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When buying gadgets or equipment, we often rely on previous experience of use, or consult with owners of a similar device. And what about a necessary intimate product, which you don’t ask everyone about? In this case, the Hotline will help! We talk about what vibrators are and what functions it is important to pay attention to when choosing – in our material.

Top 10 vibrator models #1 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

When buying gadgets or equipment, we often rely on previous experience of use, or consult with owners of a similar device. And if you need an intimate product, which you don’t ask everyone about? In this case, the Hotline will help! We talk about what vibrators are and what functions it is important to pay attention to during the election – in our material.

The most popular representatives of this type are a classic vibrator, a rabbit vibrator and a vacuum stimulator. For variety, we have added a couple of interesting and popular models to our list.

Alive Be Wanded

Alive Be Wanded is a classic vibrator from the Spanish brand Alive. Model made of soft silicone, with a flexible massage head, length 20 cm, diameter at the widest point – 4.1 cm.

Due to its flexibility and small size, it can be used not only for external, but also for intravaginal stimulation.

Alive Be Wanded is easy to control – the power button and two control buttons will help you choose one of 16 different vibration modes.

IPX4 level of moisture protection, the model is not afraid of splashes.

The instructions are not included, but you can download them from the QR code on the back of the box.


  • ease of management;
  • power – can also be used to massage the neck, shoulders, etc.
  • the embossed handle will make it easy to hold with a wet hand;
  • perfect for fans of strong stimulation.
Alive Be Wanded Black (SO4474)

Vibrating massager • Length: 20 cm • Diameter: 4.1 cm • Material: silicone

1 138 – 1 454 UAH

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  • weak level of moisture protection;
  • plug charging;
  • not suitable for owners of an overly sensitive clitoral zone.
Top 10 vibrator models #2 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

The Alive Be Wanded Black vibrator has a power button and two control buttons to help you choose one of 16 different vibration modes

Svakom Mini Emma Plum

Svakom Mini Emma Plum is a representative of the classics with an unusual design from the popular Svakom brand.

The model has five vibration modes, in each of which the intensity can be adjusted. And, what is important, not only forward – there is an opportunity to rewind if it is a little “too much”.

One short press changes the intensity, two changes the mode. The vibrator is made of medically certified silicone.

Quite compact – 16.5 cm long, 3.7 cm at the widest point, and quiet – no more than 50 dB.

The model is waterproof, the moisture protection level is IPX6, this will allow you to use it in the shower.

The feature of the vibrator is a specially developed intelligent mode with transition from soft to intense vibration. The manufacturer claims that thanks to this regime, you are guaranteed to have an orgasm. Sound like a challenge?

The declared charging time is 1.5 hours, which provides up to 2 hours of enjoyment.

The set includes instructions, a quality certificate, a warranty, a charger and a storage bag.

Every Mini Emma Plum Red (SO4828)

Vibrating massager • Length: 16.5 cm • Diameter: 3.8 cm • Material: silicone

1 699 – 3 034 UAH

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  • unusual design;
  • intelligent mode;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • the powerful vibration of the head is well reflected in the handle, which during internal use will allow to expand the stimulation zones.


  • plug charger.
Top 10 vibrator models #3 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

The Svakom Mini Emma Plum Red vibrator changes the intensity with one short press, and the mode with two

Satisfyer Mini Secret Affair

Satisfyer Mini Secret Affair is a miniature and elegant vibrator in the form of lipstick.

The model measuring 14 x 3 cm and weighing only 82 g will be a reliable and inconspicuous travel companion.

The body is made of ABS plastic, the silicone part is hidden under a removable cap.

The vibrator can be used with or without a cap, changing the sensation according to your taste and mood.

The vibration is quite deep, it is turned on by a tiny turn on the axis.

Only after turning on, a touch button appears on the case, which is invisible when it is turned off.

Such control may cause certain questions, for this case there is an instruction in the kit.

The vibrator is waterproof, IPX7 level of moisture protection, so it can be used not only in bed, but also in the shower or a relaxing bath.


  • touch control function;
  • road lock;
  • magnetic charging;
  • 15 vibration modes.
Satisfyer Mini Secret Affair (SO3574)

Clitoris vibrator • Length: 14 cm • Diameter: 3 cm • Material: silicone

860 – 1 473 UAH

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  • does not hold a charge for a long time – about 60 minutes;
  • the inclusion mechanism is not intuitive, but it is quite simple to understand.
Top 10 vibrator models #4 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

Satisfyer Mini Secret Affair – a miniature and elegant vibrator in the form of a lipstick, the model has 15 vibration modes


Dorcel RABBIT EXPERT G is a rabbit vibrator from the French brand Dorcel.

