Apple Watch 7 differences


Apple Watch 7 has become larger and thinner. They are presented in the following versions: 41 mm and 45 mm. The thickness of the frame has decreased by 40%, so the screen has increased by 20%, and it fits more text. The screen changes depending on the position of the hand. This feature makes it possible to show the keyboard in full format for hours. The display increased in brightness by 70% in Always-On mode. So this is an incredible gadget! Read below for details.

Apple Watch 7 release date: waiting for a miracle

The novelty was presented at the beginning of autumn 2021 – on September 14. It goes on sale in late autumn, the exact date is not advertised.

when will aw 7 come out

It is expected that closer to winter, the wrists of many lucky people will flaunt AW7. We envy them in a good way, because the seventh series is considered the strongest watches. And the most motorized in terms of charging. They charge 33% faster than previous models. The battery is charged to 80% in 45 minutes. Just imagine, just 8 minutes of recharging and you can track your sleep for eight hours!

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The model range: what will be the Apple Watch 7

The new generation of watches has the same variety that is always present in the Apple Watch:

  • The standard 41 mm model is the most budget version of Apple watches.
  • The 41 mm + LTE model allows you to talk on the phone, exchange FaceTime video calls and call rescue services via “SOS” (in European countries) without searching for the nearest Wi-Fi router.
  • The increased size of the display (45 mm) will fit even more information.
  • An enlarged screen + LTE in the future can replace a mobile phone. You can receive calls and answer by voice in messengers.

Series 7 are equipped with reinforced front glass. The level of protection remained the same — IP6X. Immersion in the sand is tolerated without problems.

The aluminum body has five colors: black, green, red, dark blue and gold. The color harmonizes well with the reinforced strap from Nike and Hermes. So. If you like to change the straps, the old ones will also work. Here the double benefit is aesthetic and practical.

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Price: How much will you pay for the Apple Watch 7?

Apple is famous for its conservative approach to pricing. In Europe and the US, the 41mm AW7 costs $329. The enlarged 45mm version is seventy bucks more at $399. In Ukraine, the cost of the new series starts at UAH 16,000.

Design: more square

Square-shaped watches are perfectly combined with mobile phones such as the iPhone 12 Pro.

  design smart godin apple watch 7

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Specifications for Apple Watch Series 7

The watches work on the basis of watchOS 8 under the auspices of the new S7 processor. This means that a number of applications from the “Awareness” series have been launched, which are aimed at fighting anxiety and improving psychological health.

The Workout program is also updated in the new version of the operating system. It is aimed at helping those who decide to do fitness on their own, telling them how to do various exercises correctly.

Apple Watch 7 differences

The basic amount of memory is 64 GB. The watch holds even more apps than the sixth model. You don’t need to unlock your device to know the time. Always On mode displays it automatically. If desired, this function can be disabled.

In addition, watchOS 8 has the ability to warn of bad weather several hours in advance. So it will be time to plan your day so as not to get wet in the rain.

Differences from previous models

With each generation, the Apple Watch improves more and more. If the first models were just beautiful fitness bracelets, Watch 7 can replace a mobile phone, keys and even a video surveillance center. Four features are attributed to the newcomers.

1. Rejection of the Taptic Engine sensor, which is responsible for reading different pressing forces
Engineers from Cupertino completely abandon the physical drive “Taptic Engine”, which responds to the force of pressing. Instead, engineers plan to create a new technology.

2. Additional batteries for eternal charge
A registered Apple patent suggests that additional batteries can be placed in Apple straps to power the watch. Then it will be another reason to use official accessories, and not to buy a Chinese replacement on well-known marketplaces.

3. Full integration with a smart home
When one of the smart-home devices is activated, the Apple Watch will react. The user will be able to perform any action up to turning on the kettle through the Apple Watch screen.

4. Watches become a real center of video surveillance
With their help, you can check home surveillance cameras. No matter the shooting format – simple black and white 3: 4 or fashionable color 16: 9. Two-way audio transmission is also supported. If the hidden camera also supports this function, you can scare uninvited guests by shouting from the video surveillance system.

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Chips and features of the new Apple Watch 7

AW 7 innovations are collected in the table:


Built-in glucometer Apple developers are working on creating a program that will be able to measure blood sugar without punctures
Mindfulness programs The watch will have applications for meditations that will help you calm down to bring your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate back to normal
Photos of loved ones on the display on the dial as in “magazine style” The dial will receive a “playful” layering – the watch will take your favorite photos taken in the “Portrait” mode and automatically isolate people to bring them to the foreground
Working with “Memories” All photos uploaded in Memories will appear on Apple Watch 7
Keys “on hand” Owners of apartments and the latest cars with electronic keys can download the Wallet app to their watch to be able to remotely unlock the doors or start the climate control
Blood pressure measurement There will be the same innovation as in Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

When the Apple Watch 7 goes on sale, a lot will become clear. In the meantime, let’s be patient and wait for the precious hour. Pre-orders will be available soon.

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