The new blue and yellow ASUS Zenbook 3 is MOYO’s most patriotic laptop


The love for folk design and patriotic themes was first of all reflected in clothes and accessories, but gadgets were not overlooked either. The new blue and yellow ASUS Zenbook 3 is probably the most patriotic laptop ever. Even the deputies want this gift for their Christmas tree. Don’t ask how I learned that.

ASUS Zenbook 3 design combines elegance and performance. Impeccable design, equipment and materials – all this about Zenbook 3. It is enough to look at the design to say: “I want Zenbook 3”.

Zenbook 3 is ultra-thin and ultra-light. An Intel Core processor, 4 GB of system memory and 256 GB of storage capacity, an ultrabook with these characteristics will cope with the tasks, regardless of their complexity.

Autonomy is an important indicator for high-end laptops. The ultrabook is equipped with a 40 Wh battery, as well as a cooling system that will provide up to 9 hours of operation without recharging. Zenbook 3 can stay in sleep mode without additional charging for up to two weeks. If you had a case, you worked, did not save any information, and the laptop discharged and all efforts went nowhere, then in this ultrabook, if the charge level reached below 5%, the information will be automatically saved to the hard disk.

ASUS Zenbook 3 is the perfect combination of stylish design and high performance. Hurry up to buy at MOYO!


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