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It easily turns into a laptop. It is used in work with office programs, for online shopping and watching movies. With its help, they create and conduct video conferences. But this is far from the limit of the tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet with stand

Read the in-depth Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review and find out what users around the world value it for.

Technical characteristics: table

Display features

Thanks to the IRS matrix, the picture on the screen is visible at a wide angle. Such a tablet is suitable not only for indoor use. The high brightness of the screen allows you to work outdoors on a clear day. A great advantage is provided by the anti-glare layer, which excludes the image of light from the display. Therefore, it is also convenient to work near the window.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 display

The screen rotates 165 degrees and supports a resolution of 1080p. The user can configure it as convenient. With a large (almost horizontal) tilt, it is more comfortable to draw or take notes. The video is broadcast clearly, with pronounced contrast.

Microsoft offered two display color schemes:

  1. sRGB — for photo processing. It gives close to the exact color, in which it is as natural as possible, without excessive brightness;
  2. improved — for working with tables, text, surfing the Internet, watching movies, and more.

The glossy screen expands the color palette. The maximum brightness of the display is 410 nits, and the minimum is 2.8. The built-in sRGB color gamut is not always sufficient for photo editing and retouching. But for everyday tasks in office programs, the “improved” color scheme is 100% suitable.

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Battery and power consumption

With a 45 W battery, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 works for up to thirteen hours. If you leave the tablet in “Instant On” with the Internet enabled, it lasts the same amount of time. In “Flight” mode, the device can last up to twelve hours. When surfing the Internet for a long time, writing texts, composing, relaxing by watching movies or YouTube, the gadget also does not need recharging for a long time.

The tablet is great for people who work remotely. It holds a charge for 8 hours in a row with active use. It is convenient to take it on long trips or air flights. And at the same time, don’t think about charging. It is the autonomy of the battery that attracts many buyers.

Device performance

People who have already tried using the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet have noticed how quickly it loads heavy applications and how well it copes with multitasking.

The fact is that the manufacturers have supplied a quad-core Ice Lake processor for this version of the tablet. With it, simple office programs such as Word, programs for creating presentations or working with tables are included almost instantly.

But this is by no means the limit of such a device. After all, some heavier programs from Adobe also run at a high speed. With such a gadget, the user will save a lot of time.

The tablet will not pull complex programs for video editing or music recording, video games and programming. But for creating texts, creative pictures, photo correction, keeping records and working on the Internet, the device is great. In addition, it fully justifies its price.

working on a tablet with a pen

There is another great advantage of the tablet, which adds a fat plus to the saving of time and the security of personal data. We are talking about the “InstantOn” function, which allows you not to wait for a long download. Regardless of whether you leave the gadget for 5 minutes or for a day, the device is always ready for use.

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Sockets for connection

There are two ports here. A USB Type C connector was added to this version of the tablet, which was not present in previous models. There is no Thunderbolt 3 adapter input here. It transfers information many times faster than USB. But for now you will have to do without it.


The appearance of the tablet has practically not changed compared to previous versions of the device. Manufacturers paid more attention to the internal filling of the device, and left the design the same.

The tablet looks expensive thanks to the metal case. It is available in two colors – platinum and matte black.

design of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet in platinum color


The device is called “2in1” because of the keyboard. It organically complements the gadget and turns it into a super-portable laptop, transforming with the help of two quick movements. It is necessary to tilt the device on the stand, which is located at the back, and attach the keyboard to the magnet. She bends smoothly. This makes printing much easier. However, the keyboard is not included in the general configuration. And so far, Microsoft does not plan to enable it, although it complements the 2-in-1 concept. Without it, Surface Pro 7 is just a good and expensive gadget.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet with keyboard attached

The Type Cover keyboard is small and lightweight. It is easy to type text on it. The keys are optimally located from each other, which facilitates accurate pressing. With such a keyboard, it is convenient to use the blind typing method. There is also lighting. Brightness is adjustable.

The keyboard is inconvenient to use when holding it in your hands or lap. It is not wide, so it is less stable than a laptop. This keyboard is better for working at a desk.

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General characteristics of the camera

The tablet has two built-in cameras — a main 8-megapixel camera and a front-facing 5-megapixel camera. Both with autofocus. Full HD is supported. But experienced users should not be surprised by these characteristics. That’s why tablet manufacturers built the Windows Hello blocking system into the front camera.

The protection system recognizes the person’s identity. To do this, you only need to bring the screen to your face. Thanks to this function, the gadget is reliably protected against unauthorized access to the system. Tablets with such a lock were originally intended for clerks of large companies. Therefore, information and all data on the device are as safe as possible.

front camera with Windows Hello function

Unlocking is instant. It must be activated in the security settings. After activation, you will not need to enter a password or graphic key.

The gadget is locked automatically if the user does not act for some time. Windows Hello is a lifesaver in case of tablet theft. An attacker will not be able to use it, the system securely stores information.

Near the front camera are two built-in Studio Mic microphones. They provide clear sound during a webcam call. There are stereo speakers on the sides of the screen. Dolby Atmos technology is also supported, which makes the sound stronger.

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Surface Pro 7 was originally created for large organizations and planned to be sold only for them from the Microsoft store. But today the devices are also presented in stores for private individuals.

After reviewing the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, we will summarize how good this tablet is and why it is worth buying. There are seven reasons:

  1. Surface Mic’s two polar microphones allow you to make high-quality video calls.
  2. The Windows Hello security system responds quickly to the user and protects data as much as possible.
  3. The ability to use the tablet as a laptop if you purchase a keyboard separately.
  4. Autonomous operation mode with active use — 8-10 hours.
  5. A powerful Intel processor will pull not only office programs, but also programs for work and creativity.
  6. The USB-C port, which was absent in previous versions, expands the capabilities of the tablet.
  7. The 165-degree rotation of the screen allows you to work at a comfortable angle.

Along with these pros, there are a few cons that Microsoft is still working on:

  • to turn a tablet into a 2-in-1 gadget, you need to buy a keyboard separately;
  • there is no Thunderbolt 3 port, without which ultra-fast file transfer is impossible,
  • the design of the classic sample, which everyone is already used to.

The most amazing thing about the Surface Pro is that it can be a complete laptop replacement. But at the same time, it is compact and very convenient to use. This tablet remains in the top 2 in 1 devices. No matter how much time you spend on this gadget, it is reliable in any job.

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