Snapchat introduces Spectacles – smart glasses for MOYO broadcasts


According to The Journal, with the help of such a device it will be possible to record short videos “from the first person” using an embedded camera with a viewing angle of about 115 degrees (yes, almost like our eye!). To start recording, just press the neat button located on the body of the glasses. The maximum recording time is 30 seconds, but the developers promise that 10 seconds will be enough for full-fledged work.

The videos come out with rounded edges, apparently the creators tried to imitate the way we see the world around us with our own eyes. After shooting a video, you can immediately send it to your smartphone and share it on social networks. By the way, a separate specialized section even appeared in the Snapchat application for this type of content!

In addition to the camera itself, the developers have introduced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules into the glasses to connect them with an iOS or Android smartphone (the main thing is that the Snapchat messenger is pre-installed on the device). Glasses are available in three colors: coral, turquoise and classic black. The price is still $129, but price increases are not excluded.

By the way, another event coincided with the start of sales – the name change of the entire corporation to Snap Inc. And this, of course, is not a coincidence. In this way, the company marked the expansion of its field of activity and the intention to deal not only with messengers, but also with gadgets. Representatives of Snap Inc. state that the company’s philosophy is to rethink and improve the possibilities of human communication.


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