News from Apple – new RED products and other novelties


Releasing a new iPhone model in red is not just another marketing idea to draw attention to your products. Part of the money from the sale of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus RED models will go to the RED Foundation, which fights AIDS in Africa.

The red color will be present only on the back of the phone, the front remains white, as in other color versions of the smartphone. The model range has changed a little – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will now come with a memory capacity above 32 GB.

The fact that Apple will present a new iPad was known before. But we only heard today that they will close the iPad Air line. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this. The name of the novelty is now simply iPad. There is no doubt about Apple’s excellent brand quality.

The new tablet was made thicker by 1.4 mm to provide about 10 hours of work from one charge. Also, the tablet was equipped with a new A9 processor and the familiar Retina display.

It is expected to go on sale from March 24 at a price of $329 for 32 GB.


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