Smart screwdriver from Xiaomi MOYO


The compact electric smart screwdriver Xiaomi Mi Wowstick 1FS is your indispensable assistant. A convenient tool in the form of a handle allows you to carry the device even in your pocket.

Wowstick 1FS smart screwdriver is not just a practical device, while it has a stylish design, the body of the device is made of anodized aluminum, it does not slip in the hand. The weight of the screwdriver is only 46 grams, but to this weight we add the weight of 2 batteries. The screwdriver works on AAA batteries, in the load mode it can work for up to 8 hours.

This small smart screwdriver is designed for working with small parts. With its help, you can start repairing tablets, smartphones, cameras, and laptops. It is also perfect for those who are engaged in modeling. It is not recommended to use a screwdriver to repair large appliances. This screwdriver can be used to work with screws in microcircuits, speed 100 rpm. And near the working part of the device there are LEDs that illuminate the working area well.

The smart screwdriver can be used both in automatic and manual mode. A wide selection of different nozzles makes the screwdriver universal. There are two sets of nozzles on sale – Xiaomi Mi Wowbits-SI and Wowbits-A.

You can also buy the Xiaomi Mi WOWPAD magnetic board. With it, not a single cog or spare part will be lost. Just imagine how much time you can save.

In the set you get a smart screwdriver, 6 bits, an extension cord and a screwdriver container. Any small repair without wasting time and effort – that’s what Wowstick is.


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