Cloud camera and charger from TP-Link MOYO


Novelties from TP-Link – cloud camera and universal charging.

The NC450 is a multi-functional cloud camera. It is equipped with an HD matrix that guarantees high image quality even at night.

The camera has the ability to shoot video with coverage in 360° thanks to the placement of the lens on a moving platform. If you are monitoring your home away from home, if noise or movement is detected in the room, the device will immediately send you a message via e-mail or FTP.

The device can be used as a webcam, thanks to the presence of a microphone and a speaker. You can easily communicate with your family and friends.

Another novelty from TP-Link is the UP540 universal charger. It has 5 ports and a fairly compact size, so it will easily fit in your backpack and become an excellent travel companion.

TP-Link UP540 has a fast charging function and is suitable for all gadgets with a USB port.


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