CES 2017: routers from TP-Link


All the attention of technology lovers is focused on the CES 2017 exhibition. There are so many new innovative gadgets that the eyes run wild. Well, let’s draw your attention to developments from the TP-Link company, where would we go today without a Wi-Fi network?

AC2300 gigabit router supports Wave 2 Wi-Fi classification. What does it mean? You can easily watch movies and enjoy the latest games. The principle of operation of this technology is very simple. The router exchanges data with all gadgets at the same time. Thus, it is possible to increase the throughput and the number of communication channels with each gadget. In addition to the fact that the router guarantees that data will be exchanged with all gadgets at the same time, it also chooses the optimal frequency range for each of them. Another big plus, you can independently choose the priority for content or assign bandwidth for gadgets.

If you have been experiencing the problem of “dead zones”, somewhere in your house does not catch Wi-Fi? Universal signal amplifier RE650 will easily spread the signal of the Wi-Fi network around the entire perimeter of the house/office.


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