LG presented a new innovative line of OLED TVs


Let’s continue to talk about the exhibition CES – 2017 and the brightest novelties of this year. We cannot ignore the leaders in the production of thin OLED TVs, the LG company, they especially stood out against the background of others this year.

The flagship of the OLED TV line is the winner of the “best innovations” nomination – LG SIGNATURE OLED 77W7 (a total of 10 models are presented). New OLED TVs have a number of technologies that turn an ordinary TV into a full-fledged entertainment center. We all love to watch movies in cinemas, arguing for this with a high-quality picture and realistic sound. You can forget about cinemas, because HDR technologies, which are used in the most modern cinemas around the world, are also implemented in this system.

If we talk about image quality, it is worth paying attention to the technology of managing each pixel separately. This allows you to achieve the most realistic color rendering.

In the line of OLED TVs, Dolby Atmos is installed for the first time. Perfect sound quality combined with a realistic image allows you to fully enjoy your favorite content.

The ultra-thin design confirms the company’s philosophy: the thinner, the better. Nothing distracts attention from the TV screen, and the perfect sound from the vertical projection speakers will create the effect of full presence.

The new line combines the company’s many years of experience and innovation.


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