Smart electric kettle from Xiaomi


The MiJia Smart Home Kettle is heated from the bottom up, thanks to the 1800W heating element. Just press the button and after 5 minutes you will be enjoying your favorite drink. Thanks to the “Smart House” application, you will be able to adjust the water temperature yourself with an accuracy of up to 1%. Synchronize your smartphone with the electric kettle using Bluetooth 4.0 and set the desired water temperature. This is important for proper brewing of green tea. So that the tea does not lose all its beneficial properties, the water temperature should not exceed 80-90°C.

All elements of the kettle that come into contact with water are made of stainless steel, which makes it absolutely safe for health. It does not form scale, plaque, it has absolutely no smell, and it is also easy to wash.

Also, the design of the MiJia Smart Home Kettle will not leave you indifferent. The design is made in a minimalist style, it will easily fit into any kitchen design. The outer case is made of food-grade polypropylene. The lid of the kettle rises independently to an angle of 45º, so that there is no scale and steam. Lifting the lid up to 80° does not interfere with washing the kettle. The wide spout will prevent hot water from splashing out.

The kettle is protected by a design for triple safety: a special power connector, a reliable plug design, “dry protection” – a system that automatically turns off the device if there is no water in it.


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