Mixing old and new: new from Marshall! MOYO


Design aside, these two Bluetooth models are otherwise very, very similar. Just like the Major II Bluetooth, the Mid Bluetooth offers the listener 40 mm speakers and Bluetooth AptX audio (high quality sound transmission), and the built-in battery can withstand a crazy 30 hours of fully autonomous operation on a single charge. But even if the headphones suddenly run out of power on the way, the included there is a cord with a 3.5 mm connector to continue listening to music without interference, but already in wired mode.

By the way, since it is impossible to listen to music together with this form of headphones, the manufacturers provided a special feature. Your boyfriend or girlfriend simply connects their wired headphones to your Marshall Mid Bluetooth via a cable to watch a movie or listen to music in good company.

This model of headphones is controlled by just one small button. It has the functions of adjusting the volume, stopping and continuing playback, and, of course, answering incoming calls.

According to Marshall, all this joy costs $199, as much as $50 more than the almost identical Major II Bluetooth. But it seems that such a price is set at the expense of a more interesting and convenient design. Let’s see how it works for users!


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