Novelty of robotics Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit 2.0


This is the flagship model from Makeblock for students, teachers and everyone who is interested in engineering, mechanics, programming, as well as everyone who is passionate about Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit 2.0 will allow you to assemble 10 standard constructions according to the instructions. And thanks to high compatibility, you can realize your own idea.

This robot is good for learning electronics, graphics programming, robotics, and programming with Arduino or Python. Wireless control via Bluetooth will allow you to control your robot from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

From standard designs, you can assemble:
1. a robotic arm that can move with the help of a crawler and pick up objects. Maybe you can teach her to bring slippers.

2. Work as a bartender. I have nothing to add here.

3. Video rail. You can install a camera or smartphone on the chassis and start shooting your action movie.

4. Platform for panoramic shooting. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees and allows you to shoot in 3D.
5. Balancing robot. He moves and balances on two wheels, like a real motorcycle racer. Well, or almost like a motorcycle racer.
6. catapults. And the scale of battles will be limited only by your stocks of building materials and readiness to hold a siege.
7. Robot-ants. Children will especially like the active worker.
8. Tank. Ideal for boys from 3 to 100 years old.


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