 10 is number one in this year’s freezer rankings, which is great for creating significant amounts of winter food. At the same time, the device has a high freezing capacity – 18 kg per day. It is worth evaluating the quality of super freezing: this mode has repeatedly proved its relevance in cases where it is necessary to quickly freeze food that has been stored in the freezer for a long time. There are four compartments inside. The design is quite reliable. In the event of an unexpected power outage, you won’t have to worry about ingredients spoiling for another 15 hours.


  • build quality;
  • superfreezing;
  • high power;
  • elegant design;
  • reliable brand.


  • Energy consumption.

Liebherr G 1223

10 best freezers - Rating 20216

In terms of price / quality ratio, the Liebherr G 1223 model is considered a good freezer for home use, the device has compact dimensions, high enough productivity to create blanks in the winter. Benefits include greater capacity and economy. A set of basic parameters favorably distinguishes the model from many analogues. However, not all buyers appreciated the design. Among the “strengths” of the freezer, in addition to Super Frost, the SmartFrost function should be highlighted. Patented technologies are controlled by convenient electronic controls. The LCD screen displays basic information, including the current temperature.


  • quiet work;
  • excellent opportunities;
  • quick freezing;
  • profitability;
  • good ability.


  • design is not suitable for all interiors.

Atlant M 7606-100 N

10 best freezers - Rating 20217

One of the most reliable No Frost freezers from Atlant today is the Atlant M 7606-100 H model, which differs from other analogues in its elegant design, ergonomic design and a volume of approximately 245 liters. There is enough space for family use up to 5 people. In addition, products can be stored at low temperatures, up to -18 degrees. The cold storage time, according to the manufacturer, reaches 20 hours (without power, of course). The freezer can freeze up to 12-13 kg of food, consuming about 303 kWh of energy per year. It meets the “A+” standard. The door is overcome, pleased with the uniform distribution of cold.


  • economical energy consumption;
  • no frost support;
  • economical consumption;
  • good performance.


Gorenje FN 61 CSY2W

10 best freezers - ranking 20218

We are talking about a reliable freezer from Gorenje called FN 61 CSY2WLED, which is distinguished by a wide range of applications. Attracts with excellent LED lighting. Provides several climate classes simultaneously, including SN, ST, N, T1. The energy efficiency class corresponds to A +. At the same time, the engineers of the well-known brand tried to make the aesthetic perception of the technology by the user as positive as possible. Capacity 243 liters. Implemented proprietary FastFreeze technology. At maximum power, the freezing rate of products reaches 18 kilograms per day. Noise level 42 dB.


  • economic model;
  • good quality;
  • excellent lighting;
  • compressor quality;
  • great capacity.


Indesit DFZ 5175

10 best freezers - Rating 20219

The best freezer of 2021 is the Indesit DFZ 5175, with FastFreeze stand and durable compressor. In addition to the start of intense freezing, it is nice to have a quick and automatic return to standard operation – minimal effort on the part of the user is required to complete the tasks. When the required temperature is reached, the model emits a sound signal and the indicator flashes. Another significant advantage of the technique is the volume adapted to the proportions of the box. This technology is called SpacePlus®. However, users can see the contents of the boxes. Energy efficiency class – A +. Please note that the capacity of the equipment is 12 kilograms per day with a capacity of 250 liters.


  • NoFrost technology;
  • SpacePlus® function;
  • compressor quality;
  • elegant design;
  • lifespan.


How to choose the right freezer for your home?

As mentioned in this post, you should first decide on the type of equipment if you do not know how to choose a good freezer for home use. In fact, many buyers are unaware of the difference between the following types of freezers:

  1. A freezer is a device designed for storing vegetables, berries and other food products and is characterized by a vertical arrangement. Therefore, the main advantage is space saving.
  2. The freezer display case is used for commercial purposes and has a transparent surface so that customers can see what’s inside.
  3. Ice Maker – designed exclusively for quick ice making in commercial establishments, even if some of them are used for other purposes.
  4. Chest freezer – similar to cabinets, but the location is horizontal. This technique occupies a large area.

You decided? In this case, it is worth paying due attention to other parameters:

  • volume – it is generally accepted that in everyday life you need 50 liters per user, but this is a conditional characteristic.
  • number of compartments – depends on the useful (not total) volume and rarely requires more than 3-5 compartments per house.
  • control – modern models have electronics, but they are also found with mechanical switches.
  • temperature – the threshold can be different, optimally both -12 ° C and -24 ° C. That is, here you need to proceed from specific goals.
  • keep cold – depends on the maximum threshold, power and size. It’s okay if the technique allows you to store at least -9 ° C for 12 hours, preferably from -18 ° C during the day.
  • functions – it is important that the equipment supports No Frost for ease of use, door indication, door closer. If you have a non-standard layout, the ability to go through the door will come in handy.
  • efficiency – characterized by energy consumption class. Optimal from A to A +++. The more benefits you have, the less you will pay for electricity.

What is the best freezer to buy in 2022?

Unfortunately, no one has yet been able to come up with an ideal technique for all key parameters. If you do not know which freezer to buy, then you will have to weigh the pros and cons, decide on the characteristics that are of fundamental importance in order to make the right choice. In particular, if you want quiet technology or performance is more important, an inexpensive device or freezing speed will be more suitable. In general, there are many criteria. As for the editorial opinion, we propose to summarize:

  1. The best budget freezer – Atlant M 7402100;
  2. Good budget trunk — turquoise 155KX;
  3. Reliable model with No Frost – Atlant M 7606-100 N;
  4. The best No Frost freezer is the Indesit DFZ 5175.

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