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When I saw Neo Tools for the first time, I thought that if it’s Chinese, then it’s junk. I don’t trust the manufacturers of the Celestial Empire, I had a negative experience. But soon I was going on a hike in the mountains with friends for a week, and as you know, there is no civilization there, so I needed a solar panel to recharge my smartphone. And not only for him. It will not be superfluous to charge a power bank and a laptop so that in the evenings you can watch movies with company.

hiking with a solar battery on a backpack

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Solar panel for phone charging: strengths of a (not) weak battery

In general, as they say, GOOGLE helps, read reviews about solar charging. Opinions are not clear-cut: some do not like the quality, and some are over the moon.

charging connectors in Neo Tools

I still decided to return to the previously seen Neo Tools — a semi-flexible (bends no more than 15 degrees) solar fifteen-watt panel.

Neo Tools semi-flexible battery

In general, the device is capable of charging batteries with a maximum voltage of up to 12 V. It seemed quite expensive, more than two thousand hryvnias, but the foray to the Carpathians is on the nose, so I had to choose hastily and check everything properly.

When I opened the package, the first impression of the device is positive.

  1. The body of the device does not creak.
  2. The connecting elements are securely attached to each other.
  3. The adapters fit well into the connectors.

the smartphone is charged from a portable solar battery

The sun-catcher has two USBs, when unfolded it measures from 285 x 200 x 32 mm to 580 x 285 x 15 mm and weighs no more than half a kilogram. It has loops on the edges, so the charger can be easily attached to a backpack or tied to any surface. The degree of its moisture protection is IP64. This means that it is not afraid of dust and splashes.

solar charging in expanded form

I turned on my smartphone — it started charging! Although the panel had not been in the sun before, it was simply in a well-lit room. Hence the conclusion: portable Neo Tools takes a charge not only from the sun, but also from light bulbs. And of course from the network. Tested it on my tablet and my phones – everything works. My Samsung Galaxy A03 charges to 100% in an hour, even the old Alcatel can. The charger also quickly powers up the laptop, I have it for simplified ACER Aspire tasks, so I am satisfied with the result.

portable smartphone charger

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Solar charging: time and conditions for charging capacity

The battery is powered not only by light, but also via the computer’s USB. The package includes a charger with an indicator. It is red when the panel is discharged and, accordingly, green when it is charged:

  • from the mains, the battery is powered for up to four hours,
  • from sunlight, it is charged under the hood for ten hours.

To make a call from a dead phone, you can join a charging battery if it gains capacity for at least half an hour. I have already tried it, so I write with confidence. In addition, having studied the parameters of several similar panels, they impress and free the hands not only of those who go on “mommy” hikes from time to time, but also of serious expeditions.

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See for yourself:

I have been using the Neo Tools charger for a year, I am satisfied with the result. I believe that I did not lose with the choice, maybe the price played not the last role, thus symbolizing quality. I take the sun-catching panel with me to go fishing or on an outing with friends — it has always saved me.

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