Xiaomi showed a humanoid robot CyberOne


Xiaomi, following a foldable smartphone, a large tablet and stylish accessories, introduced its first humanoid robot, called CyberOne. It resembles the previously announced Tesla Bot.

His height was 177 cm with a weight of 52 kg. On his own two he can move at a speed of 3.6 km / h. A set of body-mounted sensors and Mi-Sense’s proprietary depth sensor allow it to build 3D indoor maps to avoid obstacles and recognize people nearby.

Image: Xiaomi

CyberOne is able to identify 85 environmental sounds and 45 human emotions. The robot’s reactions are shown using a curved OLED display that replaces its face.

There is also the possibility of short answers to questions. So far, this is a primitive conversation, but Xiaomi promises to constantly improve the communication system.

Image: Xiaomi

The movements of the robot are programmed through a simple demonstration. That is, CyberOne is able to learn by imitating human movements.

During the demonstration at the presentation of Xiaomi, the robot took the stage with a flower in his hand. This is just one example of the ability to carry small items, said Lei Jun, head of the company.

Xiaomi believes that future versions of CyberOne may well become household assistants, which will be especially useful for people with limited mobility and the elderly. In the meantime, this is a rather primitive model, which is very far from truly “smart” robots, the head of the company added.

This model is unlikely to go on sale, but it will probably become available to some developers involved in the development of robotics.


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