Its vaginal part of a specially developed anatomical shape is designed for maximum stimulation of the G-spot. And the motor in the outer part will not leave out the clitoris area.

The model has a stylish design in black and gold tones, the vibrator is made according to the “nothing extra” principle.

It is charged from the network or a laptop using plug charging. Easy to control – with the help of just one button, you can choose one of 10 vibration modes.


  • laconic design;
  • smooth streamlined shape;
  • two powerful motors.
Marc Dorcel Vibrator Dorcel RABBIT EXPERT G (SO2137)

Rabbit vibrator • Length: 19 cm • Diameter: 2.9 cm • Material: silicone

2 353 – 2 783 UAH

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  • it is not possible to separately adjust the modes of the external and internal parts – this type of stimulation is not suitable for everyone;
  • short length of the inserted part – only 110 mm.
Top 10 vibrator models #5 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

With the Dorcel RABBIT EXPERT G vibrator, you can choose one of 10 modes with just one button

Lovense Nora

There are also more technological models in this field. For example, the Lovense Nora vibrator from the Lovense brand.

The main difference between the toys of this manufacturer is that they can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

Your partner can control your orgasms from a distance if he installs a special application on his phone and connects to the vibrator according to the instructions.

The model is made of soft silicone with an ABS plastic handle. You can’t call it tiny – the size is 23.5 x 12.3 cm and the weight is 380 g.

Nora has three head rotation modes and three attachment vibration modes. They are controlled cyclically by separate keys located on the handle of the toy.

You can also take a shower with it – the IPX6 model is moisture-proof.

The vibrator is charged using magnetic charging in 2.5 hours, which will provide about 2 hours of work at low speed.


  • the possibility of control from a partner’s smartphone;
  • magnetic charging;
  • well felt rotation.
Lovense Nora, Pink (nora1)

Rabbit vibrator • Length: 25.5 cm • Diameter: 3.7 cm • Material: silicone, … unfold

3 999 – 5 649 UAH

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  • only the appendage has a vibration mode, so it will be difficult to use it as a vibrator only to stimulate the clitoris;
  • the high price.
Top 10 vibrator models #6 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

The Lovense Nora vibrator can be controlled from a partner’s smartphone

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Satisfyer Pro Traveler is another pleasant companion when you are on vacation or on a business trip.

The model is stylish, compact 9.8 x 4, 6 x 3, 6 cm, light – 56 g, fully waterproof – IPX7.

The control buttons are located on the inside and are reliably protected from accidental activation by a cover with a magnetic lock.

With their help, you can set one of 11 stimulation modes.

An important nuance: a vacuum stimulator is sometimes called an oral stimulator. It feels very different from an ordinary vibrator due to a different principle of influence. It’s hard to explain the difference in words, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler (SO1831) (4049369015900)

Clitoral vibrator • Length: 9.8 cm • Diameter: 3.6 cm • Material: plastic, … unfold

949 – 2 278 UAH

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  • compactness;
  • road lock


  • control buttons from the inside – it is inconvenient to switch during use.
Top 10 vibrator models #7 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

the compact Satisfyer Pro Traveler vacuum stimulator has 11 stimulation modes

Womanizer Premium Red

Womanizer Premium Red is the most expensive representative of today’s top ten. The German company Womanizer was the first to develop the very technology of vacuum stimulators. So it is not surprising that they are more involved in the study and development of this type of toy than other brands.

The set includes two variable nozzles of different heights.

The model already has magnetic charging, which is standard for this class of toys, 12 modes of operation, with the ability to switch programs both forward and backward, complete waterproofing.

The unique feature of the vibrator is the innovative Smart Silence technology declared by the manufacturer. In this mode, it only starts when it comes in contact with the skin.

If you move the toy aside, it goes into standby mode. This allows you to reduce the noise level and not be distracted by turning it on and off.

The manufacturer also took care of solo play – there is an autopilot function, in which the vibrator switches modes in an arbitrary way.

