QLED TVs from Samsung are a new era in the world of home entertainment


Samsung company pleased consumers with such news at the international exhibition. The new line includes 3 models: Q9, Q8 and Q7.

All over the world, when choosing TVs, the priority is image quality. Technologies do not stand still, Samsung went even further by offering QLED TVs that reproduce color in 100% volume.

Incredibly realistic image, colors and details. The new line uses the so-called Quantum Dot, the metal material of quantum dots. This technology allows you to display the most subtle differences in color with respect to brightness. At the same time, the brightness does not depend on the quality of the image, the viewing angle and how well lit the room in which this TV is located.

They did not stop at improving the image quality, they also worked on the design. We often struggle with the problem of where to hide all the wires that go from the TV. The problem is solved by one invention – “Invisible Connection”. This is a transparent wire through which all the necessary wires will be connected to the TV.

And of course, Samsung did not forget about Smart TV. Now you can control all devices connected to your TV from your phone. Choose, turn on your favorite programs, set reminders, everything is very simple, convenient and affordable.


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