Presented DJI Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro – aerobatics for MOYO video production


A radically new step was the addition of a separate camera for the convenience of piloting. The main camera is still the same Zenmuse, in two variations – X4S or X5s – on a three-axis suspension with stabilization.

The maximum speed of the Inspire 2 is 108 km/h (compared to the Inspire 1 and its 80 km/h – it’s just heaven and earth). Lovers of pressing the pedal to the floor, appreciate the acceleration – from zero to 80 km/h takes just 4 seconds.

The coolest upgrade affected the battery – the flight time was almost doubled from 18 to 27 minutes. Given the serious updates in terms of engines, you will get an unreal flight experience. Buy Inspire 2 in the standard configuration without a camera will be available only at the beginning of next year at a price of 3399 euros.

Phantom 4 Pro is a familiar pumped-up version of the fourth “phantom”. The 20 MP camera received a mechanical shutter that reduces artifacts due to sharp changes in trajectories. As for the video, the copter is simply great with the ability to shoot video in the now common 4K format at a high frame rate of 60 fps.

The Phantom 4 Pro battery will last you about 30 minutes of flight. Sports mode unleashes the beast, which speeds up to 72 km/h, but if you want the drone to fly around obstacles, you will have to fly in standard mode no faster than 50 km/h.

The FlightAutonomy obstacle recognition system has also been updated. Its main difference from the previous version is the ability to recognize obstacles not only in front, but also behind. It will be possible to buy Phantom 4 Pro already in December of this year at prices starting from 1,699 euros.

While we are just waiting for deliveries of new cool copters. If super performance isn’t your thing, but compactness is your thing, you can check out our Mavic Pro review. Maybe you want this baby for yourself!


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