Wristwatch – now on the .ua website!


What is time anyway? Whatever it is, now a person must manage ten times more for its unit than the same 100 years ago. For this, it is always important to know what time it is now and how much time is left until the next deadline.

Today, this function is successfully performed by a smartphone, but this does not mean that the wristwatch is obsolete. They remain in fashion and now occupy a different niche. A niche of accessories that reflect the image of their owner and his status in society.

So we just couldn’t stay away. The new section of the Moyo.ua website presents quartz and mechanical watches of various brands and with all types of display (digital/analog/mixed). This means that any style and lifestyle can be decorated with an interesting and useful addition.

Among the positions there is a watch on a classic belt and on a youth fashion bracelet. Connoisseurs of classic watches can find unkilled plastic G-Shock from Casio, and exquisite Swiss Balmain, as well as democratic polymer Q & Q from Japan. Men and women can make a choice here, for themselves or as a gift.

The collection is constantly updated. Of course, all models of wristwatches are guaranteed, so you can not worry about quality and focus on your own style.


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