Cool compact DJI Mavic Pro drone – take it with you on a trip!


The flight range of the new drone has been increased to 7 kilometers with HD image transmission, while streaming in Full HD the range is slightly reduced. The maximum speed of the drone is 65 km/h, and the built-in battery is enough for almost half an hour of continuous flight, which can be compared with large, serious quadcopter models.

Just like the Phantom 4, the presented baby is able to fly indoors, focusing on the readings of sensors, and for orientation in the open air, it catches signals from 20 satellites at the same time. In addition, there are several options for “Follow” mode, so that the Mavic Pro takes care of all the technical aspects of shooting.

The capabilities of the Mavic Pro in terms of shooting are also impressive – the camera is equipped with a three-axis stabilization gimbal to create a smooth video recorded in 4K format. Photos are taken with a maximum resolution of 12 MP in DNG RAW format.

In terms of control, this is the most convenient device, because you can pilot the copter from a remote control, from a smartphone, and even with the help of an FPV helmet DJI Goggles. This is really something new and clearly cool, because the helmet transmits a picture in 1080p, so you can fully enjoy the feeling of flight and spectacular views.


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