Asus Zenbo cutest robot assistant


Outwardly, the robot is very funny – a cute ball-body with maneuverable wheels, and higher on a thin neck – a head with a flat touch screen. The funny face of the robot, in addition to expressing emotions, works as an interaction interface – you can type commands on this touchscreen, choose and order goods, and much more. You can also watch photos and videos on it.

The robot is positioned as a home assistant for everyone. It connects to all smart devices in the apartment and helps you control them remotely.

Zenbo can drive around the apartment on its own or follow your voice commands.

Asus has provided the robot with a useful feature for its use by people of the older generation. In case of an accidental fall, the robot immediately sends an SOS signal to the selected number and takes a photo of the place of the fall to immediately orient the person in the event.

Another usage scenario is provided for children – the robot can tell fairy tales, sing lullabies and dance to music. And various interactive games will do Zenbo the child’s favorite teacher.

The cost of such a small miracle of technology is relatively low, as for a robot with many functions – 599 dollars. It is not yet available for sale, but you can see many other interactive robots on our website.


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