Womanizer Premium Red (SO2827)

Clitoris vibrator • Length: 15.5 cm • Diameter: 3.5 cm • Material: Silicone

5 999 – 8 584 UAH

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  • quiet work;
  • the ability not to be distracted during sex with a partner to turn on/off, but to connect to the game at will;
  • convenient management.


  • price.
Top 10 vibrator models #8 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

The vacuum stimulator Womanizer Premium Red has magnetic charging, 12 modes of operation, with the ability to switch programs both forward and backward, fully waterproof

Satisfyer Double Joy White

Satisfyer Double Joy White is a smart representative of vibrators for couples from Satisfyer. A partner will be able to control it both next to you and with the help of a smartphone, being hundreds of kilometers away.

When controlling the buttons, you can choose one of 10 vibration modes. And with the help of the program, you can control each motor separately and as you like – at least manually, at least by setting the rhythm of your favorite song.

The U-shaped shape allows you to stimulate not only inside, but also outside, providing stimulation of both the clitoris and the G-spot with the help of two motors.

A thin bridge with a special hollow will allow you to comfortably use the vibrator in a couple.


  • powerful;
  • perfect for couples;
  • control from a smartphone.
Satisfyer Double Joy White (SO3897)

Double vibrator • Length: 7.5 cm • Diameter: 3.3 cm • Material: silicone

1 383 – 1 999 UAH

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  • this form of vibrator will not suit everyone due to individual anatomical features. The stimulating zone of the vibrator may not hit the appropriate area of ​​your body. And you can choose “your” vibrator of this type only by selection.
Top 10 vibrator models #9 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

The Satisfyer Double Joy White vibrator is controlled from a smartphone, making it perfect for couples

Lovense Lush 3

Speaking of vibrators, one cannot fail to mention vibratory eggs. For example, Lovense Lush 3 from the already familiar brand Lovense.

Unlike its predecessors Lush and Lush 2, this model has a more powerful motor, increased control distance, more stable connection and magnetic charging.

The rigid bend of the tail allows you not to worry that the toy will shift in the process, or fall deeper than necessary.

With the button on the tail, you can turn on the egg and choose one of the 7 preset modes. By the way, always pay attention to exactly this location of the button – believe me, you will appreciate it during use.

The model is definitely interesting for an inconspicuous game in a public place, or for couples who are far from each other. All threads of managing your pleasure will be in your partner’s smartphone.

Lovense Lush 3 (SO4562) (0728360599728)

Egg vibrator • Length: 18.2 cm • Diameter: 3.5 cm • Material: silicone

4 000 – 4 939 UAH

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  • practically silent – 43 dB;
  • moisture protection IPX7;
  • an almost infinite number of programs during control from a smartphone;
  • the declared working time is 4-4.5 hours.


  • price.
Top 10 vibrator models #10 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

Lovense Lush 3 vibrating egg works almost silently, and when controlled from a smartphone, the model has an almost infinite number of programs

Satisfyer Lay-On – Sweet Treat

Satisfyer Lay-On – Sweet Treat is a practical and very cute vibrator in the shape of an ice cream. Due to its unusual appearance, the model will be a great gift.

The glass is made of ABS plastic, and the petals are made of high-quality silicone.

You can stimulate both with the ribs – then the sensations will be stronger, and with the tip – for gentler stimulation.

The vibrator is completely waterproof, you can adjust not only the rotation modes, but also the speed – there is room for imagination.

Unlike vacuum stimulators, you won’t be able to get a quick orgasm with this model, but it will be very useful for gentle preliminary caresses of various sensitive areas.


  • unusual design;
  • the ability to stimulate both the clitoral zone and any others who will be pleased by his gentle touches.
Satisfyer Lay-On – Sweet Treat Pink/Brown SO3552

Clitoral vibrator • Length: 10.4 cm • Diameter: 5.6 cm • Material: … unfold

1 119 – 1 599 UAH

Compare prices


  • suitable only for external stimulation;
  • will be able to provide an orgasm only to fans of very gentle stimulation.
Top 10 vibrator models #11 - blog photo (buyer's guide)

Satisfyer Lay-On – Sweet Treat is a practical and cute vibrator in the shape of an ice cream

Whichever vibrator you choose, remember two important rules: for their use, choose only water-based lubricants and do not forget about toy care products. This way you will make their use pleasant and safe.

We wish you a pleasant, in all senses, choice, and successful shopping with Hotline!

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TOP-10 Vibrators

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