At MWC, a simply unreal LG G6 smartphone was shown – a huge frameless screen


The new G6 was called Full Vision – and for a reason! Here you can talk about design and display for hours. But we will try to tell as briefly as possible.

The large 5.7-inch display occupies almost the entire surface. Its originality is also in the specific resolution – 18: 9, which has a positive effect on ergonomics. So it is quite convenient to control the smartphone with one hand, although its diagonal is more than significant. The resolution of 2880×1440 creates a pixel density of the order of 565 ppi, so that individual pixels cannot be considered.

The strength of the new flagship is provided by Gorilla Glass 5 and an aluminum frame along the contour. And the smartphone was also equipped with dust and moisture protection according to the IP68 standard, which is relevant for flagships.

There are two main cameras here, as in last year’s G5. Both with 13 MP matrices, the difference is in optics – some lenses are wide-angle with a coverage of 125 degrees, and others, so to speak, are normal – with a coverage of 71 degrees.

The front camera is also wide-angle – with 100-degree coverage, so you, a couple of your best friends, and the Eiffel Tower, against which you take a selfie, will fit into the frame.

The smartphone runs on the Snapdragon 821, motivated by the fact that the optimal use of resources is more important than individual power. And with optimization and useful things, everything is excellent at LG. Oh, they even brought the fresh Android 7.0 Nougat with Google Assistant. The updated interface was called Full-screen UX, once again emphasizing the coolness of the display, for which even the shell is not difficult to redo. In fact, it was redesigned due to the specific resolution of the display, but appreciate the coolness of this step – a completely unique interface only in your model!

Even inside the new G6 you can find 4 GB of RAM, 32/64 GB of built-in memory plus a microSD slot. The battery in the smartphone is 3300 mAh, so the charge should be enough for a day of very productive use of the smartphone.


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