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JBL presented a new product of the high-profile Pulse series, the accent detail of which was an unusual lighting design.

Column stuffing

A step below the generation of the model produced a stunning light effect, but in this case it is truly an extravaganza: in the 4th model, the entire body is illuminated at once. However, we will consider whether this transformation was so necessary in the article.

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Appearance, design, dimensions

Let’s start the JBL Pulse 4 review with a design that made a wow effect. In this version, the manufacturers abandoned the ring arrangement of the illumination, which had already become boring, and endowed the device with the maximum number of light sources around the entire perimeter. Control keys are located on the upper edges. In the deactivated version, the column has an average appearance, but it looks futuristic. These are several RGB diode strips, which are enclosed in a white case and covered with an overlay made of tinted plastic. The LED screen is installed at the entire height of the device, and the glow is scattered in different directions.

Below and above there are woofers that provide excellent sound. Some manufacturers emphasize the bass, while the JBL developers preferred to stick to the balance of all frequencies.

  Appearance of the speaker

Despite the rejection of the lower ring, the dimensions of the device remained the same: 9.6 cm in width and 20.7 cm in length. However, the weight of the speaker has increased by 300 grams and is now 1.26 kg, which can be heavy for transporting with one hand or listening to music in a hanging position of the device. Also included with the device is a USB-C charging cable, a Type-A rectangular connector and a manual with recommendations for use.

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Battery and autonomy

As for the technical side of the battery in the JBL Pulse 4 speaker review, the audio equipment has a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 7260 mAh, which provides:

  • duration of operation of the device up to 12 hours;
  • when several parameters are activated at the same time, the duration can be reduced to 8 hours.

Charging time is 3.5 hours.


Modification of the fourth-generation Pulse speakers unconditionally emits more powerful notes. Each individual instrument sounds clear here, unlike the mixing in the previous version.

A review of the jbl pulse 4 would be incomplete without the sound characteristics of the device.

  1. The speaker has a large bass rate (at least 70 Hz).
  2. In the equalizer, you can increase the sound of the bass. Thanks to which the notes of the sabbas are noticeable – a hum will appear and the sound will be smeared.
  3. In this case, the passive emitter of sound frequencies looks down, and therefore the sound of the bass is not bad.

select JBL Pulse 4

To understand how the speaker still plays, you need to familiarize yourself with the brief characteristics of JBL Pulse 4. There is only one dynamic head with a peak power of 20 W and a standard size of 57.2 mm. This is enough for a clear perception of the tops and mids with many shades, and questions arise about the bass.

The sound propagation source is directed upwards and is located slightly below the label. Users who have already tested the speaker note that the sound quality largely depends on the position of the device. But as soon as the speaker starts to work in a suspended state, the bass becomes flat and the sound is muffled.

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Due to changes in the configuration of the column, the functionality has undergone changes. On the ring there is a switch for turning on and Bluetooth, followed by a key for controlling the color scheme and a mode activator.

Possessing massiveness and average weight, management does not complicate the user and is intuitive. For easy access and one-handed operation, the power button and PartyBoost are placed on the side panel. The end element of the interface allows you to connect the speaker with mobile devices and speakers. At the same time, the possibility of connecting with JBL Pulse 3, which supports JBL Connect + mode, is completely absent.

From the opposite side panel, manufacturers have installed music on/pause keys, volume controls. Below is an indicator for quickly determining the charge level and a USB Type-C port through which you can charge the battery. The developers updated the content and made several changes. More details about conversion in the table:

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Price and quality

You can buy JBL Pulse 4 for UAH 6,500-7,000. This is 1,500 thousand more expensive than the previous model. Having such an amount, you can buy Sony SRS-XB501G, which functions without recharging for 16 hours, and is also controlled using a voice assistant. You can also consider a more massive option in the form of the LG PK 7. The feasibility of this purchase directly depends on the purpose of the purchase: sound or special effects. However, the column corresponds to the declared value.

At the end of the review, it can be noted that JBL Pulse 4 is an improved model. To increase the brightness of the LED backlight, it was necessary to remove the microphone, 3.5 mm jack and Aux from the device. This made it possible to create a truly unique product.

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