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The DREAM series allows you to start learning about the surrounding world in kinematics, the laws of physics and getting to know electricity. It is divided into 4 levels:

DREAM LEVEL 1, from the first level you can assemble 12 structures according to the instructions in the set. LEVEL 2, 3 and 4 are additions to LEVEL 1, they further expand the horizons of the child. With their help, he will understand what force, acceleration, speed are, how to turn rotary motion into translational motion, how a lever works, etc.

The STEM series builder has a controller (STM) that you can program yourself, and you can also use the factory firmware if the robot is assembled according to the instructions. The designs of this series are much more complicated, but also more interesting! Such a designer can be interesting not only to a schoolboy or student, but also to an adult and even a pensioner, because with its help you can create a robotic car, a tracked tank, a spider and even a catapult!

Both series of constructors do not require soldering during assembly, and the mechanical parts are connected using reusable rivets, which are very easy to install and remove with a special tool.

The Robotis company, in addition to the DREAM and STEM series, offers even more complex, but also more interesting constructors. Robotis Mini – a small humanoid robot with the ability to program movements or more complex – Robotis Premium Kit, from which you can collect 29 modifications, including a humanoid robot with 18 Dynamixel servo motors, a spider, a scorpion, a dinosaur and so on!


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