Sony presented new TV models with 4K support


Sony announced new products – BRAVIA OLED A1 series and a line of 4K HDR TVs.

New products of the A1 series can boast of a high-quality OLED display, a powerful processor and a unique acoustics system. Due to the new display and processor, incredibly realistic color rendering is achieved. As for the sound, Sony tried their best. We all know that a high-quality picture is not a guarantee of success. Sound is an important element when watching your favorite movies, shows, music videos. Acoustic Surface technology allows sound to be emitted not from the speakers, but from their very display plane. Thanks to this, the picture and sound effects merge into one, of course, if a bear has not stepped on your ear.

As for the XE93 series, it uses Slim Backlight Drive + technology, which guarantees a more precise control of local dimming and provides 10 times better image contrast than standard TV screens.

The design of the XE94/XE93 models is thought out down to the last detail. All cables are now hidden inside the stand. I’m sure you don’t like all those wires getting in the way either. But what then with the ability to connect external devices? And here everything is quite simple, individual TV panels are very easy to remove. At the same time, the TV looks stylish and remains functional.


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