Viva Kids iWalk cane stroller


Viva Kids iWalk cane stroller meets all your expectations. The updated design of the aluminum frame will ensure stability and maneuverability during walks. You can easily fold and unfold the stroller with one hand, and it is also equipped with an automatic lock for fixing the stroller when assembled. The back of the stroller is also adjustable using a special switch.

Walking in the park, on the sidewalk and on uneven roads, thanks to the double 6-inch wheels with shock absorption, the child will not feel the unevenness of the roads. The front wheels are equipped with locking devices, and the rear wheels are equipped with stoppers on each wheel.

The weight of the stroller is only 6.6 kg, and its width is 50 cm. The stroller includes a glass holder, a mosquito net, a warm winter cover for the legs, a rain cover and a large shopping basket. In general, everything you need.

When you buy a cane stroller from Viva Kids, you get not only a high-quality stroller, but also a manufacturer’s warranty. And one of the many advantages is the price of the stroller!


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