AJAX ALARM – review and 5 reasons to buy

Ajax remote control and socket


Is it possible to combine a compact alarm system with the Smart Home system? Ajax decided to check it out. The manufacturer approached the topic of home security in a non-standard way, increasing the number of built-in sensors and readers to the maximum.

This is not another fake, but a network of devices that actually function and are connected through a common central office. Let’s analyze the performance on the example of the Ajax Starterkit, a review of which will be interesting to a novice technician. Such equipment will reliably protect any home or office.

The high quality of the “built-in filling” and standard power supply are the main advantages of the Ukrainian brand. The company never ceases to amaze with its variety, adding new sensors to the line of readers every year. The modularity of Ajax equipment allows you to integrate an additional unit in 2-3 minutes.

Complete sets

HubKit Cam is a basic solution from Ajax. This is a system with the possibility of video monitoring of the space. The connection is based on the Jeweler protocol, the case has an “anti-sabotage” function. A more advanced analogue of the Ajax Starterkit comes complete with 7+ devices.

Ajax with the ability to monitor

Ajax engineers pay special attention to the quality and flexibility of connecting blocks. In addition to the classic wired network standard (Ethernet), the possibility of using WiFi and two built-in SIM cards (LTE) is provided.

  Ajax system - kit

The Ajax alarm kit, the review of which is selected, includes the following:

The designers of the Ukrainian company paid special attention to autonomy. The built-in battery will help continuously monitor the house or apartment for 15 hours. This is serious autonomy for a Smart Home. The set includes all the necessary cables (power supply unit, RJ-45), brackets for mounting on the wall.

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Ajax security alarm capabilities

The company has developed equipment that can last up to 7 years without replacing the battery. Additionally, an integrated body protection system reacts to vibrations and shocks. Penetration “into the signaling brain” from the outside is unlikely. Here are the basic benefits of the product:

  1. The Ajax system is distinguished by simple installation and instant configuration
    With the brackets of the SmartBracket standard, installation takes 5-7 minutes. Setting up individual blocks and connecting them to the “common core” will not be routine either.
  2. Super modern appearance and reliability
    All connectors and buttons are integrated in a plastic case. The manufacturer guarantees a long service life of the security system and 100% resistance to external influences.
  3. High autonomy
    Added a 3000 mAh battery. Working time from a backup power source — 16 hours.
  4. Communication with devices is provided by a two-way channel with a ping frequency of 12 seconds or more
    At a distance of up to 2 km (on 10 floors of a business center or a residential area), the signal is stable. The GSM module provides backup data transmission in case of Internet failure. A minimum connection speed of 0.5 kB/s is sufficient for this.

The Ajax security unit provides connection to 100 devices using a QR code. It can be 25 video surveillance cameras connected by RTSP, 50 autonomous users and various devices. Although not all switches support video transmission. If you have such a feature, you will have to connect an external server with high performance.

Ajax Hub — Foundation Systems

In order to integrate a smart home system and control it through a mobile app, you just need to connect several Ajax units through a common hub.

Ajax Hub is the advanced brain of the security system

Even at long distances, the connection between the nodes does not disappear. The miniature hub sends data over the Internet. Collected information can be viewed remotely in real time. For this, a SIM card is provided (purchased separately). The kit comes with a power cord, 4 screws with anchors and a quick guide. The block is equipped with the following:

  • power plug,
  • Ethernet socket,
  • slot for 3G and 4G SIM cards.

HUB Plus is the more advanced brain of the Ajax system with the “observation” function. The unit monitors all devices, alerting residents and staff. A built-in microprocessor that sends data to the security company is installed in the office.

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The reliable Ajax alarm, the review of which is prepared, includes a standard set of sensors. These compact devices prevent intruders from entering the private territory and allow timely detection of an emergency situation.

With the Ajax system, the apartment and office are reliably protected from flooding or fire. Although the configuration of the blocks will have to pay a little attention. Choosing the right place for installation is half the battle.

Door opening sensor

Door Protect is a compact unit that activates when doors and windows are opened. Can be installed on all types of surfaces, including metal and plastic frames.

Ajax Starterkit with door opening sensor

It comes with two different sizes of magnets: the lighter one mounts up to 1cm away, and the larger one mounts less than 2cm from the case.

Ajax Door Protect

Motion sensor

The Motion Protect system is based on a wireless IR sensor that captures any movement. With this module, identification of pets is possible, the owner of the house will be able to avoid false alarms.

The information generated by the detector is processed digitally. The detector automatically adjusts the sensitivity. Parameters are set depending on temperature and humidity. With this regulation, the work of the readers will be as accurate as possible.

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dimu sensor

The advantage of the Ajax Fire Protect detector is that it triggers when a large temperature difference is detected. The system looks like a hermetic box that does not require complex mounting brackets.

Ajax with a smoke detector

A version with and without a CO sensor is available for sale.

Water sensor

Ajax Leaks Protect is installed near the dishwasher or washing machine. The equipment works on AAA batteries, the life cycle of which is 5 years. If there is no desire to receive information about the presence of flooding, it is better to install a relay that turns off the water supply (Relay and WallSwitch).

Ajax FireProtect — reliable protection against short circuits


Space Control — remote control. Included in every set from Ajax.

keychain ajax

The controller is used to control the state of security and alarm activation (pressing the alarm button).

Ajax Space Control


Ajax Motion Cam is a modern sensor that supports infrared night mode. The equipment, built on the basis of two CR123A standard batteries, can work for up to 4 years.

Ajax Motion Cam has a modern sensor

The movement detection distance is up to 12 m. You can adjust the immunity on animals (up to half a meter and 20 kg). Technical parameters of the equipment:

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Mobile application

Ajax Systems is a Plug & Play device out of the box. By pressing the power button located under the back cover, you can immediately install a free application on your smartphone.

To pair, you should wait until the LED behind the logo lights up green. Next, scan the QR code on the cover and then add your account.

Ajax application

In the interface of the Ajax program, everything is simple: the power button, the activation of the tamper and the QR code for the hub. It’s actually a remote control for every process going on in the system.

Set design

Hard plastic, rounded edges, an LED behind the Ajax logo are the main differences of the original model. It is better to order the equipment through stores with a good reputation to avoid disappointment due to the purchase of a fake. The units included in the set work in connection with the hub or autonomously. The Deliver Anyway algorithm works instantly. The system is activated even in the following cases:

  • problems with the power grid,
  • physical damage or breakage of the router,
  • jamming the signal using special equipment.

The set is delivered in separate cardboard boxes with a transparent upper “window”. Series marked Plus have additional blocks. These are more advanced systems for demanding buyers.

Additional features and features of the Ajax Starterkit

Ajax engineers took care of protection against the load of the electrical network and short circuit – the kit includes “smart sockets”.

The accessory monitors energy consumption and is completely safe for children. A special socket with a radio relay operates at a voltage from 184 to 253 V, the maximum current is 11 A.

Ajax remote control and socket

By giving preference to sensors and readers of the Ukrainian company Ajax, you get reliable, high-tech and easy-to-install equipment. There will be no problems with installation or management.

Sleek design and precision are just as important. The manufacturer prefers its own wireless radio communication technology. A system called Jeweler captures the signal even if the device is removed at a distance of up to 2 kilometers. It’s definitely a worthwhile option for home and corporate security.

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